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The SpoilerTV 2017 Pilot Casting Newsreel - 2nd Edition *Updated 6th April 2017*

Hi everyone, this is the 2nd edition of the pilot casting newsreel, the last one had 211 entries, so it was definitely about time to start with a brand new post. All previous entries can be found here.

The latest pilot castings will be posted at the top. As usual, we work as fast as we can but if anythings missing, please submit them in so we can keep you updated.

Brothered Up - D.L. Hughley Joins CBS Comedy Pilot in Co-Starring Role After Recasting

Hughley’s Calvin is described as a great cop who has always been a lone wolf but now is newly partnered with the optimistic Farooq, who has a gung-ho attitude. He replaces Romany Malco who was originally cast in the role but I hear the character turned out not to be a good fit for him. The decision was made after the pilot’s table read last week.

Black-ish Spinoff - Chris Parnell to Star; Matt Walsh & Trevor Jackson Join ABC Comedy Pilot

Chris Parnell has booked a starring role opposite Yara Shahidi in ABC’s proposed Black-ish spinoff. Parnell and Walsh are said to be playing college administrators, while Jackson is a freshman at the college Zoey will be attending. All three are guest stars in the planted spinoff episode of Black-ish, which has been filmed and airs this spring. Parnell and Jackson have series regular options if the project goes to series. Walsh, who is a regular on HBO’s Veep, is a guest star/potential recurring.

Brothered Up - John C. McGinley to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot

McGinley will play Commander Lee, who treats his officers with respect and dignity and always tries to ensure that the team is happy.

LA -> Vegas - Ed Weeks to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot

Weeks will play Micah, an accountant and regular on the flight between Los Angeles and Las Vegas where he visits his family on the weekend. Plagued by more than a few demons, he’s a recovering alcoholic/gambler/sex addict who is separated from his wife. As people who have both made a lot of mistakes in their past, he and head flight attendant Ronnie (Matula) have a strong connection. McDermott plays the flight’s pilot.

Redliners - Quinn Shephard Joins NBC Drama Pilot

Shephard will play Katie Rhymer.

Shelter - Nadia Gan Joins NBC Drama Pilot

Gan will play Dr. Jackie Lao, a brusque doctor, who is a self-made millenial with a chip on her shoulder.

Hannah Royce's Questionable Choices - Tyler Labine to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot

Labine will play Barry, Hannah’s (Eve) first husband and the father of her oldest child, Scarlett. A know-it-all ex-stoner who now teaches home-ec and drivers ed, Barry met Hannah in high school, but his Peter Pan ways broke up their marriage. Undeterred, Barry just moved into his mom’s house down the street and is still very much a part of Hannah’s extended family, getting together with them every day for meals and companionship.

Living Biblically - Lindsey Kraft to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot

Kraft will play Chip’s wife Leslie. Sarcastic, smart, cool and pregnant, Leslie wants her husband to be better but is wary as his obsessions can get the best of him. She is both skeptical of and entertained by his passion to live by the Bible but ultimately supports the experiment.

Living Biblically - Jay R. Ferguson to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot

Ferguson’s Chip is a lapsed Catholic who recently lost his best friend and is about to become a father. Chip puts his amiable yet obsessive temperament to use when he starts living his life 100% by the Bible to find direction. Ferguson is the second Real O’Neals cast member to book a big pilot role in second position which is not expected to get a third season.

Linda From HR - Michael Landes Replaces Tim DeKay in FOX Comedy Pilot

Landes will play Linda’s husband Dan Plugh, an average guy who can’t help but win people over. The character will be tweaked with Landes on board.

Me, Myself & I - Christopher Paul Richards Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Richards will play Justin, teenage Alex’s new stepbrother who is super-psyched to finally have a little bro — despite being just 39 days older.

Real Life - Ryan Hansen to Guest Star as Male Lead with Potential to Recur in CBS Comedy Pilot

Rittenhouse, toted as a potential breakout star, was cast early, more than a month ago. As the search for an actor to play Drew went on, I hear an idea emerged to possibly reconfigure the series going forward, focusing on Nora and her dating life. I hear there will be no immediate changes, and the pilot will be filmed as originally written, with the discussion about the project’s creative direction going forward tabled until May. To keep options open, Hansen was cast as a guest star with a potential to recur. I hear there is a possibility for him to transition to a permanent position following a potential series order, subject of availability on his part and what the producers and the network ultimately decide about the long-time future of his character.

