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The Middle - Par-Tay - Review

This week The Middle treated us to another excellent episode. I enjoyed "Par-Tay", and I thought it gave us some new dynamics with Axl and Brick and Sue and Frankie. And there was a surprise at the end of the episode (Spoiler: I loved it!)

Brick wants to spend the weekend with Axl. Apparently Axl promised Brick a fun weekend four years ago and never followed through. Brick shows up at the Winnebago ready to "par-tay". Axl and Hutch throw a party, and Brick is surprisingly not socially awkward. He tells Hutch and Axl what music to play and everyone really likes it.

"Not how I thought this party would go, but I'm not mad at it." - Hutch

The Winnebago party ends, but Brick wants to keep partying. It's his last chance to spend time with Axl. Axl and Hutch are exhausted, but Axl tells Brick that the ag students usually have a party at the barn. It's a "Barty." I thought that was hilarious.

"Why do you idolize me so much? Why am I so amazing?" - Axl

Axl and Brick have breakfast after staying up all night. Axl almost falls asleep in his food, but Brick is surprisingly alert. He thanks Axl for all the fun he had, and then a girl comes in that was at the party. Brick said she likes Axl, but Axl says they're just friends. I was very impressed with Brick this week- he was pretty normal, and he picked up social cues! And it's clear he still looks up to his brother. He does slip back to his usual self with the story about wanting a bookmark, and the bookmark being sold out before he could get it. It's supposed to be a metaphor though, and Axl doesn't understand. "I don't want a bookmark." Brick tells him plainly to get a girl before it's too late.

The episode then cuts to Lexie's apartment and there's a knock on her door. It's Axl. He looks at Lexie for a few seconds and then kisses her. I loved it! I laughed when he said, "You really need to brush your teeth." I thought it was cute when he said he didn't care and started kissing her again. I have to say that I'm glad the show didn't drag Axl and Lexie out any longer. Now we can see where this goes and if they are good together. I can't wait to see Sue's reaction when she finds out her brother and best friend ate officially together!

While Brick was away with Axl, Frankie had her hands full with Sue. Sue and Frankie start the episode by having a nice picnic, but then two gentlemen, Hudson and Liam, approach them. They hit on them and start playing frisbee. Confused and a little startled, Frankie tells them to get their own picnic blanket. The guys said they thought Sue and Frankie were part of Orson's Single Saturday. This makes more sense.

Hudson texts Frankie later, and she tells Sue that Liam may text her. Sue doesn't seem to care and says she has a crush on someone else. This excites Frankie, and she wants to know who. Sue says that this is still new and would rather keep it to herself. This drives Frankie crazy and paranoid because she thinks she's losing Sue. She tries everything to find out the crush including trying to get into Sue's phone. Frankie confides to Sue when the phone breaks, and Sue says that when she's ready, her mom will be the first to know.

I know that Frankie went a little crazy, but Sue is growing up and doesn't need her parents as much. I'm actually proud of her for standing her ground. She has a right to her privacy. But I'm also glad she told Frankie she still needs her. This show just keeps evolving and growing. I love all the changing relationships.

Speaking of relationships, Mike put one of friendships at risk this week. He starts the episode by tracking down (or rather Brick tracked it down by sitting outside and alerting Mike) an off duty plumber. Turns out the plumber came from Bill's house, and Bill is not happy. He's mad that Mike didn't have to pay the $80 fee to get the guy to come out, and when Mike offers to split the fee, Bill says that's not how this works.

Mike complains to Frankie that Bill is mad at him. They have this ritual where Bill waves and Mike nods. Bill didn't save. Then Mike drives over his oranges, and the Donahues are talking about it. Frankie says that he has to fix this since they can't afford to lose friends. Luckily, Mike is able to fix things when he stops and helps Bill with his car. As Frankie said, guys don't apologize, hug, or rehash what went wrong. They mend fences with jumper cables.

I thought it was kind of silly how upset Mike and Bill got over a plumber, but I guess that's real life. We get into fights with people over stupid, little things, and then it escalates. Sometimes you can't even remember why you were mad in the first place. Anyway, I am glad that Mike was able to smooth things over with his friend.

What did YOU this about "Par-Tay"? Did you enjoy Brick and Axl spending time together? Axl and Lexie kissing? How do you feel about Sue having a crush and not telling Frankie? Leave a comment and let me know.