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American Crime - Season Three Episode Four - Review: Shattered Worlds

It is so real that it hurts. As simple as that. When ABC promoted this season of American Crime as a show about the real America, they weren't kidding around. The show really introduces stories so real that it truly grips me week after week.

This episode was all about Shae for me. Ana Mulvoy Ten delivered a remarkable performance as Shae fought for her right to terminate the pregnancy. Ana really tapped deep and her performance was truly convincing and moving at the same time. I felt her pain and every single line from her was a force of nature. #EmmyWorthy
I also liked how they were slightly working on the relationship between Kimara and Shae. Kimara feels how silly the systeme is and how powerless she really is. Also the infertility story is something that is bothering Kimara a lot and watching Shae going through her second abortion is obviously painful for her. Really intrigued to see where both characters will end up when season three comes to an end.

Shae: I don't know if I'd be in danger but I shouldn't have to ask the person who made me screw guys in alleys if I could have na abortion.

The situation in the Hesby family is going from worse to terrible. Jeanette and JD connected even further and Jeanette thought it was worth fighting for her brother-in-law. Jeanette facing off her mother-in-law was a strong scene and the awkwardness created between them had that touch of reality that makes American Crime such a compelling show.

This week we've met Timothy Hudson and Lili Taylor's characters, Nicholas and Clair Coates. A very weird family or better said they are giving off a very weird vibe. Choosing a Nanny who only speaks french for their son was another weird choice. I really wonder how this story will connect to the overall plot and what it will teach us when it is all over. I personally have been getting a domestic abuse vibe from it but we shall see.

Coy meanwhile asked for help. As a very proud person that I am, I could understand the humiliation Coy felt the moment he resorted to calling his brother. His brother was cold, Coy burned him too many times for him to share money easily. I was so pround when Coy said no to the pills. I was like Go Bro! Fight! Sadly Coy's strength didn't last long. After Luis' told him, he finally decided to leave the farm and fight for a better life. It was a truly sweet moment, especially considering what Luis was going through atm. Sadly it was destroyed as Coy decided to take the pills the doctor gave him and luckily an ambulance came to his rescue.

Last but certainly not least there was Luis. His search finally reached an end as he found out that Teo was killed and dumped in a river. There are no words to describe the perfection of Benito Martinez's performance, it was so simple but so gripping. His whole being was so into the role that he took it to a completely different level. I didn't expect that Luis would shot Isaac but Luis' face
Told a difderent story. The whole within him was still wide open, not even Isaac's death could fix his pain.

I'm not sure if this was the last we saw of Luis but either way a masterclass performance by Benito. Kudos! What were your thoughts on Episode Three? As always feel free to share your thouths on this one hour masterpiece.

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