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7 Word Review - 26 Mar to 01 Apr - Review your shows in 7 words

2 Apr 2017

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26th to 1st April 2017

Always wanted to share your thoughts on the weeks TV? Well here is a fun (and challenging) way to do it. In only 7 words (or less) in the comments below review some of the episodes you have watched this week. You can be creative or straight to the point, but you only have up to 7 words.

Share your reviews in the comments box below. Good luck!


Legion: My mind hurts in a good way
Bull: Great charm but saw twist coming though

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STV Staff Reviews

Legion - What a stunning first season that was
Bates Motel - Nice twist to the original shower scene
Big Little Liars - Bubbling up nicely for the finale
The Americans - Another unmissable hour of quality TV
The Walking Dead - A slow burn to the Season Finale

Bones - Great ending to a great show
Supergirl - Better episode but still has flaws
Riverdale - Another well done episode
The 100 - Did not expect that ending

Feud:Bette and Joan - Film icons portrayed by two great actresses
Legends of Tomorrow - Treating Mick wrong in two different realities              
Supergirl - All Hail deliciously evil queen Teri Hatcher                              
Once Upon A Time - Best battle ever-Regina vs Evil Queen

The 100 - Great, unexpected ending.
Sun Records - Elvis Presley: The Origin Story.
Legends of Tomorrow - Alternate timelines are the best.
Legion - Truly incredible season finale.
Supergirl - Still hate Mon-El.
The Magicians - Great fun.
Powerless - NBC remembered this exists!
The Americans - Great as ever.
Black Sails - Not ready for this to end.
Arrow - Prometheus has obviously seen John Wick.
Elementary - Decent procedural.

SLEEPY HOLLOW - Amazing season finale. Hopefully one final season.
THE 100 - Crossed lines and a bit of hope.
SUPERGIRL - Setup some big thing to come.
LEGENDS OF TOMORROW - That is one grim future. Awesome episode.
THE FLASH - One really frosty ending. Amazing episode.
YOU ME HER - They need to be honest.
SWITCHED AT BIRTH - Differences should be celebrated. Beautiful heartfelt episode.

American Crime - Sooo raw sooo good!
Bates Motel - Awakening of the real Psycho
The Flash - Underwhelming aka the theme of the season
Legends of Tomorrow - Very lazy written and executed
The 100 - Sign the kill Jasper motion here
Arrow - hashtag Katie is coming

ONCE UPON A TIME - Goodbye Evil Queen, you won't be missed.
THE 100, BIG LITTLE LIES AND SCANDAL - God damnit Abby, what are you doing?!?
LAST MAN ON EARTH - A rather dull episode.
AMERICAN CRIME - A little all over the place.
THE FLASH - Gypsy was the only good thing here.
TRIAL AND ERROR - That kiss was awkwardly hot.
MODERN FAMILY - Show's quality continues to decline even further.

RICK AND MORTY - Unexpected though still epic as hell
THE GOOD FIGHT - The Legal Drama equivalent of a action-piece
24: LEGACY - Purely commercial, thoroughly unneeded

13 REASONS WHY: Breathtakingly honest. Grabs your soul. Take care.
LEGION: Setting a new standard for superhero television.
FEUD: Things change, don’t give up. Stay strong.
THE MAGICIANS: Those fairies are damn terrifying. Stay away.
INTO THE BADLANDS: Incredible fight choreography, MK vs MK especially.

RICK AND MORTY: Thank you for this gift, Adult Swim.