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MOVIES: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 - News Roundup *Updated 15th March 2019*

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15th March 2019 - James Gunn Returning to Direct

Redemption and second chances have long been superhero movie staples, and today it looks like life has imitated art. I’ve learned that Disney has reinstated James Gunn as the writer-director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and I’ve confirmed it with Marvel and Gunn’s camp.

After the firing, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn met with Gunn on multiple occasions to discuss the situation. Persuaded by Gunn’s public apology and his handling of the situation after, Horn decided to reverse course and reinstate Gunn.

In the weeks after firing Gunn, there was speculation around town about who could replace the filmmaker, with agents lining up clients but by mid-fall, any perceived search seemed to have petered out, with many thinking that the project was on the back burner. What almost no one knew was that Marvel and Disney had never undertaken a search and had gone back to Gunn and made a deal ... in secret, according to insiders.

27 February 2019 - Kevin Feige Gives Update; Confirms James Gunn's Script Is Being Used

“I mean, when it was pushed back, it was pushed back. Meaning the release date, because it’s not coming out—although we’ve never announced a release date actually, but it was gonna happen sooner rather than later, initially of course. Outside of knowing that we’re gonna use [James Gunn’s] draft, [we have] been focusing on other projects.”


2nd September 2018 - Dave Bautista Might Not Return

24th August 2018 - Production Halted

The production of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is being put on hold for the time being as Marvel and Disney regroup on the project, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Sources say that crew members, at this stage a small group that was prepping for pre-production, are being dismissed and are free to look for new work. The project was crewing up and was to have gone into full pre-production mode in the fall.

20th July 2018 - James Gunn Makes Statement

“My words of nearly a decade ago were, at the time, totally failed and unfortunate efforts to be provocative. I have regretted them for many years since — not just because they were stupid, not at all funny, wildly insensitive, and certainly not provocative like I had hoped, but also because they don’t reflect the person I am today or have been for some time.”

“Regardless of how much time has passed, I understand and accept the business decisions taken today. Even these many years later, I take full responsibility for the way I conducted myself then. All I can do now, beyond offering my sincere and heartfelt regret, is to be the best human being I can be: accepting, understanding, committed to equality, and far more thoughtful about my public statements and my obligations to our public discourse. To everyone inside my industry and beyond, I again offer my deepest apologies. Love to all.”


20th July 2018 - Disney Severs Ties With James Gunn; Fired As Director

James Gunn is exiting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The move comes after conservative personalities resurfaced old tweets in which the filmmaker joked about controversial topics such as pedophelia and rape. Gunn, who has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, has since deleted his Twitter account.

"The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values, and we have severed our business relationship with him," said Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn in a statement.

Gunn tweeted, "Many people who have followed my career know when I started, I viewed myself as a provocateur, making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo. As I have discussed publicly many times, as I’ve developed as a person, so has my work and my humor."

BREAKING: James Gunn has been removed as director of the Guardians Of The Galaxy series after a batch of old social media dispatches were unearthed that touched on areas like pedophilia and rape.

25th June 2018 - Draft Completed; Pre-Production to Start Soon

“[Writer/director] James [Gunn] has delivered a draft and we begin official pre-production on that very, very soon. It’ll be shooting early next year. Captain Marvel finishes in about two weeks, Spider-Man starts in about two weeks, and then Guardians 3 will start early next year.”


9th May 2018 - Set After Avengers 4

23rd August 2017 - Will Set Up 10, 20 Years of Marvel Movies

“One of the things I’m doing with creating Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 — it will take place after the next two Avengers movies, and it will help to set up the next 10, 20 years of Marvel movies,” said Gunn. “It’s going to really expand the cosmic universe. We’re going to be setting up new characters.”

But the director ended with a word of warning for fans of Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket.

“It will be the last movie of this version of Guardians of the Galaxy,” said Gunn.

21st April 2017 - Adam Warlock Likely to be Introduced

In another interview at the junket today, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige told me that Gunn is developing Adam Warlock to be included in a future Marvel cosmic universe film. When I mentioned this to Gunn, he was also quick to point out that Feige’s reason for clarifying that he is working on the character is because “people are going to think it’s about Infinity War.” And Gunn makes it clear that this is not the case:

“He’s not. He’s not in Infinity War. But he will be a part of the future Marvel cosmic universe and a pretty important part of that.”

While neither Feige or Gunn have outright said that Gunn is developing Adam Warlock for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, it’s a safe assumption since he announced he would be directing the film earlier this week. Feige also implied as much, telling me “If he appears anywhere in the future, it’ll be in Guardians.”


17th April 2017 - James Gunn Returning to Write and Direct

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