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APB - Pandora's Box & Ricochet - Double Review

So here we are. At the end of the road. APB finished its freshman run with two very strong outings, pretty much on par with most of the season.

Pandora's Box

This was one thrilling episode. I loved how the episode built up tension and how they've told multiple stories at the same time keeping up the pace and tension. I liked that the writers didn't drop the story involving DV8 and that a TV show finally gave credit to hackers and made them a viable threat and delivered an episode to be remembered.

Teresa and Gideon trapped in his basement was amusing and thrilling at the same time. Their chemistry really works perfectly and they are a joy to watch. The small jokes and puns were very much appreciated, but I love what a serious turn the show took once Gideon revealed why the robbers are trying to break in to begin with.
Gideon's new surveillance program was not really a thing good guys do. It was invading the privacy of every single person in Chicago (or the world) and Gideon using cops for testing wasn't creating a smile on Teresa's face either. Teresa confronting Gideon was a powerful scene and created quite the tension between the friends in an already very tense situation.
Teresa forgiving Gideon so swiftly was tidbit annoying but it was so honest and sincere at the same time. Gideon is that type of goofball you can't stay mad at and forgive him quite quickly.

Ada's confession at the end of the episode was heartbreaking. DV8 really put a major spin on her life and no matter how she tries to fix it he comes in her way and completely turns the tables on her. Teresa's reaction to her crimes felt so honest, great work from Natalie Martinez.

The wild goose chase all over the town was quite well handled as well. Watching Brandt run through town and stress out was just adorable and hilarious. It was a very smart decoy from DV8 to turn the town upside down to throw off the tail from the break into Gideon house. The partnership between Goss and Brandt is a gem as well and so entertaining to watch. The swift way of how they communicated and find a way to throw off the robbers in Gideon's house.


The season/series finale of APB captured all the lingering storylines of the season and wrapped them nice and tightly. DV8 again proved to be a worthy season finale villain and challenged the District 13 team to their limits.

DV8 did a hell of a job and messed around with team in every posssible way. He shut down traffic lights, the cops cars, took over the drones, very smart and entertertaining, especially the play with the drones. Coob getting hit by multiple taser shots was so hilarious. I really like these cops and their interactions.
Them catching DV8 on that train was a thrilling scene. Him being prepped with that high voltage suit to prevent teaser shots was a nice touch. Ada and Teresa working together after all that intensity was a nice move from the writers. DV8 taking out Ada via FBI was another nice move for the writers.

But my absolute highlight of the episode was seeing Capt. Conrad in action. Ernie Hudson was truly underused over the course of the show's first season so seeing him in action in this one was truly enjoyable. Especially him fixing the green lights behind Ada's computers.

I didn't appreciate the writers ending the show on a cliffhanger but I guess they've expected better numbers and another season. I loved the final scene it was intense and charged, never thought they would kill the mayor and end the season with so much uncertainty.

I've enjoyed the little trust exercise going on between Goss and Brandt. I wouldn't dare to put my hand in that high voltage cage, especially after getting hit once by electricity. But Goss and Brandt are such a powerful team that they had no problem's taking on the problem.

What are your thoughts on APB's freshman run? Was it worth your time? As always feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below.