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Riverdale - The Outsiders & La Grande Illusion - Double Review

Riverdale is getting closer to the season finale and things are getting more and more intense. The Outsiders and La Grande Illusion are two entertaining hours of television but these two episodes could have been more interesting and juicer than what it actually was. Let's explain why.

In the first episode The Outsiders, the Riverdale community is in turmoil because of Polly's baby shower. The Blossoms and the Coopers are at the odds and Polly, Betty, Veronica try to create a sort of truce.
In the meanwhile, Archie has a huge fight with Jughead because the latter didn't tell the truth about his father's connection with the Southside Serpents. The ending gives us an ambiguous overview on Betty's parents: they both could be guilty of Jason's killing.
The first episode wasn't that great: it was a misstep if we consider the previous ones. I didn't like the slow rhythm and I believe they are creating too many complications. For instance, I was rooting for more space to Kevin and Joaquin. They are ignoring this possible ship and they are throwing even more complications.

The second episode follows the consequences of Polly's decision to stay with the Blossoms. Betty and her family are shocked by this decision. Archie is invited at the residence by Cheryl and the awkwardness begins. I couldn't foresee their kiss, but they dared to explore the incestuous tie between the twins thanks to the symbolic presence of Archie. Bravo to the writers. Veronica tries to help Ethel but the results are not so positive. La Grande Illusion is fairly better than the previous installment. I enjoyed how it felt more unitary and how they tried to create interactions between characters that never interact. I am still loving Veronica and Betty friendship: the show is building a strong bond between these two, and it's impossible not to love them. Archie is still the most kissed adolescent of the show. Who will he kiss next? Still, Archie's love life is fairly more entertaining: I was rooting for Val, but I don't think she will forgive him. The ending scared me. Cheryl is one of the most captivating characters of the show: she can be bleak, she can be funny, she can be scary.

The murder mystery is getting juicier and everyone could have killed the young red head. I can't wait to find out who actually did it and I hope that the last four episodes will keep the previous great momentum.

And you? What do you think of The Outsiders and La Grande Illusion? Who do you think is murderer? 

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