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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Serve & Protect - Review + POLL

Another week, another solid episode of this wonderful show. Seeing familiar faces in the A-plot was good enough, but then we had that Terry drama we were promised last week, and some HILARIOUS Boyle and Holt shenanigans. I found a lot of reasons to laugh this week, and this episode was right in the middle of two of my exams. So this was a big help to me, and a big de-stressor. Although...that ending? Not so much. Let's talk about it.

Jake and Rosa are a really great pair to have in the A-plot. Sometimes you can forget that they're such good friends and just how well they work together. But this episode really reminded me of that. They both get sucked into the fangirlness of it all when they visit the set of their favourite cop show Serve & Protect. A laptop is stolen from the main actress, and please tell me she wasn't supposed to share that much of Stana Katic's likeness? Oh man. There's some digging to be done there. Anyway, it looks like it could be ADIC Johnson- I'm sorry, the Exec. Prod. who is behind all of this but it's not. It was Castle all along. Perhaps it was a bit predictable. But the scene where Jake and Rosa are interrogating him and he tries to throw it all back to them? Priceless. I don't care much for Nathan and all the drama he was involved with was quite disheartening, but I can't deny that he made me laugh in this episode quite a bit. This was a great role for him, even if it was some sort of play on the drama itself and his Castle days. Lots of great moments and quotes throughout.

On the flip side, you had a whole lotta other drama from the new auditor, who was Terry's ex, and Holt and Boyle trying to get her kicked off. The squad is convinced she will tank their review so Holt and Boyle attempt to track down the guy in charge of assigning auditors with not much luck, but a lot of hilarity. Meanwhile, Gina and Amy are trying to get Terry to open up and figure out why the relationship went south in the first place. There's another hilarious moment in the interrogation room (that room got a lot of action this week), and we figure it all out. And it's actually kind of sweet. Not so sweet was the payoff. It turns out she would've made their review a good one after all this, but she already sent in her scathing review to the board. Uh oh. That doesn't sound good for our favourite precinct. What's going to happen now? Is next week really going to be Jake and Boyle's "Last Ride"? If so, you won't be hearing the end of it from me, that's for sure.

What did YOU think of "Serve & Protect"? What did you think about Nathan Fillion on the show? How did you enjoy the antics with Terry's ex and the Holt and Boyle stuff? And how about that - yet another crazy ending? Please leave a comment & vote in the poll down below! And hope everyone who celebrates had a very happy Easter and Passover!


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