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The Middle - The Confirmation - Review

This week's episode of The Middle continued with Axl and Lexie's new relationship. They both seem to very happy, but Axl wants to keep it quiet at least for now. Lexie is disappointed as she wants to tell everyone, but she understands Axl's reasons. His dad did just finish paying for his annulment after all. Because Axl and Lexie keep this relationship a secret, Sue thinks her friend needs to cheered up. Sue and Brad are on a mission to make Lexie have fun. This was hilarious. Sue and Brad play crazy games and even reenact the opening scene of Friends by dancing in the water with umbrellas. Lexie keeps running away to make out with Axl.

Sue and Brad are seriously concerned about Lexie so they set her up with one of Brad's friends. The guy, Chester, looks like Axl. He's even a business major. Axl shows up and interrupts the date. Sue and Brad are annoyed and leave the restaurant with Lexie and Chester. Back at the apartment Lexie tells Axl he's acting crazy, and I completely agree.

Once Chester is gone, Sean shows up with a gift bag. He says that if he has feelings for someone, he should tell them. Axl thinks he's talking about Lexie and tells Sean she's seeing someone. Axl is very rude and slams the door in his face. Sean is clearly upset, and we see what the gift bag says. It's for "Suzy Q" and has a snow globe inside. My heart absolutely broke. I wish that Axl hadn't been such an idiot and actually talked to Sean about what he wanted. However, I am optimistic because this means that Sean likes Sue as well. Hopefully Sue and Sean will happen before the end of the season!

After one of Lexie's classmates shows up, Axl is completely fed up. In a fit of jealous rage he tells Sue and Brad that he and Lexie are dating. Sue starts crying and says she's not upset. She's happy. She kind of wants to throw up, but she's happy. Now everyone knows about Axl and Lexie. I hate to say this, but this whole ordeal could have been avoided if Axl just told everyone the truth in the first place.

Brick has his own problems this week when he learns he has to be confirmed. Luckily Frankie called Rev. Tim Tom and Brick can attend his religious camp to prepare. At this camp the campers play games like Jesus Jeopardy which I loved. Brick wins, but the other kid thinks he's a cheater. Rev. Tim Tom makes the two of them work things out, but Brick discovers the other kid is Blake Ferguson. You know- the kid that Brick was switched at birth with. Blake has never heard the story of them being switched, and Blake's parents confront Mike and Frankie after he learns the truth. The Fergusons give Brick his baby book. They know his favorite book, his favorite toy, and even threw him a one month birthday party. Frankie feels inferior and gives Blake Mike's favorite Colts towel and lies and says Blake loved it as a baby.

After the Ferguson's leave, Frankie and Mike commiserate over beer and frosting. Frankie wonders if Brick would have been happier with the Fergusons since they like reading, and they're going on a family trip to learn about authors. Brick eases their fears later after his confirmation by telling them the Ferguson's are boring, and the Hecks make life interesting. No famous author came from a normal family, and they will all make great characters in his book someday.

This wasn't my favorite episode of The Middle mostly because I was annoyed by Axl for most of it. I did enjoy finally getting to meet Blake and his parents. I'm glad that Brick likes living with his family. Because he was right- the Fergusons were boring.

What did you all think of The Confirmation? Were you annoyed by Axl? Did Sean make you sad as well? What did you think about Blake Ferguson? Let me know in the comments section!