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Lucifer - Candy Morningstar - Advance Preview: “Damaged Soul”

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Lucifer has been gone for a long thirteen weeks leaving viewers anxious after that surprising cliffhanger. Where did Lucifer go? Why did he go? What are his intentions upon his return? Those were just a few of the dozen or so questions circulating regarding the ending of A Good Day To Die (2x13). This wait has been torture, in fact, this might be an actual torture technique that Maze could use against damned souls. Give them an exceptional episode with a cliffhanger then make them wait three months for the continuation.

It might have been torture, but the writers really delivered on this return episode. It is full of the typical humor, lots of great heartfelt moments, and several interesting surprises. One of the biggest surprises is the introduction of Lucifer’s new companion, and the namesake of the episode, Candy (Lindsey Gort), who is actually a very intriguing addition. She does have a very big part to play in this episode and look to learn some rather surprising things about this mysterious woman. She certainly has some very unique talents and assets that confuse things for a few characters. One character, in particular, takes quite an interest in Candy’s assets. Her arrival throws almost everyone through a loop.

Perhaps no one more so than Chloe who has spent two weeks trying to make sense of why Lucifer up and left without a word. Lucifer screwed up in a very big way. He’ll have to accept that life went on without him and it won’t be easy, if not impossible, to get back even a smidge of what he lost. Though, he might not be entirely alone in his endeavors. There might be a person or two still willing to try to help him, though, very reluctantly so.

After Lucifer’s abrupt exit and equally abrupt return, some are worried about him while others are ready and willing to just write him off. The worry doesn’t appear unwarranted as Lucifer seems to be preparing to venture down a very slippery road. The question is how far will he go, and who will he trust along the way. He is carrying a big burden that is weighing him down. A burden that is directly impacting his decisions, perhaps, making him a tad bit more irrational than usual.

Lucifer’s sudden departure caused a lot of turmoil for Chloe and by the time he returns she’s over his antics. She’s been very busy while he’s been gone and his sudden return doesn’t help anything. She too has a lot of people offering her their opinion on the whole situation. While she dismisses most of them, one of them does provide a bit of guidance that leads to a truly exceptional encounter. With all this push and pull going on around them, Lucifer and Chloe, have a lot to ponder. When and if Lucifer ever finds a way back on the team, it won’t come without a cost. In this episode alone, sacrifices will be made and lives will be put on the line.

The case of the week is very integral to the overall story and while it’s not all that special a case what the characters go through to try to solve it is very important. What the team goes through as they work the case shows how some realtionships have grown and others have devolved in Lucifer's time away. This is a great episode to mark Lucifer’s return. It leaves a lot of things hanging for the heroes and ends with the divulgence of a rather ominous bit of information. What comes of that is anyone’s guess.

Also, look for a lovely musical moment from Tom Ellis in a rather unusual setting and for an intriguing reason. And be on the lookout for a rather funny and random Supergirl cameo via a strategically placed billboard. It will be quite interesting to see if that makes it to air given that Lucifer airs on FOX and Supergirl on the CW. Even though they are both distributed by Warner Brothers it’s unlikely that FOX will enjoy promoting a rival network on one of their hit shows. The billboard isn’t just a single quick glimpse but makes several appearances throughout an early scene. Just a fun something to look out for and if it’s not there then it’ll be curious to see what the network digitally covers it with.

Lucifer is back with an outstanding episode that will keep the audience guessing and questioning right up until the very end. The main plot for these last few episodes is very clearly laid out and the stakes are as high as ever. With Lucifer back, can he set things right with Chloe? Does she want him to set things right? Who will forgive him? Who won’t? You’ll have to watch to find out, but this episode is definitely worth every torturous second of the past thirteen weeks.

To find out if Lucifer can make things right be sure to tune into FOX on Monday, May 1st at 9/8c.

Here are a few quotes to tide you over until then:

“You can’t just grab what you want when you want!”
“Awesome, Lucifer has outdone himself.”
“Her bra size equals her IQ, huh?”
“You’re speaking yet I don’t understand a single word.”
“She might be the most formidable opponent I’ve ever faced.”

Hit the comments with your hopes for the episode. Are you excited for Lucifer to return? Do you think Lucifer will be able to make things right with those he left behind?

Special thanks to Donna Cromeans, freelance editor/proofreader (@DJRiter on Twitter) for editing this article.

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