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Fresh off the boat - The Masters - Review: Excelling Parents

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The Masters was another exceptional episode in a very strong season 3 run of Fresh off the Boat. The episode was written by Rachna Fruchbom and directed by Phil Traill focused on Tiger Woods influence on Asian parenting.

I really have to give major kudos to the FotB writers for this exceptional setup. The episode just worked on many levels and incorporated so many great hilarious elements of the Huang family. Jessica and Louis' bet about whose parenting style is better was such a classic story for family comedies and was executed perfectly. Jessica being so overly confident and condescending was hilarious. Still, her disappointment in Evan's skills was such a winner. Constance Wu's brilliance doesn't just lie in her comedic momentum but her facial expression and body language which tell such a hilarious story on their own.

Jessica switching the golf instructors like hair clips was hilarious as well. Still, the story peaked when Jessica realized the issue wasn't with Evan or Eddie it was her tough approach that was dragging the boys down. As earlier said, Constance Wu was brilliant here as she was smacked down by the harsh truth. I loved how Louis propped her up and told her that both of them had a major influence on their kids and how they are who they are cause they are carrying a piece of both of them within themselves.

Sadly this wasn't enough Jessica but served up for a great scene with a fake Kultida who told Jessica just what she needed to hear. The women's reaction after the conversation with Jessica was so sweet and adorable. Just cracked me up.

Evan's mini burns were hilarious. Him turning against Jessica, cause she abandoned him was so sweet. He pulled off that "diva" attitude perfectly and made me giggle each time.

Elsewhere, Emery was pushing his own agenda and tried promoting Tiger Woods Asian heritage in the school. He was hitting walls all away till he starting talking to Reba, the school speaker. I liked they've took a second and talked about his Asian heritage on a longer scale and mentioned the fact that it seemed like his Asian side is something to be embarrassed about. Emery was very sweet and funny and his interactions with Reba were quite funny but also weirdly intense. I did enjoy this solo story he got to play.

With only 3 episodes left in season 3 of Fresh of the Boat, I am already getting nostalgic. The summer hiatus will be a long one. What are your thoughts of The Masters?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below and don't forget to tune in this Tuesday at 9/30 central on ABC for a new episode of Fresh of the Boat.

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