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Grey's Anatomy - What's Inside - Review

Hello, readers! This week I am filling in for the usual Grey's Anatomy reviewer so I hope that I live up to everyone's expectations. This episode of Grey's Anatomy focused on Maggie and her returning to work after her mother's death. I don't know about anyone else, but last week's episode left me emotionally drained. Luckily "What's Inside" was a little less depressing.

"What's Inside" begins with Maggie visiting her mother's grave with Meredith and Amelia watching her. Amelia doesn't understand why Maggie does this, but Meredith says that maybe this is what healthy grief looks like. Meredith dealt with her grief by running way and Amelia did drugs. As they leave, Maggie states that she is ready for her first day back at work. Amelia whispers that that's weird.

Before I move on, I just want to say that I don't think Amelia has any room to judge anyone on how they handle things. Especially something as big as death. Just my thoughts.

Owen's friends, Leo and Jenna, are at the hospital because Jenna is 29 weeks pregnant and the baby has a tumor in her heart. The original plan was for Arizona and Riggs to operate and remove the teratoma, but Maggie steps in and says that she wants to do the procedure. Owen is against it because he doesn't think Maggie is emotionally ready. I get it- he's worried about his friends- but I agreed with Maggie here. Luckily she made her case with Jenna and Leo, and Jenna says she wants the best surgeon. She picks Maggie.

Amelia and Meredith are also worried about Maggie and check in on her before the surgery. Maggie tells them that they are not helping. Again, I agree with Maggie. She is wanting to focus on work, and she's about to perform a major surgery. Asking her if she's ready and doubting her really isn't helping anyone here.

The surgery begins and Amelia, Meredith, and Jackson all watch in the gallery. You can tell they are all nervous, and I hate that they were thinking Maggie was going to fail. After Arizona finishes her part of the surgery, Maggie removes the tumor, and everything goes well. At least until the alarms start to go off. Arizona is yelling at Maggie to do something and Jackson, Amelia, and Meredith all think she might be freezing. A few seconds later the baby is fine again. Maggie just wanted to give the baby a minute to adjust to not having the tumor. I liked that she used the baby's tumor as a metaphor for her mom. She needs time to adjust to not having something she's always had.

Jackson approaches Maggie after the surgery and tells her that people are surprised she's doing so well. She informs him that she's not doing well- she's doing her job. She's doing her job even though everyone is telling her she's not up for it. Then she wonders why Jackson didn't do his and help her mother. I didn't think was very fair of Maggie because Jackson couldn't save her mother, but I know she was just lashing out. Luckily he doesn't get upset; he comes over later with her mom's medical records. He also has pictures of her mom living her life. Jackson tells her that her mom didn't come to him because he was the best. She came to him because Jackson and Maggie are like family. She knew he would take care of her.

I have to say that this was the first time in a while that I liked Jackson. I used to love him, but his recent stories with April really turned me against him. But at the end of this episode he genuinely seemed to care about Maggie. I hope we get more of this Jackson. And I'd be okay with more Jackson/Maggie scenes (maybe not romantic scenes, but friendship scenes.)

I also liked the end with Amelia, Maggie, and Meredith dancing. It lightened up the episode a little, and it reminded me of old times. But you know what I didn't like this week? Meredith and Riggs. I don't even care if they date. Date, don't date, whatever. Just do something so we can move past this story! I liked that Alex seemed really annoyed when Meredith was talking about it. Like Alex said, if Meredith wants to go to dinner with him just go to dinner with him. And near the end of the episode when I thought we were finally getting somewhere, Meredith decides she can't go out with Riggs because she has people to take care of. I'm over it (in case I haven't made that clear enough in this review.)

I did kind of enjoy Cross's story this week. It was much needed comic relief. At the beginning of the episode he's at the hospital in a lot of pain. He's convinced something is wrong, but Stephanie thinks he just has Internitis. She even does a rectal exam to prove that he's wrong. Unfortunately for Stephanie, Cross has diverticulitis and they take him to surgery. In the surgery, April, DeLuca, and Stephanie discover that he has abdominal tuberculosis. It was so funny when Cross woke up, still loopy from the surgery, and said he went to India for a month. He wanted to know if anyone missed him? He's amazed he had TB. Stephanie apologizes for not believing him and for putting him in a duck gown.

I liked the heart-to-heart Stephanie had with Dr. Webber after this. He tells her that at least she can admit when she's wrong. Speaking of Dr. Webber, I'm so glad that he and Dr. Bailey made up! Well, maybe they haven't completely made up, but going to dinner is definitely a step in the right direction. Maybe this feud will finally be over soon! Now, if we can just get this Meredith/Riggs story to move along then we'd be set. And can we finally get Alex some more screen time and stories before the season is over? I miss him.

What did you think of "What's Inside"? Did you think that Maggie would freeze in the surgery? Did you like the Maggie and Jackson bonding? How to you feel about Meredith and Riggs? Leave a comment and let me know!