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Billions - The Kingmaker - Review

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I have to say, I've been waiting for this episode all season. What I have been waiting for exactly, is to see Taylor and Wendy interact. This episode, it finally happened.

Taylor came into Wendy's office to ask for advice and Wendy helps her, but it seems that Wendy will also be learning from Taylor. Taylor brings a sort of sincerity, humanity and just goodness that Wendy does not encounter very often.

This episode, I nearly thought that Bobby and Chuck finally had the same enemy, in Foley, rather than simply being enemies themselves. I actually liked this idea, and saw a fun opportunity to get them on the same side for a moment. I thought that it could have made for some good scenes. However, this is not what happens.

Chuck gets Foley to back him again as Governor after he failed to get Foley's granddaughter a clerkship. Once they are on the same side again, Chuck agrees to get Foley's granddaughter a job in order to show his loyalty.

The entire episode Bobby was obsessed with figuring out why Foley ruined the Sandicot deal for him. The two finally come face to face, and there is little closure. I'm not sure what Bobby's next move will be, but Foley seems uninterested in playing a game of chess with him, so to speak.

We are only four episodes away from the finale, and the power dynamic between Bobby and Chuck has completely switched. It seems as if Bobby is going down a dark path, with Chuck is on his way to being governor. While the power dynamics were constantly changing in season one, both men always seemed to be in control. It has been refreshing to see them both falter a little bit throughout the season, and I'm looking forward to seeing what is next for both of them.

Wendy and Chuck have a heart to heart, and he confesses that he went on a date with the woman he met at Jujitsu. He feels guilty and as if he cheated on Wendy. She forgives him, but does not tell him about her night with Craig Heidecker as it clearly would have broken his heart.

Bryan and Kate are back to working together, as they begin to build a case against Bobby again. They get his former chief of staff, Steph Reed (Shaunette Renée Wilson). She agrees to talk, but only if they come back with a subpoena.

Without Wendy by his side, Bobby brought some people in the fold he probably shouldn't have. I just hope they do not bring his downfall.

At the end of the episode, Bobby finally figures out that Foley and Rhoades are connected. This leads to Axe confronting Rhodes in a room full of men at the Yale Club. Sandicot has Bobby in such a frenzy, that he foolishly shows Rhoades his weakness. Unfortunately for Axe, Chuck's polling numbers upstate are low, and taking down Bobby for sucking Sandicot dry will get him the votes that he needs.

So, it looks like to the two of them are back at it yet again.

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