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Chicago Fire - Babies And Fools - Review

“He just wants to save the day, be a big hero.”

Squad and Ambo kick off the hour by responding to a car accident. A baby is missing after the car rolled, and miraculously, the search team finds her alive. Severide drops off Zach, the boy, at Med and leaves him in Anna’s care. So, will we see her on Chicago Med? It would only make sense if she’s working in the ED.

Meanwhile, Dawson fancies herself a bit of detective work (must run in the family) and heads back out to the scene with Sylvie. Gabby is convinced that someone dropped chunks of concrete off the overpass and hit the car, but the lead investigator isn’t so sure. It might seem harsh, but I’ve realized I like Gabby less when she’s on one of her crusades. I admire her determination and courage, but her arrogance often overshadows those qualities. Though, she might be on to something with this car crash case. When she and Sylvie drop one of their “frequent flyers” off at Med, she chats with another paramedic who points out a man first to respond to a car accident—the same man who was first on scene at the car accident 51 responded to earlier. So…hero complex? Thank you, Dr. Charles, for the medical support to my guesses.

Things get personal when Scott, our hero-complex criminal, discovers Gabby is on his trail. He dumps a concrete block off an overpass onto the Ambo, and thankfully Gabby and Sylvie are fine. Truck catches up to Scott, who will assumedly be going to prison. Though I was frustrated with Gabby for a lot of this hour, her fight for this wronged family makes complete sense—in the closing moments of the hour, she and Casey recount their heroics over the past few days and she asks when they’ll be a family. Is it just me, or is she more ready for kids than he is? That would be odd, seeing as how he’s been desperate for fatherhood since the show began.

Back to Anna, she struggles to adjust to life Chicago. Severide takes a laid-back approach to the whole thing, which was infuriating. Instead of fighting for her and trying to help her adjust, he decides to let her do what she wants, even if that means going back to Springfield. Cruz talks some sense into Severide, thankfully, and he takes her to Molly’s first (naturally). With the disco night a bust, the two attempt ice skating, which was adorable. Could this finally be the real deal for Severide?

“If they are following the law, how can I shut them down?”

A crazy man, Mad Max we’ll call him, shows up looking for Alderman Casey (my least favorite Casey). He’s a perpetual complainer, who once went so far as to ask Casey to do something about daylight savings. This time, Mad Max just wants the construction crew outside his house to not be there, but there’s not much Casey can legally do. The foreman is a jerk, sure, but he’s not breaking the law. Or is he? Casey finds the project never received official approval, and he sets out to shut the whole thing down. Turns out he can’t, but that doesn’t mean the issue can’t be resolved. Mad Max ultimately doesn’t mind the construction, he just doesn’t want to see the porta potty. So after all that work, a hundred bucks moves the porta potty and Mad Max is happy. Figures.

“Those are all terrible ideas!”

Herrmann and Stella attempt to persuade Otis to have Molly’s be part of a pub crawl. After hearing the cost just to buy in, something seems off. Money will definitely be lost, right? Over two grand for marketing alone? Come on! In true Molly’s fashion, all looks lost before it ends up being a wild success.

The true story, though, lies in the conflict between Herrmann and Otis. Between the two of them, they’ve come up with some pretty horrible ideas over the past five seasons. Herrmann typically shoots down Otis’ ideas, because they are mostly horrible. But that doesn’t stop Otis from feeling jealous over Herrmann’s gung-ho attitude toward Stella’s ideas—Stella’s the newest member of 51 and Molly’s, whereas Otis and Herrmann have been partners and friends for ages. Herrmann later surprises Otis with a disco night, and it doesn’t go over well (as was expected). Oh, Otis. We still love you.

What did you think of the episode? Is this the real deal for Severide? Is a baby in Gabby and Casey’s near future? Will Otis ever have a winning idea? Share your thoughts below!