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Billions - Golden Frog Time - Review

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Ok that was good. Episode 11 of season 2 revolved around Ice Juice going public. A few episodes back, Chuck’s father used money from Chuck’s trust to invest in the company. Axe found out from Lawrence Boyd, and made an intricate plan to sabotage the IPO as revenge.

The high stakes episode was full of twists and turns, and kept my attention the whole time. Watching Axe be a shark and finally feel on his game again was great.

Watching the Rhoades family fall was heartbreaking, but somewhat satisfying.

The episode was great, until in the last 45 seconds, it got even better. Throughout the episode, there were flashbacks to different steps of Axe’s plan. At the end, there was another set of flashbacks. This time, it was to Chuck’s plan.

He went to Boyd, offering him a deal if he gave Axe the initial tip, and he had people follow Bobby until he had proof of Bobby’s involvement in the failed IPO.

Rhoades sacrificed his trust fund and his best friend’s livelihood to get Bobby, and as of right now, it looks like he succeeded.

I was surprised the Chuck came out on top, and that Boyd helped him, but I shouldn't have been. It was obvious, it was too good to be true. Both of them fell back to their true nature, and so did Bobby. He's become arrogant again. The only problem is, feeling are involved this time, making him sloppy.

The lengths that Chuck is willing to go to in order it implicate Bobby is honestly border line psychotic. While it made for an amazing hour of television, it showed just how truly obsessed Chuck is with taking Axe down.

It’s not worth it, and this rivalry will either end with the two of them down, or neither one effected.

This episode, Taylor was tasked with evaluating the analysts, and firing one. The processed proved difficult, and in the end, Taylor fired one person, and decided to keep Rudy, the worst performing analyst, because there was fight in him.

Watching Taylor struggle with the decision really was not interesting. What was interesting, is that each episode, Taylor is becoming more and more like the others at Axe Capital, even though they attempt to seem above it all. They love it, all of it, and what was refreshing about Taylor, is slowly fading away.

Bobby sends Lara flowers as a way to apologize, and while she initially forgives him, while the two are having sex, she spaces out. She then tells him that she’s trying. It’s just going to take a while for them to get back to where they once were.

I, for one, doubt it will happen this season. The two of them are far more broken than they’d like to admit.

This was a strong and refreshing episode. There need to be more like this.

Let me know what you guys thought of this episode, or just vent about Chuck.

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