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12 Monkeys - Season 3: Night 1 - Sneak Peek + Episodic Synopsis

Sneak Peek
Thanks to Ivan for the heads up.


Episode 3.01 - Mother

In the apocalypse of 2163, a desperate Cole searches for Titan. Meanwhile, a captive Railly is faced with an impossible choice as the 12 Monkeys await the arrival of The Witness.

Episode 3.02 - Guardians

While searching for Jennifer Goines in post-WWI France, Cole and Jones encounter a dangerous group of time- travelers - the Guardians.

Episode 3.03 - Enemy

Bonds of trust are tested when Ramse returns to the facility with an old enemy held captive. How far will Cole and Jones go for the answers they need?

Episode 3.04 - Brothers

Ramse and Cole splinter to 2007 expecting either a trap - or a final chance to kill The Witness. But when Cole discovers a heartbreaking truth, he’ll discover that the mission was both.