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Baby Daddy - You Cruise, You Lose - Review

This week’s Baby Daddy episode feels like a long time in the making, however, for such a monumental occasion it didn’t feel as special as I would have liked.

As we’ve seen all season, Ben is still hung up on Elle and keeping an eye out for her everywhere. Tucker tries to convince him to let it go but Ben is certain that he’s meant to find Elle and be with her. He even believes this after a runaway bride comes running into the bar proclaiming her love for him even though they’re total strangers. In a fun parallel, while Ben has been searching and pining for Elle, this runaway bride has been doing the same thing but with Ben. After she saw him twice on the same day, in two separate places, she became convinced that he was her soulmate. After Ben sneaks into her wedding to figure out who she is, she decides to call off the wedding and try to get to know Ben. The only problem is, after they spend some time together, she quickly realizes they have nothing in common. She’s really upset that her wedding was ruined for nothing, so Ben gets everything set up again at the bar, only to yet again convince her to call it off after she realizes her feelings aren't strong enough for her fiancĂ© either. Even after going through all of this, Ben is still convinced he needs to find Elle because he just knows it will be different for them. I really can’t wait for them to meet and for this to just be over. They’ve really dragged it out for a while and to come so close a few episodes ago, it’s really getting frustrating. I’ve been waiting for Ben to settle down and find someone for a while and if it’s with Elle then great! I just want to move on to that storyline. I am concerned that even after all of this, things won’t work out with Elle and then we’ll be back to square one again. They need to start moving things forward with him because I really don’t want Ben’s entire storyline this season to be a waste.

Meanwhile, after all the drama of who would go on the cruise with Bonnie, she decided to let Danny and Riley go together. This episode follows them on the cruise, where they both have very different ideas for how to spend their time. Riley just wants to participate in activities and have fun but Danny was planning a more romantic trip, culminating in them eloping at the cruise chapel. As soon as he even suggests this though, Riley shuts him down saying they aren't getting married until after the baby is born. When Bonnie hears about Danny’s plan, she joins them on the cruise and tries to help Danny convince Riley to get married. Throughout the episode, marriage is brought up many times to Riley and every time she pushes against it. Eventually, she reaches her breaking point and tells Danny that she feels ignored by him and unheard because they already decided to get married after the baby is born. After being kicked off the cruise because of Bonnie, they find themselves back at the bar where Ben had tried to throw a wedding earlier in the day. Riley freaks out, thinking it’s Danny still trying to get her to marry him and they have a huge fight. Danny expresses how frustrated he is because he doesn't care about anything else but marrying her and she doesn’t seem to feel the same. Throughout the episode, I was really wondering why she was so hesitant to marry him. It seemed to be fueled by something more than what she was saying and it had me really worried. However, at the end of the episode, when Danny gets home, Riley is waiting with everyone, wearing a white dress and says she wants to get married right then, in the apartment. It was a really cute moment but I was disappointed we didn't get to see more of the actual wedding.

For me, this was a milestone episode and an episode that I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for, so it was disappointing. I’ve waited so long for Danny and Riley to get married and when it actually happened we didn't even really get to see it. I just feel like for a couple that is such a huge part of the show and for such a huge event, it should have been bigger. I would have much rather had less shenanigans on the cruise if it meant more time for Danny and Riley’s wedding. Overall, I’m thrilled that they’re married now and I thought this was a really well-balanced episode in terms of the comedy and emotional aspects. However, I think they had a big opportunity to make a really special episode and they could have done more. Hopefully, when their baby is born it will be a much bigger occasion!

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!