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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The Audit - Review + POLL

Welcome back, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And what an episode to come back to! There was so much going on in this episode I had to take a breather after finishing watching it. The squad's antics were in full swing and everybody played their part. Including Gina, who has ascended to Regina George, just as I knew she would. Let's get right to it because there's a lot to cover here.

So rarely has a cold open from this show made me cringe quite like that one. We finally get to find out what happened with Gina, and how much time has passed, and it's exactly what I expected. Gina fielding the questions from everyone was great, Chelsea Peretti is back in full force. It's almost like nothing has changed. The revelation that she was legally dead for two whole minutes was startling. But the best thing to come of that was Rosa's reply to her meeting god. "Tight. What did she look like?" "Ethnically ambiguous." Fantastic. Watching Gina try to dance to prove that she should be back at work? Now that was painful. Rosa's reaction, once again, was priceless. I just love those two so much. "Gina Linetti is back, baby!" Hitchcock, that was amazing. I'm so happy to have this show back in my life. It really has been too long without this gem of a show on the air. My life has been so dull without it. Especially without that theme song!

Next order of business is to talk about Teddy's return. It was actually refreshing. I was worried about if it would be forced, and what this would mean for Jake and Amy. But my worries were put to bed when we realized some things about Teddy. He's still as boring as ever, and he's a giant douchebag. Lovely. I hope he doesn't come back because that was brutal. Though him stepping down as auditor was nice of him, I guess. Though it was still for selfish reasons. Get a grip, man. I will say he also brought about that hilarious moment when the entire squad retreated to the closet to freak out about him. That was absolutely hysterical. Which leads us to...

The squad's crazy hijinks in order to get the precinct in order! I would much rather ramble on about this for a while than anything Teddy wanted to talk about. The most interesting part about this, for me, was the pairings it brought about. Obviously Jake and Amy went off to deal with the stakeout and Teddy, but Terry went to go deal with this photocopier. It was a really expensive one that CJ (nice continuity!) bought, and no one knows how to use it because it's in Japanese. They brought back Terry's brief knowledge of the language as well, great! It was so funny watching him try to learn the instructions and get it working. And then there was the case of mice in the walls. Is this an episode of Always Sunny? Boyle has a plan to lure them to traps with Wolf Urine, something only Boyle would come up with, and Rosa's there helping him. Gina "helps" Terry, too, by getting Terry to help her drink coffee. Boyle retreats to the vents, and then the rats get hold of some cocaine, and then they're trying to eat Boyle and they got a hold of the sprinkler pipe, he falls from the vent, and right onto the copier, making the sprinkler go off on it. "MY COPIER!" "MY PRECINCT!" "CHARLES!" In exactly that order, just perfection.

And then we had the Jake and Amy angst/fluff combo pack. Yeah, a lot of fans are gonna go nuts over this, but I enjoyed it neutrally. They are a really amazingly developed pair, sure, but they get all of the development when we only get to see people like Kevin, Sharon, and Genevieve once in a blue moon. I understand they work together, but this is why I have a problem with anyone calling them "underrated", hah. Nonetheless, we got to hear their flaws and qualms they have about each other, but also why they like each other. Kinda reminded of scenes from earlier episodes, like Teddy's last one. Their faux fight was hilarious, and watching Jake try to flip the table was great. And all of this lead up to that ending. One of Terry's old flames is the new auditor. Nice! But also, ouch! And to echo what Boyle was thinking, man, they just can't seem to find an auditor that none of them had slept with. I would've died if it was one of Holt's old boyfriends, though. Regardless, that was a super chaotic episode, but I don't mean that in a negative way. There was so much to uncover and a lot was happening that I really enjoyed. There were so many funny quotes and moments that I'm sure you'll all sound off in the comments with your favourites. At least, I hope you do. Most importantly, we have this beautiful show back! And if all goes swimmingly, we'll have that renewal in no time.

What did YOU think of "The Audit"? Did you like seeing Teddy return? Are you happy to see Gina alive and well? What did you think about the squad's shenanigans? How did you enjoy the Jake/Amy angst? And how about that crazy ending? Please leave a comment & vote in the poll down below! And a happy Passover to anyone who celebrates!

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