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APB - Double Review - Risky Business & Fueling Fires

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Fun, entertaining and quite a bit character driven that is how I would explain APB to anyone who asks me. APB continues its freshman run with entertaining and driven outings.

Risky Business

And while I loved the main story involving a murder attempt on Gideon, episode seven was all about suicide attempt Goss and Brandt tried to prevent. I don't think I have seen Tamberla Pemberly in a role before APB, but she is killing it as Officer Tasha Goss. The emotional stakes she brought to this story were just so captivating. It was a nice move to see Brandt be confused by Goss coming out in front of Jackson. We can spend time with someone day after day but still don't know the real person. The whole "coming out" scene was handled really nicely, Goss' insight and strength was really encouraging and beautiful to watch on screen. The portion of self-refleticon we saw within Tasha was really strong, especially her speech to Evan, the kid who was about to attempt suicide.

It was nice to see Brandt step up eventually. After trying to avoid the case a couple of times, he realized the seriousness of the case when he saw Evan on that roof top. He setting up the video chat between Evan and his dad was another nice tech moment in the show's short history.

I did got goosebumps when father and son were talking over the chat and crossed their difference and just confessed their love to each other, beautiful work by both guest actors.

Side Note: I love Brandt and Goss' friendship, they are a great team. Always looking forward to see their stories week after week.

Meanwhile, on the other side of district 13 we witnessed the entrance of Kim Raver's Lauren Fitch into the APB world. I think everything is better with a dose of Kim Raver, she is an amazing actress, with a strong screen presence and this impersanation of Kim Raver is pure kicka*s snark and she owns it. Kim's Lauren has really great chemistry with Gideon and Murphy creating strong and intense scenes. And while Lauren was a pure win, the hunt for Gideon's potential killer wasn't going so well.

Still, it was really entertaining watching Murphy interact with Cobb and Reyes while trying to capture the murderer. The two of them are great supporting characters and really add some funny scenes to each episode. Catching the killer with a full body scan during Gideon's speech was another nice touch by the writers. I like they are using quite simple solutions in the cases, gives the show a slightly more realistic vibe.

Side Note 2: Loved seeing Ada in the field. She was hilarious and her interaction with Murphy in this episode was pure gold

Fueling Fires

ADA: If you can't talk to Murphy about it, it must be a real stupid idea.

1x08 was a really challening episode for Gideon, he was caught between some really hot burning fires. On one side he had his passion, District 13 and on the other side his company. Lauren's idea to sell the equipment he developed for the district was a honest brain toss. Murphy talking some sense into Gideon after he opened up about selling the police gear. I loved the fact that Murphy bought shares in Reeves Industries, another nice nod from the writers.

Gideon's speech at the end of the episode was a really good one and showed how much he truly changed while beeing part of the team and it was nice to see Theresa in that dress, Natalie is really ravishing, we need a tidbit more of that as well.

Meanwhile, the fire starter case was a really good one. Loved all the tech they've used to catch the culprint, especially the 360 room it looked so freaking real. And while I appreciated the whole build up towards the angst that Murphy would could burn to death I think it would've been better if they've chose some other officer and let him die in the fire. It would certainly raise the stakes within the show and give another point into Gideon not selling the equipment he build for the officers.

Side Note 3: Murphy revealed she has a brother, would be nice to meet him during this season.

This week's story involving Brandt and Goss wasn't as captivating as the suicide attempt from 1x07, but still tested their relationship on a different level. While Brandt was convinced in the innocence of his bouncer friend Vic, Goss didn't believed a word he said. I felt sorry for Brandt when it was revealed Goss was right, he indeed cares about Vic and wanted to have his friends back. The final scene between Goss and Brandt was really sweet and I just need more of them.

I really like how APB is constructing their freshman season and hope you are enjoying the show as well. What are your thoughts on Risky Business & Fueling Fires? As always feel free to share you opinions in the comment section down below.

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