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Into the Badlands - Red Sun, Silver Moon - Review

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Despite being a transitional episode, with Sunny and Bajie finding a way to get around the wall and The Widow preparing for her meeting with the Barons, this was a very strong 45-minutes of entertainment.

'Red Sun' introduced a new player to the world of Into the Badlands in the form of Sherman Augustus' Moon. The character was a scene stealer in both his quieter moments and, of course, in the two fight scenes. While the opening skirmish on the bridge was bloody fun and relentlessly chaotic, it was the final confrontation that really stood out. The clash in style between Moon's raw power and Sunny's gracefulness made their fight scene a sight to behold. It was refreshing to see Sunny fight an equal and someone who, at times, had his number.

The story of Moon - a masterless clipper, who lost all that he had loved due to a life of violence he could not escape - was well written and inspiringly acted. It also served a greater purpose in reminding Sunny what lies ahead if he does not let go of his love for Veil.

It's great to see Moon still alive by episodes end. His tragic story and fighting style make him a very likeable character and there is still much to be explored in his antagonistic camaraderie with Sunny.

The strength of this week's episode was also due to the increased presence of Waldo. As a character he adds a different dynamic to The Widow storyline. We do not know what his true intentions are, after already betraying Quinn, but his mentorship to both The Widow and Tilda provide some inspiring character moments. There was also some tension built in this episode between the two ladies due to Waldo taking many of TIlda's responsibilities. As an actor, Stephen Lang has the screen presence that one too many of the cast in this show lacks and his scenes, thus, help strengthen the episode.

Some of the flaws of 'Silver Moon' include, once again, M.K.'s storyline. His training is starting to feel dragged out and I couldn't really care less about his character. Whatever is happening in that dungeon though does provide some intriguing developments to M.K's entrapment in the monastery.

Some other developments in this episode included the reveal that Veil had been tricking Quinn into believing he is cured, by
hiding away the X-Rays of his tumor. With his life in her hands, she has control over him, but how long will this last? There is some added suspense to this storyline because we know he will find out somehow.

Speaking of which, Quinn shone this week. The former Baron's scene with the runaway Clipper was very powerful. In this scene we see how much influence he has over his people, and his speech to the young man about controlling your fear was quite rousing and definetly less hammy than most of his usual lines.

Though little progress was made in 'Red Sun, Silver Moon,' it was still nevertheless a strong episode. We are introduced to a new and very intriguing character in Moon; the upcoming conclave with the Baron's was built up nicely with a strong performance by Stephen Lang as Waldo; and viewers were treated to one of the best fight scenes in this young season between Moon and Sunny.


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