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The Walking Dead - The Other Side - Advance Preview

   This Sunday, The Walking Dead will continue its 7th season with an all episode titled "The Other Side" which will focus on the Hilltop community and Sasha and Rosita’s secret plan against Negan.

   There are only three episodes left this season, including "The Other Side" and I must say, as many of you, I’m not a big fan of this season. The pace of the show has slowed down, and even if the second part of the season is better than the first, it still feels as something is missing most of the time. The communities have a common goal, they’re finally getting ready to take back the power, however, the latest episodes didn't really depict this movement. The stakes should be higher but they’re not.

   So, this week in "The Other Side", we will be back to the Hilltop. Last time we’ve been there, Daryl joined the community and Rosita came to recruit Sasha for their secret mission against Negan and the episode will pick up right after that moment. I must say, even if their plan isn’t realistic or/and well thought out (killing Negan won’t stop the Saviors), I’m pretty excited to have those two characters together. They’re both strong women, and they both fell in love with the same men that died. Their relationship is complicated, they have much common and yet they're very different.
   So it’ll be very interesting to watch them together in next Sunday's episode. Rosita will finally open up about Abraham and what she did before the zombie apocalypse and where her exceptional survival skills come from, and Sasha will also open up to Rosita about her relationship with Abraham.
   But "The Other Side" won’t only focus on those two women. As we’ll be back to the Hilltop, Maggie, Daryl and Jesus will play a part in the episode, they’ll be training the members of the community for the upcoming war against the Saviors. But when the Saviors pay an unexpected visit to the community, the hidden Alexandrians will be in danger, so the stakes will get higher.

   And here some other teasers about "The Other Side" :
- Gin and tequila will be drunk.
- Sasha and Rosita’s secret plan won’t stay secret very long, as Jesus and Eunid will learn about it. But the real question is will Maggie learn and what will she do about it then. And the unexpected visit from the Saviors might change everything.
- Daryl and Maggie will share several scenes together, but one will be quite emotional when he will mention his guilt about Glenn’s death.
- There will be a 5 minutes sequence without any dialogue.
- For once, the Saviors won’t come (only) for supplies but for something more specific… Or someone.
- We will visit Glenn and Abe’s graves again.
- Simon will be back with his Saviors, and he’ll spend some time with Gregory. They are somehow funny together, and scary. I’m always afraid of what Gregory might say to the Saviors.
- Sasha and Rosita will demonstrate how badass they can be in one scene, against some walkers.
- The necklace Rosita made for Abraham will be seen and talked about.
- A gift will be offered to the Hilltop. A big one.
- There will be a mysterious figure in the shadows, again.
- Two walkers will die simultaneously.
- A recently dead character will be mentioned.
- Enid will have a stressful face to face with one of the Saviors.
- There will be a betrayal.

   "The Other Side" will be an exciting and captivating episode. Finally, the stakes will be higher, the war against the Saviors is coming and the different pieces are finally coming together. The tension will rise in the Hilltop as soon as the Saviors will come in, but the pace will definitely accelerate towards the end of the episode. I hope the last two episodes of this season won’t disappoint because "The Other Side" ending made me pretty excited about what’s coming.
   Don’t miss "The Other Side" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. How excited are you about "The Other Side" ? Are you happy to be back at the Hilltop ? Do you think Sasha and Rosita’s plan can actually work ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quotes game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes (each character can have two quotes max) :

1- "He deserves to die."
2- "You know how to do everything."
3- "You should not talk to me like that"
4- "You should tell her."
5- "People say I have an expressive face."
6- "Where are Sasha and Rosita ?"
7- "For the first time, I feel like I belong."
8- "Will you look at me, please ?"
9- "Did you just threaten me ?"
10- "No."