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American Crime - Season Three, Episode Seven - Advance Preview

American Crime “Episode Seven” was written by Kirk A Moore and was directed by John Krokidas, whose other credits include Star, Wayward Pines, and Black Box. The episode is full of characters trying to escape their current situations – some with success and some with even more disastrous results. Bizet gives a brilliant performance.

A beautiful home can hide a terrible secret. Gabrielle (Mickaelle X Bizet) defends Nicky (Aidan Wallace) and makes a decision that involves him.

Kamira (Regina King) is faced with even more difficult choices. And she makes a discovery about how the world works. She misses more traditional ways of doing business. Kamira tries to make a change.

Jeanette (Felicity Huffman) gets a taste of what her sister’s (Janel Maloney) life is like, and it’s lucky Jeanette is there. JD (Tim DeKay) gives Jeanette some straight talk about reality.

Nick (Timothy Hutton) makes a choice about the business that isn’t well received. More doubt is generated about what kind of a businessman he is. Claire (Lili Taylor) surprises Nick with some information he didn’t know.

Things at Everett’s (Rey Herrera) house have gotten desperate for Dustin (Kurt Krause).

And of course, some dialogue teasers!

We just haven’t been where we want to be.
More cuts.
They get it wrong sometimes.
It’s our business.
Long day, h’uh?
I’m going to do the deal.
I’m going to do some real time.
We get what we want, and we get what we deserve.
You’re not going to take it with you?
What you can’t take is you don’t matter.
The days of being appropriate are over.
It’s actually nice to have people like you who care.

You won’t want to miss this episode! Tune in Sunday, April 23 at 10/9c on ABC!