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Better Call Saul - Mabel - Review - "The wheel is gonna turn...It always does."

Consequences, we all have to face them, right? Some are worse, than others.  Mike will not stop until he gets revenge on Hector Salamanca which will end up leading him to…Well, we all know where Mike ends up. Kim has to face the fact that she knows that Jimmy changed the date on the Mesa Verde documents and still decided to take them on as clients. Will Kim be able to live with the guilt, can she handle knowing the truth? Maybe? Jimmy on the other hand, has no problem with it. To him, Kim was meant for Mesa Verde and Mesa Verde was meant for Kim, so all was right with the world.

Chuck and Howard certainly don't feel that way, and Chuck refuses to let Jimmy get away with breaking the law, yet again. When Chuck played the tape recording for Howard he was shocked, he couldn't believe someone would such a thing, "Jimmy was a World Class, Son of a Bitch." However, Howard mentioned that the recording accomplishes nothing, but Chuck has plans of his own. Will Chuck ever face the consequences for always stabbing his brother in the back? I certainly hope so!

"Mabel" picked up, right where "Klick" left off.  Jimmy walking outside of Chuck's house to call Howard, letting him know that Chuck will be coming back to work.  Jimmy walked back inside where he saw Chuck starting to take down the foil off the walls. Jimmy joined Chuck in the clean-up, but of course Jimmy was doing it wrong, and Chuck had to correct him on the proper way to take duck tape off the wall. Just another example on how Chuck has been making Jimmy feel like a piece of shit his entire life. When Jimmy found a book, The Adventures of Mabel, that reminded them both of their childhood, for a moment they were brothers again, until Chuck reminded Jimmy that he will pay for what he has done.

Consequences for his actions, is something that Jimmy has never had to experience. But Jimmy will soon realize, that for every action, there is a reaction, good or bad. When the Air force Captain showed up to Jimmy's office pretending to be a client, but instead the Captain confronted him for lying about Fudge being a war hero. Jimmy refused to admitted that he did anything wrong. In fact, when the Captain told Jimmy that if he doesn't take down the commercial, he will take legal action. Jimmy quickly became defensive and told the Captain "make me!" The Air Force Captain told Jimmy "The wheel is gonna turn... it always does."

Mike is one smart cookie, but when he saw the note and realize that someone has been watching him, he freaked out. Mike quickly drove to a junkyard to look for a tracking device, because that's what he would have done. Mike tore the car apart, from top to bottom, but nothing... When Mike was waiting for the taxi - cab inside of the shop he noticed the gas caps on the rack and got an idea. He went back to his car and cracked open the gas cap and found that tracking device.  The brilliant, detail oriented man that Mike is,  he takes apart the tracker, studies it, writes down the serial number, calls his vet to get the same one, replaces his tracking device with the other tracking device, and waits... Jonathan Banks put on a brilliant performance with very little dialogue.

Kim backed herself into a corner. She knew that Jimmy doctored the Mesa Verde files and yet she still took them on as clients, but the guilt is starting to build up. Kim had a meeting with Page, and of course Page was very impressed with her work. Then Page started to tell Kim about how disrespectful Chuck spoke to her at the hearing. He said I was “mudding the waters”. Kim just sat there,  knowing the truth, knowing it was Jimmy who falsify the documents. The perfect lawyer that Kim is, she told Page that she wanted to take one last look before handing over the files. Page agreed, that Kim would messager the documents over in the morning. When Kim got back to her office she got a little bit of OCD with a semicolon that kept her and Jimmy in the office till late in the night. At least Jimmy had a rainbow to paint over while he waited.

We all can agree, Chuck is an asshole, but what is even worst, now he got Howard and Ernie involved. Howard likes to stay clean, so when Chuck played the recording for him, he was shocked for two reasons. One, he couldn’t believe that Jimmy would do such a thing, but deep down, I’m sure he could. Two, Howard really wishes that Chuck wouldn't have done it in the first place, or at least kept him out of it. Like he said, what does this accomplish? The tape can’t be used in the court of Law, nor can they use it to get their client back. Although, Chuck said that he has a use for it, but we won’t find that out until next week.

It goes without saying the cast and crew are amazing! Every episode they do incredible work. Bob Odenkirk is a man of many men, literally. Not only does he own his role as Saul Goodman but Jimmy McGill and Gene as well. Jonathan Banks, who plays our favorite Hitman / Parking Lot Cashier, can pull off an Emmy worthy performance with almost no dialogue. Rhea Seehorn... She owns her scenes.. enough said. Michael McKean and Patrick Fabian they play off each other so well, it feels like they can have a show of their own.

A couple years ago I interviewed Breaking Bad's Line Producer and a Better Call Saul Season one Co - Executive Producer Stewart A. Lyons.  He said a lot of things about Jimmy McGill turning into Saul Goodman that shines new light going into season three, and I would like to share the last comment he made about the show.

Stewart A. Lyons:
"I can tell you that the writing stays brilliant until the end. I think that the show is unique, in the sense that it doesn't fall into neat little packages. Everything that you're seeing is designed and controlled by Peter and Vince, so that you're really getting the author's vision rendered as precisely as possible. Not just because Peter and Vince both directed episodes in the first year, but also Tom Schnauz directed an episode as well.

People from the writer's room are coming out and making sure that this stuff is done as precise and beautifully as they imagined it when they wrote it. It's a different kind of television. It's a kind of television that people are responding to. Not a neat little cute story all in one hour, but an evolving character study that ... Let's see how many years of the journey we all take with it."

You can read the full interview by clicking on the link below

Interview with Executive Producer Stewart Lyons

About the Author - Shirleena Cunningham
TV Review for SpoilerTV. Has been with SpoilerTV for over a year. My credits include Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Better Call Saul How I Met Your Mother, and GIRLS. I go to the Paley Center Media events located in Los Angeles. I'm also a big animal rights activists. I'm a Photographer, Writer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
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