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Girlboss - Season One - Advance Preview: "Dare To Dream"

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Girlboss is a brilliant new addition to Netflix’s massive array of original programming. Thanks to an exceptional lead in Britt Robertson (Sophia), an enormously talented supporting cast, and outstanding writing, this might be one of the online network’s best new releases of the year. It is being billed as a comedy, but in actuality, edges much closer to a dramedy categorization. The story begins in 2006 and covers about a two-year span across the thirteen half-hour episodes. Altogether a binge of this series will only set a viewer back about six and a half hours which isn’t all that bad considering. And this series is very binge-worthy given how highly addictive it is.

While the story is very well developed, it is Britt Robertson who makes it impossible to stop watching. Her infectious energy grabs hold of the viewer and refuses to let go until the final credits of the final episode roll. Her casting in this part was inspired. They could not have found a better lead to carry this show. Sophia is an oddly complex character on a journey full of many trials and tribulations. She has a lot of underlying issues that cause her trouble throughout the season. A lot goes wrong for her, but a lot also goes very right. When Sophia is down on her luck and nothing is going right it’s hard to not feel for her especially when tears build in Robertson’s eyes.

At the start of the season, Sophia is twenty-three and trying to figure out how to pay her bills. Almost every single person has been there at some point making this larger than life character very relatable. It’s also likely that more than a few people who were in their twenties during the early 2000’s at some point sold stuff on eBay in a desperate attempt to pay rent or bills. That’s what Sophia is doing when she has an epiphany thanks to a single jacket that sells for a substantial amount. That is the moment where the whole main plot launches from and throughout the season eBay will play a massive part in Sophia’s life.

This series works so well because of Britt Robertson, but without the strong supporting cast, the show wouldn’t be half of what it is. Ellie Reed (Annie) plays Sophia’s best friend, and she’s the real deal. While she has a relatively small resume this promises to be her breakout role. She is wonderful and has an energy that perfectly blends with Robertson. Some of the best episodes are ones that give her a heavy focus. If Netflix and the production team are smart they’ll lock her into a long-term contract, because the second this series drops every comedy series is going to be trying to poach her from them. It’s not just the comedic moments that she does well, but she also has a great knack for the more serious moments. Her timing on all fronts is spot on and I’d be willing to bet that her incredible acting will make Annie an instant fan favorite.

Other supporting performers include the always divine RuPaul Charles as Sophia’s neighbor, Lionel, who works at TSA and enjoys giving his unsolicited advice just for fun. Also, a huge part of the series is Johnny Simmons as Shane, Sophia’s musician boyfriend, who has his own complex set of issues. There is also Alphonso McAuley as Dax, Annie’s boyfriend, and a very intellectual character very set in his ways. Then, as a bit of an Under the Dome reunion, Dean Norris rounds out the cast as Sophia’s controlling father. Every one of these characters has a very important part to play in Sophia’s journey. Some will help her and others will throw her obstacles to overcome, but she knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it regardless of the consequences.

This show is fast paced and smartly not afraid to call the world out. It is also a very funny show, drawing its comedy from the absurdity of real life moments. Sometimes things are just so out of this world bizarre that one can’t help but just laugh. The situations Sophia often finds herself in are of the laugh or cry variety. While she usually chooses to be sarcastic and brush off the stuff that happens to her she does shed more than a few tears. Each and every time Britt Robertson delivers such a raw performance, Sophia’s pain is palpable.

Girlboss is told from the female perspective and is very female driven, but its underlying message of never give up on your dreams is a message that will resonate with anyone of any gender, sexuality, nationality, or age. They don’t beat around any bushes in this show and call things as they are. Cussing is rampant throughout and hilariously delivered every single time. There are sex scenes, of sorts, and the old TV go-to of women somehow still having their bras on during sex is addressed in a hilarious fashion.

This series is not perfect, it has more than a few flaws, but it doesn’t try to be perfect. And that is quite appropriate given that the whole premise of this show is about these characters embracing their flaws and figuring out how to use them to move a step closer to their dreams. The pace in which the story is told allows for the season to have a very engaging flow that should keep most viewers enthralled throughout all thirteen episodes. This is likely one of those shows that viewers will either love or hate, but I suspect there will be far more people who love it.

There is an overarching theme to the season as Sophia works to make her dreams into something, but there are a lot of very nicely done subplots along the way. There is one episode dedicated almost entirely to Sophia and Annie’s backstory together. Another episode is, and I kid you not, told almost exclusively from the viewpoint of an online forum. That episode is a gem of storytelling magic. There are road trips and hospital visits and a little bit of everything else in-between. Will Sophia be able to overcome everything and reach her dreams? Well, you’ll have to tune-in to find out, but I promise that it’s a fun ride and very entertaining.

If you’ve got some time to spare for fun entertainment, a good laugh, and an occasional cry then this is the show for you. Tune into Netflix next Friday, April 21st to indulge in this hilarious and heartfelt new addition to the Netflix family.

Here are some quotes to tide you over:

“Adulthood is where dreams go to die.”
“Hard to believe you’re the future. Thank god I’ll be dead.”
“I get really mad when people are right about me.”
“You two are my favorite people in the world.”
“Love you in case I die.”

Hit the comments with your hopes for the show. Are you excited for it? Will you binge it all at once or spread it out? What are you most looking forward to?

Special thanks to Donna Cromeans, freelance editor/proofreader (@DJRiter on Twitter) for editing this article.

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