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Archer - Interview with Amber Nash

Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with the impeccable Amber Nash about the upcoming eighth season of Archer. I asked 10 questions that I thought would be interesting to know about and that could tell us something about the new episodes. Here's what transpired:

What can you tell us about your character this season? It appears to be that she is very masculine (which has never been an issue for Pam in the present, but this takes place in the 40’s) so what is that going to be like? How did this differ from the way you normally play her?

I was told that this season my character would be known as Poovey and be gender neutral. I was also told by Adam Reed that the character was loosely based on Russell Crowe's character from L.A. Confidential. I was so stoked. It's really cool to be given that kind of information as an actor especially after you've been playing a character for 7 years. But at the end of the day, the characters are all still the same assholes and I didn't really play the character much different than I had in the past.

I wanted to touch on something near and dear to my heart, and close to the hearts of many fans - Pam’s bisexuality. What has that been like for you/what does this mean to you; to play a character that has no limits in terms of who she can love or sleep with? Were you able to delve into this further while exploring the 1940’s?

I've always loved how unapologetically Pam has been herself. I think it's hilarious that she slept with everyone and doesn't care. Pam does Pam ya know. She is capable of anything in love or otherwise. It's been awesome. I love the character so much and I think that is at the core of who they are. We do delve into it a bit in Dreamland and you'll never imagine how!

This ties into another question someone had on the site. Is Pam getting a love interest this season?

Kind of, it's kind of hard to say but yes, I'd say yes.

Are there any characters Pam hasn’t slept with yet?

I really don't know for sure but I don't think so.

Which season do you think was Pam’s strongest/which one did you like the best?

I loved Archer Vice Season 5 I just loved Pam being more of an agent and getting out there and doing stuff. I also love when Pam and Archer team up whether it's in the bed or on the road, they make a great team.

What was the most difficult scene to record? Were there any scenes that you either struggled with laughing too much or crying too much while you were reading it?

All the eating scenes. I probably hold the record for the most scenes recorded while eating. There are so many times that Pam eats in the show and it really doesn't sound the same if you try to cheat it and believe me we have. I've eaten cheeseballs, biscuits, apples, the sound engineer's lunch, tissues really anything.

Will Pam fight the Yakuza again at some point?

I certainly do hope so, I loved that story line but you never know what Adam Reed is gonna cook up or just never mention again like the dolphin puppet.

Photographer: Birdie Thompson
Glam: Allison Noelle Mesa
What are some of your favourite quotes of Pam’s from the series?

Holy Shitsnacks, Sploosh, Shut yer dickholster, neckbones...there are so many.

Who is your dream guest-star to work with to have as a friend or maybe even a love interest for Pam?

Easy for all 3, it's John Goodman!

And finally, do you have any idea what Season 9 is going to be about (just a shot in the dark, here)?

Not really, I know there is a grand plan but not sure exactly what that may be but I can guarantee it will be fun and crazy!

Thank you so much, Amber, for these insightful answers. And thank you, SpoilerTV, for this awesome opportunity.

Season 8 of Archer premieres on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017. Leave a comment below and tell us what YOU'RE most excited about!

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