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The Expanse - Here There Be Dragons - Review + POLL

The moment the past few episodes had been building towards finally came, with regards to Bobbie. It was inevitable that with all the manipulation and bullying the short tempered Sgt. Draper would reach her breaking point. When that moment came this past episode it was glorious. Each respective punch she made on Captain Martens as she asked him for answers felt so gratifying. Testament to how well they've built up her character, thus far.

Last week, Bobbie had gone through some revelatory moments, as she experienced first hand what living on Earth truly means. This week we see her come into her own, making a choice not out of duty, but because it was the right thing to do. The character's progression throughout the season has felt natural and it has been one of the many strong points of this season.

Another character who has seen quite the change over the past couple weeks is Errenwright. Actor Shawn Doyle has done a fine job as the once corrupt Undersecretary. The weight of his guilt as he confessed last week, and then in his conversation with Avasarala this episode, could really be felt. This is a man whose action's almost led to the destruction of his own home planet, and Doyle expresses that regret quite convincingly.

On top of it, Avasarala's support through it all is moving, especially this week as she assures him that, "he will get through this." It is part strategy as she needs him on her side, despite what he has done in his past, but there seems to be genuine care for him too. The dynamic between the two Earth diplomats has been nothing short of spectacular.

Holden and crew's storyline this week was overshadowed by the going on's on Earth. However, there were some exciting moments. We may question Amos' humanity or lack of, but if there is one thing that is sure of him, he will protect those he vows to protect. We see that in the shootout where he pushes Prax out of harms way, injuring himself in the process. There is a bond between them that is growing and it is great to see.

Elsewhere, we also see the toll that Holden's decisions have on Naomi. AS she said last week, "every sh*** thing we do, makes the next one that much easier." In this episode, we see her walk away from Holden to start her own peace mission of getting people off Ganymede - no more chasing after the bad guys and getting their hands dirty. Holden's reaction was very touching - he seems to not understand completely, but he wants for Naomi what she feels is right for herself and so he lets her go. The kiss between them was heartfelt and authentic and it'll be interesting to see what gets them back together again in weeks to come.

The episode also continues to tease what is going on in Venus. The episode title, "Here There Be Dragons," referring to the saying that cartographers use to mark dangerous uncharted territories. As someone who has read the books, these teases are not as suspenseful as they are built up to be, though it is a joy to watch it all slowly unfold. For those uninitiated, the scenes offer plenty of mystery that keeps things very intriguing.

Overall, this was a strong episode that delivered one of the more memorable moments of the season in Bobbie finally letting loose her true feelings on Captain Martens. Holden and crew's story took a backseat this week, but there was, nevertheless, some excitement to be had in the shootout. Also, the team is divided for the first time, which helps add some tension to their relationship.