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Colony - Exclusive Interview with Jacob Buster

Welcome, Colony Fans! Kelly Anne Blount here and I've got something super exciting to share with all of you! Today, I'm bringing you an exclusive interview with Jacob Buster, from USA’s hit television show, Colony!

I’m a huge fan of Colony and the second season has officially blown my socks off! The additional of Charlie Bowman's character, played by Jacob Buster, has brought a new dimension to the show and has seriously impacted the Bowman's family dynamic.

Before we get started with the interview, I’d like to give Jacob a massive, “Thank you,” from both myself and the folks at SpoilerTV, as well as from your many fans! Speaking of fans, I’ve included several questions in the interview below from Colony fanatics!

Without further ado, please enjoy this interview with Jacob Buster from Colony!

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Jacob, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview! Before we jump into your role on USA’s hit show, Colony, can you tell us a little bit about your acting background and the other great projects you’ve been a part of?

My dad is a director/writer and my mom is a casting director. So, I always knew about the business a little, but wasn't totally interested. When I was 7 years old I had my first Audition for “Heaven under a Table”. I remember the scene I did looking out my window, staring at the stars, talking to my dad who had just died. I really missed him. I had to cry. I discovered that I could cry pretty easily and could feel really strong emotions by going inside to some of my own stories. I did some other films locally and had a breakthrough when I was cast to play Young Mike Ross in Suits. It was my first network show the the scene was very emotional. I loved that set. And then I starred in the film The Christmas Project. This was just pure fun! I loved the comedy and working with pretty much only kids. This is very different from my usual roles, which are typically darker and more dramatic. I also typically work with only adults. This group of kids was fantastic. We became such a family. I truly love them all.

Are there any exciting upcoming roles in future projects that you can tell us about?

I just wrapped on a pilot called Searchers for the CW that filmed in South Africa. It’s from the same creators of The 100. Amazing experience and I’m crossing my fingers for season 3 of Colony. #renewcolonynow

Okay, on to Colony! What was your reaction when you landed the role of Charlie Bowman? Did you celebrate in a special way (i.e., Do a happy dance, eat a massive bowl of ice cream, etc.)?

Everytime I book something I celebrate by buying one thing I’m excited about. When I booked Charlie I bought an Xbox. I’m a big fan of Destiny and Overwatch.

What does your typical work day look like while on the set of Colony?

I try to memorize my lines and think about what my characters mindset is a few days before I have to film. That way it sinks into my subconscious. On the day of filming, I fight traffic to get to Universal studios. The great catering team on the show know me and put lots of extra bacon with my order. I’ll do my school work with the set teacher. I’ll joke around with Josh Holloway or hang with my co-star Isabella Crovetti and then it’s time to do the scenes. If I’m lucky I get to steal away and ride a few rides in the park.

You work with a myriad of hugely talented actors and actresses on Colony. What is that like and who are your favorite people to work with on the set?

I have been so impressed with everyone that I don’t have a favorite. This is a great cast. They are so present, so specific, so layered and real. I can just be and react. It's fun to play and see what comes. They are also really nice and humble which is a major bonus. I'm so grateful to them all!

What is your favorite part about playing Charlie Bowman?

Charlie comes from a loving family that is going through an extremely difficult time. Charlie has been through a lot trying to survive on the other side of the wall. I think all of us go through difficult times in our lives and love is one of the greatest forces we have to help us through them. It makes me grateful for my supportive family and amazing friends. I know I'm blessed.

Can you tell your fans anything about Charlie Bowman that we don’t already know? Spoilers and sneak peeks are always welcome! *wink, wink*

Charlie comes from a loving family that is going through an extremely difficult time. Charlie has been through a lot trying to survive on the other side of the wall. I think as season 2 progresses, Charlie actually is getting better. As he's with his family, little by little he starts to become less numb. He's starting to feel again. He'll never be the same though. He's emotionally detached. He has a heightened awareness of what's around him and never believes he's safe. He's fearful but brave at the same time.

For those fans new to the show, how do you best explain the impact of Charlie’s return on his family?

Charlie was the entire focus of both his parents while he was gone. Naturally, any parent would do anything to try to get there child who was missing back. Now, I think the parents are able to refocus their relationship and see some of the damage their neglect did to the other children.

Can you tell us anything about Charlie’s storyline for the remainder of season two? Any spoilers you can share with us?

Spoiler free zone here. You’ll just have to watch.

With the success of Colony and your amazing acting skills, it’s clear you have a fantastic future in the entertainment industry! Where do you see yourself in five and ten years?

In this business you never know. I have loved working in episodic TV because you get to spend more time together. I also love movies and would love to get a chance to work with some of the great directors whose work I admire so much. Anybody have Spielberg’s number handy?

Okay, we have a bunch of amazing questions from your fans! A huge shout out and thank you to the awesome people that are part of the COLONY USA Fan Group on Facebook! They provided loads of fantastic questions!

Paige Alexandria asks, “What similarities are there between you and Charlie?

Well, I've never experienced anything close to what Charlie has. So, the reality of his situation is a challenge. But, I can relate to personal struggle and turning to those closest to me for strength.

Lisa Marie Percival asks, “Hi Jacob! I just want to start off by saying thank you for sharing your amazing acting talent with the world. I love the way you have taken on the role as Charlie Bowman. You are absolutely awesome! My question is what has been your favorite scene to film in Colony and why? #CharlieResistanceLeaderAndSaviorOfHumanity #Resistance

I really loved shooting the scene where I was climbing the wall with my dad. Shooting on Universal is different from other lots because the tram tours drive by every 8 minutes. So we were on the wall one moment being afraid for our lives and the next moment waving to fans driving by as we hang by a rope. It was kind of funny trying to keep up the intensity while that was going on. But I feel really good about how the scene turned out.

Scott Garrison asks, “What kind of torture did Charlie endure while away from his family?”

Burns on his chest. Shackles. Beatings. And a lot of emotional abuse and fear. Didn’t have a good nights sleep in over a year because he trusted no one.

Ryan Rannenberg asks, “Will Charlie have to kill anyone to help his family escape and if so, how will he deal with it?

You will just have to watch and see. Hehe. But I would say that Charlie wouldn’t hesitate to protect his family. And this may not be a good thing but at this stage, I don’t think he would feel any remorse. He has a lot of his father in him.

Holden Evelyn asks, “How happy were you when that "Greatest Day" little twit tutor got shot?”

As Charlie, I think he felt she got what she deserved. It was inevitable that she had to go. As myself, I really miss having her on set. She is an amazing actress.

Steve Bialkowski asks, “Thank you for always tweeting with us on Thursday night Jacob. How does it feel being back with your family on Colony?”

Love it. Number one, he is starting to heal which is going to take a long time. Also, he is starting to open up little by little and hopefully can contribute to helping his family now that they are on the run. Personally, I was glad to get the chance to work with such great actors like Josh, Sarah, Alex and Isabella.


Well, that concludes our interview with Jacob Buster, from USA’s hit television show, Colony! Be sure to stop by his Twitter page (http://www.twitter.com/Jacob_Buster) and let him know that you checked out this exclusive interview! Thank you again to Jacob for taking the time to talk to your fans! We really appreciate it and are super excited to continue watching you on Colony, Thursday nights on USA!


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