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2 Broke Girls - And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie (Season Finale) - Review: "Let Me See The Ring Again!"

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In the season (?) finale of 2 Broke Girls, Max and Caroline are busy preparing for the premiere of Caroline’s movie, which includes press interviews, being dressed by Brad Goreski, and quitting the diner. At the premiere, Sophie and Oleg try to get Barbara discovered by talent agents and Caroline accidentally destroys her $10,000 dollar dress so the girls have to keep working at the diner to pay it off. Also at the premiere, Randy returns and Max flees. He follows her back to the dessert bar where he announces he is moving to New York and then proposes to Max. Afterwards, Caroline receives a text from Max to go to the dessert bar, where it is revealed that she said yes. When Bobby then appears, it is also revealed that he and Randy dislike each other because Randy was the lawyer that shut down the reality show about Bobby’s family. They start fighting, but the girls are too busy getting excited about the future.

I obviously can’t start this review without talking about RANDY AND MAX GETTING ENGAGED!!! I have to hand it to the writers here. After the road trip and subsequent break up conversation, I thought I had moved past wanting Max and Randy together, but then all of a sudden he was back and when he proposed, I absolutely screamed at my TV in joy. In retrospect, the writers did a great job of subtly having Max still holding on to Randy and then really stuck the landing with the scene where he proposed. It started with a fight with all of Max’s pent up, valid emotion and turned into the reveal that he was moving to New York and wants to be with her. It was emotional, heartwarming, and perfect. Moreover, it gave us even more to the Max and Caroline friendship. Max is always making fun of Caroline’s type A ridiculousness, but at the end of the day, the first thing she wanted to do was text Caroline and just share this huge milestone with her. No jokes, no zingers, just two friends happy and supporting each other. Not that they weren’t best friends before, but them celebrating together made me so happy.

The only down side to Randy’s return is that it didn’t leave much room for the other characters. I would’ve liked to have actually seen scenes from Caroline’s movie, similar to how the did "The Wedding Bride" on How I Met Your Mother, but at the same time the last 8 episodes have been mostly about Caroline and Bobby, so it’s okay that this episode was about Max. Sophie and Oleg’s bit of trying to get Barbara discovered was funny enough and the babies who play Barbara are so cute and have shockingly great comedic timing. Additionally, Han and Earl made the most of having very little to do, so it’s not that any of the supporting cast material was bad, I just would’ve liked to see them do more. Although the addition of Denise as the new waitress at the diner was pretty genius. She is always absolutely hilarious in her scenes and seeing her in the waitress uniform was also comedy gold.

Now to the sad part of the review: what if this is the series finale? Now don’t get me wrong, I do NOT want this to be the final episode of the series. That being said, however, if this ends up being the series finale, it’s still a great ending. The girls have a consistently successful business that they own, they’ve found love, and they have their diner family. All successes that they’ve earned after starting at rock bottom in the beginning of the series. So if this is the end, I will still love rewatching 2 Broke Girls and view it as a complete, epic, hilarious story. The main thing that will be missing for me if it’s the series finale is a moment where the girls look around at their professional and personal lives and have a “wow, we did it” moment, quit the diner, and move on to not being broke anymore. That would be my ideal ending, but if I don’t get it, I’ll still be happy that the girls ended in such a great, successful place. Additionally, I know you could view the Randy and Bobby feud as a cliffhanger in the sense that it’s drama that won’t get resolved if the show is cancelled, but ultimately, the writers handled their fight in such a light hearted and comedic way that I wouldn’t be upset if we never saw what happens with that storyline. So all in all, a really great finale that could serve as a series finale if it needs to, but I hope we get at least a final season renewal.

Overall Grade:
A. Amazingly heartwarming with some great comedy, although it would’ve been great to have just a tad more of the diner gang.

Favorite Quotes:
Caroline: So it has been quite a journey, but through it all the key for me has been bravery and the deep down knowledge that I am better than everyone else. I’m sorry, Jillian, what was your question?
Jillian: I asked Max where she was born.

Sophie: Caroline can really put you to sleep on and off the screen, huh?

Han: Well… I should walk off this boner.

Caroline: Oh my god, Randy. Are you upset that Max is engaged-OH WAIT!!!!

Caroline: Can I see the ring again?!
Max: I licked it, and it’s not candy!

Well 2 Broke Girls fans, that wraps an amazing 6th season. I have loved reviewing it for you all each week and getting to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the finale and what you would love to see in a potential 7th season!

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