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Shades of Blue - A House Divided - Review: Et Tu, Brute?

"Powerful creatures who dull out judgement and enforce the will of God."

A House Divided

Harlee tells the crew her side of the story, that she did all she could to keep the feds at arms length, but she says she got turned after the heist and not before, so she could avoid telling them the things that would break them apart for good, she says Woz and her agreed to go after Bianchi to protect all of them and that's what Loman saw.

But the crew is still broken, they're all trying to cope with it in their own way. But Harlee's right, this way they might find they're way back to each other but, as I said, there's no coming back from Sap's death, and the blame would fall on both of them, because Woz killed him but Harlee let them all believe Sap was the rat.

Julia told Woz Bianchi's mad about his guy being arrested so they prepare to attack and Harlee sends Cristina away. No one shows up at the precinct so Woz decides to have a go at Rossi to get him to talk while Harlee entertains the lawyer, even if it's a long shot. Vincent asks for Harlee, he says he prefers his guardian angel, so Woz decides to school him on his Sunday School knowledge.

When an angel first visits a human, you know what they say? "Be not afraid." Why do you think they say that?
Rossi: Because when people are scared, they scream, and nobody like screaming?
Wozniak: Must be an occupational hazard for you.
Rossi: Means I didn't do my job effectively.
Wozniak: The reason why angels say "be not afraid", is because they're terrifying, they're not the cute little things that you see on greeting cards.
Rossi: Dome on, don't ruin Hallmark.
Wozniak: They're powerful creatures who dull out judgement and enforce the will of God.

Rossi is actually quite interesting, but he doesn't open up much, he says he just gets an envelope and doesn't ask questions. But Woz decides to make it look like he talked in front of the lawyer so he can still have some leverage. They don't know if that's enough to worry Bianchi, so to Harle decides to go to Stahl for help even if she doesn't want to owe him anything. He reluctantly tells her about an illegal gambling site run by Bianchi and says he wants Julia in return.

Tess is the only one that shows up to help with the raid, probably because she had more time to digest the fact that there were other things going on. They "raid" the gambling site, which is actually just tearing the place apart. Later, Tess tells Harlee that when she thinks of her kids, she gets it, that she'd probably be in the same situation if the roles were reversed.

Linda comes home because she got spooked by Bianchi and says she only feels safe when she's with Matt. She looks closer to forgiving him but she won't give in without a fight.

Linda: I only came here so that I can sleep at night.
Matt: What makes you think I'm gonna let you sleep?
Linda: Cause you'll be on the couch.

Loman is rattled and seems to think they want to make him the fall guy, but Harlee tells him she knows about him killing Donnie Poop in self defense and that they've got his back. This seems to slow him down for a bit, but the they realize he signed Rossi's transfer, and they still need him to trade with Bianchi.

Tufo picks his brother up and they start re decorating the house, Espada joins them cause he doesn't feel like going to work, they're both wondering how much of the "family" discourse was false. But then, Woz shows up and says he'll take them in hand cuffs if he needs to, and tasks them to take care of Rossi (whom they kidnap), while they make they're play. They're starting to doubt Woz's methods but Tess keeps them in check for a bit longer.

Harlee meets up with Julia and Stahl finds out about the meet with Bianchi through Cristina's computer, I honestly don't know how this makes any sense, why would she not take her computer to her aunt's house? Why would she leave it open and hanging around? for a second I was hoping Harlee was setting Stahl up, but I was wrong, and that's a bit disappointing, because otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever.

Stahl got Caddie to fall off the wagon, he takes advantage of this to go through his house finds the address of Sap's grave, the one Harlee gave him the night she killed Miguel. He doesn't know what it means, but he mentions it to Harlee and that's enough to send her spinning.

On the meet arranged by Julia at the docks they offer to deliver Rossi to Bianchi to keep the peace, Woz feels something's off and tells Julia not to show up. They make the deal with Bianchi and let Rossi waiting for him. Tufo rebels and Harlee tells him if he's not willing to play as a team, maybe he should leave. So, they both take her advice and go to see Woz to ask him for a break.

Espada: I had no self respect, and no purpose, you gave me that
Wozniak: You were looking for it, that's what matters.
Espada: No, what matters is you believed in me, you believed in me when no one else would.

Wozniak: Et tu, Brute?

Tufo says he's lost and he needs a break from being a cop, he says he thinks about being a father and the kind of man he wants to be. He hugs Woz and gives him his badge, leaving him in a distraught mess.

Wozniak: So much for stronger together.

Harlee pays a visit to Julia to try and get a confession out of her, but instead, she gets a lecture on the greater good and not being able to see the bigger picture.

Julia: You know what your problem is, Harlee? you're sprinting in a marathon.
Harlee: It's the only way I know how.

The episode ends with a woman sent by Bianchi to kill Julia and Harlee shooting at her in the middle of a TV set right before an interview.

What did you guys think of this episode? Do you think anyone got hurt? I'd love to read your thoughts.