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Shades of Blue - Fracture - Review: Confessionals

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"No turning back."


Stahl is going undercover at an NA meeting to get to caddie, but he presents a very good case of why he's addicted to something, or at least obsessed with someone, Harlee, he talks about the idea of not walking away from danger, even if you know it's something you might not come out alive from, and Harlee seems to be the embodiment of this danger for him. His plan seems to work at first, he pretends to have a crisis and leaves a nag of cocaine at Caddie's house, but I don't truly understand where this is going.

Harlee: Nothing good happens in the woods after midnight.

Woz seems at a loss not knowing what he could ever say to Linda to get her back, and I'd have to agree, but Harlee encourages him to at least talk to her while they meet in the woods with Bianchi to get the gun back. The meeting arranged by Julia seems to do no good and Bianchi says bodies will keep dropping until he gets the name of the person who put them up to frame him. But they think if they turn Stahl in the FBI investigation will get messy and the whole crew will be arrested.

Tufo's brother, Wallace, is up for parole and we see Tufo going to speak on his behalf, he vows to take care of him and make sure he doesn't get locked up again. Once he's done he sees Verco go in to testify as well. Later Verco tells him the good news that Wallace will be released the following day, Tufo wants nothing to do with favors, but there doesn't seem to be a way to be free of Verco who implies that Tufo getting clean as well wouldn't hurt his brother's second chance.

Loman's investigating Woz and Donnie Pomp. He shows the picture to Tufo and tells them at the marina several witnesses confirmed seeing them there together. He says if they were such close friends it makes no sense that Pomp forced Woz to steal for him. Tufo says Woz might not always fill in the blanks but always has their backs.

But this loyalty doesn't seem to be shared when Woz confronts Tufo about his conversation with Verco and Wallace's release, and accuses him of rating them out, Tufo says he'd never do that but they fight and he leaves, all this happens as Loman watches them. Later, Woz (in a very funny scene involving coffee and a lot of yelling) finds out Verco has been talking to someone at the FBI, he thinks it's Stahl and confronts him, but when he says he had nothing to do with it, Wozniak suggests maybe someone in the FBI is messing with his investigation. Loman, who's been following him, witnesses this as well. After what happened, Tufo seems to be doubting Woz and asks Harlee about Donnie Pomp, she shuts him down but he doesn't seem sold on it.

Tess and Harlee try to see where Caroline's body takes them to find Harlee's gun. They find out she'd had sex before she died, probably with Nava. Harlee goes to see him and he says he turned her down but maybe she went to see Ethan, a co-worker she was dating, so Harlee pays him a visit as well, he seems like a douche-bag, but the visit's still useful because there are cameras outside his house.

Tess: If Caroline had practiced safe sex, her murder may not have been solved.
Harlee: I'll file that under crime stories I'll never tell my daughter.

They find a car belonging to Vincent Rossi and Harlee remembers him from the night her gun was stolen, so they go pay him a visit. The don't find the gun but they do find something that indicates his next target is Nava himself. Harlee rushes to save him and arrests Rossi, Wozniak's not sure grabbing one of Biachi's guys is a good idea, but Harlee says he came after Nava in public so she didn't have a choice, she also wants to pin the gun used to shoot the replacement bullets from Caroline on him, framing the real murderer without her gun.

Harlee: Sometimes you fight to win, sometimes you fight not to lose anymore.
Tess: Feels like we've been having a lot of those days lately.

Nava comes in and Harlee tells him Rossi works for Bianchi, knowing he prosecuted him and she testified against him, he's worried what he might do to her, he seems to be doubting his decision to stay away from her. Later, Harlee comes home to find Monica by the window trying to get to Cristina and freaks out thinking it could be related to Bianchi, when Cristina sees her pointing a gun at her cousin, she gets mad but then she realizes there's something wrong and Harlee asks her to go to aunt Jemma's, it looks like Harlee is trying to get Cristina out of the way and to safety half the time, maybe she should move permanently.

There's a half nice, half creepy as hell scene, when Linda is at a bookstore and gets a call from Matt, he nostalgically tells her how much he loves her and how much the family means to him, even if he's not good at showing it sometimes. But when he hangs up, Bianchi comes up from behind her and threatens her in a not very subtle way. I'd like seeing more of Woz's personal life, I know we're getting more than we ever did, but still, feels like it's not enough. I have to say each time we learn a little bit more about his family, I'm more disgusted at what he did with Donnie, not only because of the cheating, but because of the cheating with that disgusting human being, though, except for Linda, he doesn't seems to have the best taste in general.

That night they have a meeting in the freezer and bring Loman in. Wozniak tells them he wants to confess, he says he's sorry for doubting them, but Loman is fresh from seeing him talk to Stahl, he confronts Woz about it and accuses him of being the rat. Harlee can't take it anymore and finally admits it was her. And there is where they leave us, right in the beginning of what might be the moment when they all finally learn the truth, and I'm really glad the time came, I'm tired of the secrets kept by everyone. I's even getting hard to remember who knows what. Besides, they're always better when they work together. I'm sure there will be some hurt feelings, but I'm pretty sure they'll get over them, and I, for one, can't wait for them to finally go back to working as a team. Though I don't know how anyone would ever forgive Woz for killing Sap, I don't think I ever will either, so I'm guessing that little secret, at least, will be left for later.

What did you guys think of this episode? Do you think this is the first step in the direction of truly working together again? I'd love to read your thoughts.

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