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Colony - 2.13 Ronin - Advanced Preview

The clock is set and begins to count down on the second season finale of Colony! The season has teased "Total Rendition" from early on and viewers finally get to experience the process first hand.

Like always, it's hard to talk about this action-heavy and mostly fast-paced episode without giving a lot away, but suffice to to say the episode doesn't waste time in letting certain characters, such as the Bowmans and Synder, know that the block's "mandatory evacuation" is not what it seems. 

But other characters, like Maddie, are left in lurch to try to find solace or comfort from religious institutions, but are ultimately denied and are forced onto buses. The episode basically chronicles how and if the Bowmans can get out of the block and whose going to help them! That's not say though that deals aren't made and some characters are left behind or chose to stay in the LA Block. 

And for those viewers, like me, whom are wondering if Noa's story is true, you're in luck, as the episode opens with a fascinating scene that either confirms or denies it. Other things I can tease are that one well-known character dies, The Blackjacks return, and new characters are introduced. Over all it was a wonderful finale that ends on a series of little cliffhangers! Lets just hope a season three renewal is coming soon!

Note: Promotional Image used in this article is NOT from this episode, as they have not yet been released.