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Quote of the Week - April 16th, 2017

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Agents of Shield - 
Fitz [looking at Daisy, laying battered on the floor of her HYDRA interrogation cell]: "Beaten within an inch of her life, nevertheless, she persisted." (Donna Cromeans)

Archer - 
1. Charlotte Vandertunt: "WEEEEEEEE!!!!!  Best....Day....Ever!" (Prpleight)

Bates Motel - 
1. Dylan: "You leaving now?" Emma: "Yeah. I'm going to go home where it's normal." (Dark UFO)
2. Madeline: "Norman only tricked me for a couple of weeks. How did he trick you for your entire life?"
3. Julia: "It's one thing to wish you brother dead and another one to have it happen." (Dark UFO and DarthLocke)
3. Emma: "Where's Norman?" Mother: "I am sorry about your mother, Emma. [somber orchestration] She wasn't nice. She was using Norman and she was using you." Emma: "She didn't deserve to die." Mother: "Death isn't about deserving. It's just part of the deal. She made her own bed. You you know that better than anyone." Emma: "Can I talk to Norman?" Mother: "Well, Norman's sleeping. In his room. There's an apple pie in the oven. And when he wakes up, he'll smell it baking and know that everything's okay." Emma: "Well, can you tell him something for me? Can you tell him that I miss him?" (DarthLocke)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 
1. Amy: "Hey Veronica, it's time for some girl talk. Let me see that bra!"
2. Holt: "Thank you, Boyle. You're right. No matter what happens, we'll feel better knowing we didn't resort to blackmail." Boyle: "I agree, from now on, the only black male I want anything to do with, is you. Holt: "That was incredibly inappropiate." Boyle: "I know but I thought of it and I was so proud I just had to say it out loud."
3. Jake: "They used my name!" (Mark Ondo)

The Expanse - 
1. Naomi: "The protomolecule has changed everything, except everything it didn’t. I don’t ever remember a time when Earth, Mars, and the Belt weren’t fighting. Sides change sometimes for what we think we’re fighting for; who we tell ourselves are the good people. It just seems we can’t stop fighting war after war after war – it’s part of being human, an ugly part, but I don’t think it will ever change. Technology certainly hasn’t changed it. Guns, railguns, nuclear bombs, no weapon ever brings peace. No one knows what the protomolecule wants or what it’s doing, but they are using it anyway. It’s already scared too far to be sure it’ll ever be gone, it’s part of the equation now and it will be from now on." (Kollin Lore)

Fargo - 
1. Valet: "No tip?" Ray: "Ya. Get a real job." (Dark UFO)
2. Nikki: "Ray… There’s a man in my bathroom." Ray: "Let’s not jump to any conclusions." Nikki: "Are you saying he’s not a man or that he’s not in my bathroom?" (Milo-MJ and Dark UFO)
3. Nikki: "You’re the hand, and I’m the glove." Ray: "You’re the bottle, and I’m the beer." Nikki: "...Or the beer and the glass, in my case."
4. East Berlin Official: "We are not here to tell stories, we are here to tell the truth."
5. Nikki: "It was an accident. I've been trying to get the landlord to take that unit out for like six weeks, it's on record. And tonight I don't know, it must have come loose somehow. You're his parole officer, you can't be here." Ray: "Yeah but-- what happens when?" Nikki: "I gave a fake name when I rented the place. I got ID." Ray: "Now that's-- Babe, that's a violation of your probation." Nikki: "Ray?" Ray: "Oh right yeah. Good call. We'll talk about this later. You, you're sexy." (DarthLocke)

FEUD: Bette and Joan - 
1. [In their hotel room on location in Louisiana, with Joan complaining she'll never be able to get any sleep with all the noise from the carrying on going on across the courtyard in Bette's room.] Mamacita: "I could sing a lullaby." (Donna Cromeans)
2. Betty: "Joan.. ? How did it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the world?" Joan: "It was wonderful, the most joyous thing you can imagine but it was never enough. What about you? How did it feel to be the most talented girl in the world?" Betty: "Great. But it was never enough."
3. Joan: "Please, you can't leave me now. Not after what they've done to me." Mamacita: "You have done this to yourself." (Mark Ondo)

Fresh Off the Boat - 
1. Evan: "I see. Well thank you for everything. It's been wonderful working with you and I wish you the best of luck. I'm gonna pray for seven plagues to befall your house!" (Mark Ondo)

The Good Fight - 
1. Felix Staples: "This is awful. I can feel the MSG seeping into my pores."
2. Diane Lockhart: "I represent unscrupulous people and you... you save children."
3. Henry: "I am so sorry to disappoint you." Maia: "No, you never could." (DarthLocke)

1. Liv: "What the hell? Who stacks plates on top on glasses?" (Mark Ondo)

The Leftovers - 
1. Kevin (after the baptism): "It didn't count."
2. Kevin: "You are going through this because your daughter died." John: "We don't know that! We don't know that. What? Am I suposed to believe she's gone just because they say her dental records match?" Kevin: "Yes." (Luana Arturi)
3. Kevin: "I'm not, fucking, Jesus!" Matt: "I'm not saying you are, but the beard looks good on you." (George Nakhleh, Luana Arturi, and Milo-MJ)
4. Mary: "He's writing a book about you." Kevin: "He what?" Mary: "A book. He thinks the New Testament's getting old. I've only read some of it, but you figure fairly prominently, Kevin."
5. John: "What's going on?" Kevin: "Well, John, I'm glad you asked because what's going on is Matt and your son are writing a gospel about me." John: "Oh." Kevin: "Oh?" John: "I shot you in the chest, point blank, and you got up and walked back into town. Didn't even go to the hospital until the next day." Matt: "You tried to drown yourself, and an earthquake saved your life." Michael: "You drank poison, I buried you and you went to the other place. You came back." Kevin: "You told them about the hotel?" Michael: "It seemed important."
6. Kevin: "We got a problem. We need to keep it between you and me." Laurie: "Okay." Kevin: "Dogs are taking on human form and infiltrating the highest positions in the federal government." (Dark UFO)

The Magicians - 
1. Alice: "Why did you bring me back?" Quentin: "Why do you keep asking me that? I watched you almost die trying to bring your brother back. You loved him. I love you." (Milo-MJ)

The White Princess - 
1. [King Henry VII and his new betrothed, Princess Elizabeth of York having dinner in his private chambers before their arranged marriage. She doesn't want to be there because her heart belongs to Richard, whom Henry killed in battle. Henry doesn't want to marry her because she's "used goods", having been intimate with Richard. She expresses concern her mother is not with them as chaperone.] King Henry VII: "A chaperone is not necessary to close the stable door since the horse has long since bolted." Princess Elizabeth: "That filly loved her stolen freedom more than you could know. In fact, she spent herself so fully on that gallop that it is a memory that will sustain her until she dies." (Donna Cromeans)

You Me Her - 
1. [Lori hands Ava the car keys.] Ava: "No fucking way." Lori: "Yes fucking way. Fresh start, clean slate. But you do have to pay it forward." Ava: "Meaning?" Lori: "Don't be an asshole." Ava: "This feels like a trap." (Luana Arturi)

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