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American Crime - Season Three Episode Seven - Review: Mixed Bag

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The episode was directed by John Korkidas and written by Kirk A. Moore and featured some scary, heartbreaking and emotional performances by the whole cast.

I'm still very confused with the Coates family story. Nick and Claire are still very confusing to me. I understand the POV of emasculated husband and the estranged relationship between the spouses. But it is very torn and the focus is wandering left and right with Gabrielle some mixing in and out of the story. They've ended the episode with the decision to get a divorce. Finally, I would say as their relationship could be a 101 lesson on "How a marriage shouldn't look?". I wonder how Claire's fragile mindset will handle the divorce as she was desperately clinging to the idea of having a family.

Gabrielle meanwhile, keeps pushing the boundaries into a different direction. She is a very confusing and complex character played by Mickaƫlle X. Bizet, whose performance is moving but her story is overall very confusing. Her inability to communicate to us in English enhances the story but takes away from our ability to form an opinion about her or create any type of connection with her character.

Kimara being pushed too fake her data so that the people she works with could keep their jobs was such a brave move. She put her integrity on the line and was just shocked that it all was a play for others to grab positions. Her heart to heart with her ex and almost sperm donor, Reggie was a sweet moment and gave us great insight into her current state of mind. How the system drained her energy and desire to help the kids in need.

The best story of the episode involved Jeanette and Raelyn. The stretched relationship between the sisters felt so raw and emotional to watch. It was a very nice display of sisterly love as the two of them, had each other's backs despite all the shitty things the two of them went through. The scene at the lab where Raelyn was giving blood was so gripping, it brought tears to my eyes. Janel Moloney delivered an exceptional performance and really touched me to the bottom of my heart.

We can't get past this episode and not praise Felicity Huffman's performance. She gives Jeanette so much complexity while being such a fragile woman who doesn't know where she belongs in this world or how she can function in this world. Jeanette seeking out JD was such a strong scene. Her calling him out on his BS felt so empowering. I was disappointed by JD's respond, hoped he had more guts to stand up and help the only person who stood by his side.

Another very fluky episode with some amazing individual performances ended with Kimara trying to help Dustin and Gabrielle in a mental hospital. I have no clue what to expect from the finale but I think even for my taste there are too many open ends looming over this season. What were your thoughts on Episode Seven? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section down below.

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