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America Crime - Season Three Episode Eight - Review: System Failures

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American Crime closed its season 3 run with a strong out giving most of the main cast proper closure. The episode was written by Julie Hebert and directed by Jessica Yu.

Was I surprised that Clair Coates was abusing her Haiti maid Gabrielle? No. Was I surprised that the writers made me care about the story? Yes. The whole story surrounding the Coates and Gabrielle felt really random and was a weird push and pull. Nevertheless, the in custody scene between Clair and Nick almost brought me to tears. Lili Taylor is an exceptional actress and she proved what a force she really was. Explaining her pain and reasoning to Nick finally gave her some humanity and stepped away from the shell she used to portray in her previous appearances. Her plea to Nick to take care of their son was another powerful moment, that really touched me.

Meanwhile, Kimara went through a major change in her life. Her reaction to Shae's death felt so sincere. Regina King is an amazing actress and she showed so much variety over these After the system failed Dustin and put him behind bars for crimes he didn't commit, she decided it was time to be selfish and she deserved it. I was rooting so hard for her during her meeting with Abby. The tension within the scene was palpable and Kimara holding her ground, being unapologetic and strong really made this episode for me. Kimara always gives 100% from her and over the course of these 8 episodes life would always smack her down. Seeing her rise above all of this and finally, put herself first felt really empowering.

And while I enjoyed Regina King's performance this season, Felicity Huffman did steal the show. Her performance this season was beyond outstanding and the finale was all about her for me. Jeanette had to crawl, fight, crawl, lie and face her sister. Her scenes with Carson and Laurie Ann were so painful. After everything she went through to go back to that family and ask for help was a heart breaker. Laurie Ann's gray view on life and bending the rules as she pleases woke up the worst in me. That entitled attitude just pissed off every bone in my body.

The follow-up scene with Raelyn was another powerful moment. Jeanette crushed all her believes in providing a safe heaven for Raelyn's daughters and to encounter that ungrateful behavior from her was just the worst Raelyn could do. Jeanette felt ashamed and Raelyn's behavior just dragged her down even more. My heart broke for Raelyn when Jeanette asked her not to come visit her kids when she got out of jail, at least not till she is completely clean. Still, I was very impressed by the performance from Janel Moloney, she did a very good job throughout the season and didn't disappoint in the finale either.

Season 3 certainly wasn't what I've expected it to be, still, the team surrounding John Ridley delivered topics that usually are banished from television and I'm grateful for that. At this point, I still hope for a season 4 to happen and deliver another strong and relevant season. But till than it is your turn to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below.

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