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Supergirl - Ace Reporter - Review: 'Did I tell you I'm a Luthor'

Supergirl 218

Written by Caitlin Parrish & Paula Yoo

Directed by Armen V. Kevorkian

Supergirl is back and hasn’t it seemed like a long hiatus or is it just me. I was hoping the few niggles I had before the break would be resolved and I am pleased to say this has been one of the most enjoyable episodes of Supergirl for me in a while. We had Kara as a focus for the story which picks up the loss of her job at Catco. We have the Katie McGrath lighting up our screens as Lena and still giving us pause to the fact is she really going to say on a good path and finally some humour with great one-liners and lousy attempts at baking. If that's not all we also get a new would-be vigilante.

So, let’s look at Supergirl’s return and hope the viewers return as well.

Previously on Supergirl, we had Kara losing her job at Catco after she blogged about Cadmus despite Snappers warnings. Then Kara was a little busy when Mon- El’s parents arrived on Earth.

National city is quiet probably too quiet and this is all we see of the DEO this episode.

Kara clearly has time on her hands after, as she believes the Daxamites have left. So much so she is trying her hand at baking with little success. This time not using her heat vision but the traditional way.

She has a welcome distraction from her grief baking, yes, it’s a thing, when Lena Luthor arrives at her apartment. Lena wants her to accompany her to an old flames press launch for his new tech. Lena describes him as her Kryptonite which in turn she asks Kara what hers is and leads fans to wondering does Lena, in fact, know of Kara’s other identity.

Kara of course runs into Snapper Carr who treats Kara with his usual distain. However, all eyes are on the stage as Jack Spheer (played by iZombie actor Rahul kohli) introduces them to his new Nano-technology, Biomax. Accompanied by the companies’ CFO He demonstrates what Biomax can do and cuts himself and the Biomax Nano bots heal his wound.

Kara asks her question and is not dissuaded even when Snapper tries to talk over her after the launch Jack seeks out Lena and Kara excuses herself.
She is halted from leaving by an ex-employee of Jack Spheer’s who needs to talk to her about Biomax and Kara agrees to meet with him later at the docks.

Jack is called away by his business partner to talk to the board but he wants to have dinner with Lena something she seems hesitant to do.

Meanwhile, we see the Guardian taking down another bad guy but when he returns to his trusty sidekick Winn. It becomes clear he and Lyra have reconciled. She even wants to help the guardian take down bad guys.

At the Docks, Kara meets with the whistleblower he has concerns about the fact there is no record of human trials of Biomax. To get passed the medical council, FDA, this should have been done. Suddenly a swarm of Nanobots blow up the car, killing him. Thankfully Kara is invincible.

Kara asks James to ask the FDA for copies of the evidence Biomax submitted as he has more pull with Catco, Snapper interrupts having a whistleblower of his own raising concerns regarding Biomax. Kara eavesdrops on the on the conversation.

Lena assumes it is her assistant who walks in requesting they cancel her dinner plans but it's Jack who wants to take her out to dinner. There is clearly still a spark between these two.

The Guardian stops a robbery but lets him go as he is just a kid, Lyra grabs him and as we have seen she has a temper and James stops her from going too far.

Kara has followed Snapper as Supergirl and lucky for him she has otherwise he would have been killed when the Nano bot's again attacked a whistleblower. Sadly, the whistleblower doesn’t survive but Supergirl freezing the Nano bot’s stales them enough for her to get Snapper out of there.

Kara arrives home and Mon – El informs her Lena called panicking about a date with Jack, Kara suggests she and Mon- El go to the restaurant as after two deaths she has her suspicions about Jack Spheer.

Kara doesn’t take the hint when Lena tells her she doesn’t need saving and tries to grill Jack but he only has eyes for Lena. Mon- El tells Kara they should go but not before giving jack a hug. As he leaves with Kara we see he took Jack’s office swipe key card.

Back at L Corp Jack and Lena seem to be rekindling old flames while at his offices Kara and Mon – El are doing a good Scooby gang impression while sneaking into the office. Kara was paying attention while Jack spoke and soon breaks into his computer but as stated there are no records of human trials, in fact, the only human Biomax was used on was Jack. He is in fact Biomax.

At L Corp, the kiss between Jack and Lena ends abruptly and he heads back to his office obviously altered when Kara used a thumb drive to record the video of him injecting himself. Kara and Mon- El escape before he arrives.

The next day Kara arrives at Lena’s office and shows her the video she makes Lena promise to stay away from Jack as he is dangerous.

Winn tries to let Lyra down gently about the fact James won’t work with her anymore but her temper gets the best of her. To be honest this scene I found a bit unsettling as you get the impression she bullies Winn to get what she wants. Winn clearly isn’t happy with James as he feels he lost his girlfriend again.

Kara goes to Snapper with what she has regarding Biomax saying they need to work together to uncover the truth or more will die. She also apologises regarding her behaviour over the Cadmus article she wrote. Looking through the information it seems Beth Green the CFO of Biomax has the most to lose.

Lena confronts Jack, after all, I suspected she would not keep her promise. Jack has no idea what she is talking about it seems Beth is controlling him she made him Biomax.
To Lena, Beth says ‘It’s true what they say behind every great man is a strong woman’

Lena’s reply ‘I wouldn’t know I have never stood behind any man’

We haven’t had lines like these since the departure of Cat Grant and I for one applauded it.

However, Beth wants to add to her Nano-swarm army and sends Jack to inject Lena. Supergirl arrives just in time.

Lena instructs Supergirl to keep the swarm busy and while Beth may boast she is a black belt Lena is a Luthor and soon knocks her down. She smashes the Bluetooth device controlling Jack. The swarm has hold of Supergirl and she can’t get free as it is trying to consume her. Jack tells her to destroy it from the computer it’s the only way. In doing so she will kill Jack but she does it to save Supergirl and gives Beth an elbow to the face for good measure.

Kara doesn’t know what to say to Lena but brings her some flowers. Lena is worried she will turn out like her mother or Lex she says she feels numb after all that’s happened and Kara promises to be there for her always and protect her. It is like conversations we know from comic series in reference to Clark and Lex Luthor’s friendship. we hope their friendship does not follow a similar path. It also is still uncertain if Lena knows the truth about Kara’s identity.

James lets Lyra back into his and Winn’s vigilante activities but I hope she keeps her temper and is nicer to Winn.

At Catco, Kara brings Snapper a pastry as a thank you. Snapper has given Kara a byline on the story and tells her she has her job back as her career as a baker is clearly lousy.

Like I said before this was a return to form for me as regarding storyline. While I still am not that impressed by the whole Guardian subplot, Katie McGrath knocked it out the park as Lena Luthor. You can see her struggle not only between her decision to save Supergirl or Jack but at the end her fear over what she could become.
I am also happy Kara is back to reporting and learned her lesson, Snapper while they may not have the connection she had with Cat, is still her boss and knows more than she does.

Before this episode ends Lena has a surprise visitor, Queen Rhea.

So, what were your thought about the episode?

What could Rhea want with Lena?

Do you like Lyra teaming up with Winn and James?

I feel we are in for a roll coaster of emotions until the finale

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