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The Expanse - Caliban's War - Season Finale - Advance Preview

The Season 2 finale of The Expanse will be a tense one. Last week, it was revealed that the Protomolecule monster has attached itself to the Rocinante. Meanwhile, after Errenwright's actions, Avasarala, Cotya, and Bobbie are caught in a standstill on Mao's ship. The finale will see the two teams fighting their way out of their sticky situations.

'The Monster and the Rocket' last week was largely a Naomi centric episode. We see her come to the full realization of who she is and the role she will have to play in these times of chaos. Her epiphany will lead her to take the courage to tell Holden about not only leaving the protomolecule in space, but what she did to it in a twist that you will not see coming to close out the finale.

We will also see Prax take a more integral role in this episode. Since 'plant boy' has been introduced he has largely been along for the ride, acting as a guide on Ganymede, but not much else. We will see him help the crew in their eventual scrimmage with the monster, proving that he has certain skills useful to the Rocinante's survival.

Speaking of proving worthiness, another new addition in Bobbie will show Avasarala and Cotya what she brings to their oddball trio to help them get out of their sticky situation.

We will also finally see what is happening on Venus, and I mean 'see'. The visual won't be explained, but it sure as heck will bring up some very intriguing questions.

Let me just say that we are slowly, but surely heading to a a defining moment in The Expanse series. The third book, in my mind, is when things really start to get going, and we should be reaching it a few episodes into season 3. The writers have, thus far, done a fabulous job in adapting the novels and spacing everything out. Hopefully, there will be much more Expanse beyond next season.

I will leave this advance preview with a monologue from this episode, one of the more inspiring quotes in the series that really brings home the central theme of The Expanse - the fallacies of humanity and how it does not change, no matter the times.

"The protomolecule has changed everything, except everything it didn’t. I don’t ever remember a time when Earth, Mars, and the Belt weren’t fighting. Sides change sometimes for what we think we’re fighting for; who we tell ourselves are the good people. It just seems we can’t stop fighting war after war after war – it’s part of being human, an ugly part, but I don’t think it will ever change. Technology certainly hasn’t changed it. Guns, railguns, nuclear bombs, no weapon ever brings peace. No one knows what the protomolecule wants or what it’s doing, but they are using it anyway. It’s already scared too far to be sure it’ll ever be gone. It’s part of the equation now and it will be from now on..."

Can you guess who gives the monologue?

Don't miss The Expanse Wednesday, April 19 on Syfy, 10:00ET.