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The Walking Dead - Say Yes - Advance Preview

   The Walking Dead will continue its 7th season, this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX UK with an all new episode, titled "Say Yes" which will focus on Rick and Michonne !

   "Say Yes" will be a much better episode than last week "Hostiles and Calamities". I must admit it was probably my least favorite of The Walking Dead, I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored watching an episode (maybe in season 2). Eugene and Negan’s moments could have been reduced to a 5/10 minutes sequence.
   Now, I really hope Eugene is really doctor smarty pants and he is just playing Negan because if he really has betrayed Rick and Co for the Saviors, that would be really disappointing and a total waste of his character development since last season.

   Anyways, this Sunday, it will be all about Rick and Michonne. They are more interesting and complex characters than Eugene, so this episode won’t be boring at all. "Say Yes" will be a captivating and surprising episode, mixing up great action sequences and funny and light moments. Rick and Michonne are so strong characters, but they are stronger together, and that makes them a perfect couple. So you can expect some badass moments, specially from Michonne. (this girl and her katana !) and also some emotional ones.
   But "Say Yes" won’t only focus on Rick and Michonne, we'll spend some time in Alexandria, as shown in the sneak peek, Rosita will still be pissed and angry for not killing Negan and she won't control her patience anymore. She’ll decide to go scavenging, more specifically looking for guns.
   And here some other teasers about "Say Yes" :
- Rick and Michonne will find a new place as seen in the promo : a fair ! It’s an excellent setting for some zombie actions. If you have been missing the walkers this season like I have, you’ll be pleased : there will be a lot of them. And there will be many surprises in that fair.
- Someone will steal something from the Saviors.
- Slicing a walker’s throat can be very, very disgusting, one character will experience it.
- There will be laughs, more than once. It feels so good to see and hear people laughing on this show, it's so rare.
- Some characters will play golf.
- Rosita will make a deal with an unexpected character.
- Rick and Michonne will have long and very interesting conversations. Michonne is always very calm and measured, so her conversations with Rick are always meaningful. It’ll be particularly the case in the week’s episode, when they’ll discuss strategy and politics.
- As usual, plans never go as planned.
- Tara will confess about her time at the Oceanside to an unexpected character.
- Of course, there will be a Rick and Michonne sex scene, Lincoln and Gurira have such a great chemistry.
- Someone will experience a traumatic event.
- Baby Judith will be seen. God, she’s so big now !
- Rick and Michonne will share a romantic dinner.
- A character will be back.
- Glenn and Maggie’s baby will be mentioned.
- Father Gabriel will have a meaningful and powerful conversation with another character. His wisdom is essential to the group.

   It was long overdue for The Walking Dead to focus on their power couple, and the result will be brilliant. "Say Yes" will be a compelling and refreshing episode, especially after last week's dull episode. The Walking Dead will be back on tracks this Sunday, Rick, Michonne and all the communities have a common goal,a  purpose : eliminating Negan and the Saviors ; their plan is moving forward, and watching how it unfolds is really entertaining (more than the first half of the season).
   Don’t miss "Say Yes" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK.
   How excited are you about "Say Yes" ? What do you think of Rosita’s behavior since the MSP ? Are you happy to have Rick and Michonne apart from the others for an episode ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quotes game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes (each character can have two quotes max) :

1- "What’s that smile ?"
2- "Damn it !"
3- "I did something I thought was right."
4- "I can’t lose you."
5- "What makes our lives worth more than theirs ?"
6- "Yes."
7- "I’m ready to kill him."
8- "I’m here because i need your help."
9- "Even then, it will be worth it."
10- "We’re fighting the fight."


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