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ThrowbackThursday - Parks & Recreation - The Fight: Baba Booey

Parks and Recreation.
Episode 13, Season 3. 

In May, 2011;"The Fight" aired for the very first time, and before re watching it, probably as many times as Leslie had watched the whole Harry Potter saga, it became of my favorite episodes of the series. 

I might not sound objective, I might shower Amy Poheler with compliments because she's the one who wrote this episode, and you may even notice when I'm (not! crying) getting nostalgic and wishing that new adventures in Pawnee were possible; but the thing is, when you are able to get lost in a world like this one for 20 minutes, when a little show like Parks & Recreation makes you not only smile but appreciate the small things in life, and your friends and family, it's some of the magic great TV can achieve. Parks and Recreation is like a cup of hot chocolate in a winter afternoon, and if that metaphor isn't enough; think about drunk Ron Swanson ,with a cute hat on his head, dancing happily.

The episode revolves around Chris needing a new head for the health department, Tom's latest business endeavor (snake juice) and Leslie and Ben's chemistry about to explode.

Glen Cooper gets cheated by his wife, there's not other way to say he loses it when he starts putting up posters about her sexual endeavors, with the health department stamp. The government needs a new employee and who else could it be that the beautiful unicorn/nurse Ann Perkins? Leslie sure thinks so, but Ann isn't so sure, especially after seeing all the studying Leslie brings. It was going to be a sleepless night reading and getting ready for the job. Until Leslie finds Ann in Tom's party, having the time of her life in the dance floor. Like everybody else, because as Donna points out Snake Juice is basically rat poison, and everyone is wasted. 

After Ann and Leslie fight, covered as a boy fight but in reality it's because Leslie is steam rolling Ann, and Ann is not trying hard enough, the camera documents how drunk everyone is. And one of the funniest scenes in the whole run of the show ensues: Ben doesn't make sense, Ron dances, Jerry is Jerry, Andy and April do their alternate selves thing, and Leslie and Ann without coherent thoughts explain their fight.

The day after, besides the hangover everyone tries their best, even Ann who after some convincing by Ben, applies for the job, and of course gets it.

Parks and Recreation is not an easy show to recap, its cause and effect narrative ripples through the dialogue, interrupted by the mockumentary resources. The camera does what it needs to be done, with bright colors and cinematography that lightens our screens. Their 20 minutes episodes are not missed only for their subtle jokes but the dynamics between every character, because more than their distinctive personalities, the other wellness was the most important thing for most of them. In the end this show taught us about friendship and how to be loyal, about having fun and being responsible. The most important things in life are waffles, friends and work. Or friends, waffles and work. It doesn't matter, but work always comes third.