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2 Broke Girls - And the Rock Me on the Dais - Review: "I'm Being Played By A Woman?!"

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In the penultimate episode of the amazing 6th season of 2 Broke Girls, Max and Caroline are invited to take part in the press junket for the movie about Caroline's life. They also find out that Candy Andy is a part of the junket because not only is his character in the movie, but his and Caroline's relationship is the focus of it. Things are further complicated when Candy Andy reveals that he's divorced and Bobby is extremely jealous. In the end, Candy Andy tries to get back together with Caroline, but Bobby shows up and Caroline chooses Bobby. Meanwhile, Sophie and Earl find out that they were combined into one character and the rest of the diner gang meet their movie counterparts with hilarious results.

Let's jump right in with the reappearance of Candy Andy! I was a huge fan of his relationship with Caroline back in season 2, so he is always a welcomed addition to 2 Broke Girls for me.  I especially liked his reappearance because it meant that we got to see Bobby's quirky jealous side.  Up until this point, Caroline has been the crazier one in the relationship and Bobby has been pretty easy going, so I think it was pretty essential to their development to have some of Bobby's irrational side come out to balance out their relationship.  I also enjoyed the book fully closing on Candy Andy.  The Caroline/Andy relationship was such a highlight of season 2 and I enjoyed Andy's subsequent appearances, but ultimately I think Bobby is the right choice for Caroline.  He's so patient with her, but has a crazy side of his own.  Moreover, I thought it was really smart how the writers tied Andy's return with Caroline's movie.  At this point in the series, Caroline has a lot to be proud of with where she's come from since losing all of her money and the movie about her life gives her the opportunity to reflect on not only her accomplishments, but also her relationships so that she can get some closure and look towards the future.

Moving on, I want to talk about the movie and, more importantly, the amazing portrayals of our favorite diner gang.  To start, the idea to combine Sophie and Earl into one character was hilarious.  Not only are they two characters we don't see interact that much, but they also are so different, so to see their separate reactions to the news was priceless.  Moreover, to then see the outrageous actress pull off both Sophie and Earl made it all the more hilarious.  I was in near tears during the "I'll be in my booth" showdown between Sophie and the actress playing Pearl.  Pearl wasn't the only perfectly written diner gang portrayal, however.  I loved the running joke about Max's counterpart getting too into character and ending up on a total bender.  It was funny, made total sense, and provided a funny moment at the end where the actress playing Max finally stumbles into the dessert bar and is a total mess.  And who can forget the little girl playing Han?  She was intense and played perfectly off of Han trying to be cool and connect with her.  Oleg's counterpart wasn't particularly funny, but the others were so flawless that I didn't mind at all.  After meeting these great versions of our favorite diner gang, I hope that we get to see some of the actual movie in the finale!

Speaking of the finale, let's talk about the potential directions it is headed! With (SPOILER ALERT) Randy returning, I'm very torn over what I'm hoping will happen. On the one hand, I love Max and Randy's relationships and would welcome them getting back together. On the other, I feel like Max was just getting over Randy and getting to a point where she could move on with her life, so to have that can of worms open again may be frustrating. I'm also a little stressed about the potential cliffhangers we may see as a result of his return. In a recent interview with TVLine, Michelle Nader mentioned that they did not write this episode to be a series finale, so I'm a little worried he's going to propose or ask her to move to LA and we won't get her answer in the event that the show is cancelled. That being said, I wouldn't mind Max and Randy ending up together, so I'm excited to see if his return leads to that. Aside from Randy (and Caroline's movie) the other part of the finale I'm looking forward to is Denise working at the diner. In the press pictures, it showed her in the waitress uniform hugging (feeling up?) Han. Not only do I think this will be hilarious in it's own right, but I'm wondering if this confirms the theory that the girls quit the diner to run their dessert bar business full time. That would be an excited turn of events and a great way to end the season (and maybe series if the show isn't renewed). But enough about my finale thoughts, I'm curious what you all are thinking. Excited? Nervous? Stressed? All of the above? Let me know in the comments!

Overall Grade:
A. A ridiculously funny episode that featured the momentous return of Candy Andy and another step forward for Bobby and Caroline.

Favorite Quotes:
Caroline: C’mon Max. The heart machine at Rite Aid said you were 80 and printed you a prescription for a wheelchair!

Han: That’s preposterous! An 11 year old girl couldn’t own a diner!
Max: …You do.

Caroline: All these reporters and photographers remind me of when I lost my baby teeth! My father left a summer home under my pillow.

Max: Caroline’s speechless! Guess I’m down to two wishes on that magic lamp.

And then of course - every quote from the scene at the dessert bar with the diner gang and their movie counterparts. One of my favorite scenes of the season!

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