Linda From HR - Dominic Burgess Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Burgess will play Gordon, a a lovable, gossipy office-mate of Linda (Graham) whose recent divorce left him with nothing but custody of the cats.

Living Biblically - Tony Rock Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Rock will play Vince. As Chip’s (TBD) best friend at the office, the two share a love of gossip and bond over their mutual hatred for their co-worker, Gary. Vince loves winding Chip up but is not afraid to give him a reality check to keep him centered.

Spaced Out - Matt Shively & Christine Woods to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot

Shively’s Peter Gibbons, the newest member of the propulsion team at Space One, is like a kid in a candy store. After working in his father’s body shop, Peter’s now living his dream as the new team leader of the company sending the first unmanned rocket to Mars. Woods will play Maxine “Max” Donovan, Space One’s alpha female engineer. Max is a born leader who’s not a happy camper when her boss appoints the new guy as the team leader. For Shively, the casting is in second position to ABC’s softly rated sophomore family comedy series The Real O’Neals, which is not expected to get a third season.

Daniel Gillies Joins Untitled Navy Seals Pilot in Undisclosed Capacity

great shoot tonight. #untitlednavysealsproject

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Linda From HR - Ryan Michelle Bathe Replaces Angel Laketa Moore in FOX Comedy Pilot

Bathe will play Sierra, the mother of young triplets, whom Linda (Graham) turns to for help. Bathe replaces Angel Laketa Moore who was originally cast in the role. The move came after the table read and the character was slightly re-conceived.

Shelter (Previously Untitled Warren Leight Medical Pilot) - Jamie McShane Joins NBC Drama Pilot

McShane will play Billy McCann, a veteran NYPD police officer who has a contentious relationship with his ex-wife Kim (Griffiths) and their son, Jake.

Me, Myself & I - Sharon Lawrence Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Lawrence will play Eleanor (2042). In 1991, she was known as Nori, the unrequited love of Alex’s teenage life. Now, she’s the widowed owner of a diner, who reconnects with Alex (Larroquette) 50 years later.

Type-A - Dulce Sloan Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Sloan will play Wolf (fka Torres), the confident office tech guru who is a close friend of Axler’s (Longoria).

Mission Control - Wunmi Mosaku Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Mosaku will play Rayna, the Mission’s public affairs officer.

Real Life - Bret Harrison Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Harrison will play Arnie, Drew’s friend and roommate from his business school days.

Charlie Foxtrot - Robert Baker Joins ABC Comedy Pilot

Baker will play Officer O’Brien, Taylor’s nemesis who works on the base.

The Trustee - Berto Colon Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Colon will play Detective Martinez. Muscle-bound, arrogant and “not too bright,” he clashes with Detective Radley.

Real Life - Kristen Johnston Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Johnston will play Beverly. Loud, confident and fabulous (most days), Beverly is Nora’s (Rittenhouse) boss at the LA office.

Me, Myself & I - Jaleel White Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

White will play Darryl, Alex’s (Moynihan) best friend and business partner, who offers guidance — and a cot in his garage — in the aftermath Alex’s divorce.

Redliners - Rodney To Joins NBC Drama Pilot

To will play Budd Nii, the earnest, sheltered, eternally positive square Assistant Dean to Anne (Ware).

JJ Feild and Latarsha Rose Join NBC's Untitled Warren Leight & Paul Haggis Drama Pilot

Feild will play Dr. Peter Riley, a love interest of Kim’s (Rachel Griffiths). Rose will portray Audra, a frontline nurse with an attitude.

The Good Doctor - Beau Garrett Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Garrett will play Jessica Preston, a hospital board member who is a friend of Dr. Glassman (Schiff) and sides with him as he presents his protegee, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Highmore), to the board.

Amy's Brother - Sawyer Barth Replaces Sloane Morgan Siegel in FOX Comedy Pilot

Barth will play Zach, Amy’s (Mumolo) son and Abby’s (Ursula Parker) brother. He’s an entitled, popular 15-year-old, who reacts badly to his perfect life being upended. Barth replaces Sloane Morgan Siegel, who was originally cast in the role.

David Boreanaz Replaces Jim Caviezel in CBS' Untitled Navy SEAL Drama Pilot

Boreanaz replaces Jim Caviezel, who was cast in the role last week. Cavizel, who has a long history with CBS as the star of the long-running crime drama series Person of Interest, has parted ways with the network and the Navy SEAL pilot’s producer CBS TV Studios over creative differences. Boreanaz will play Jason, the respected, committed leader of his assault team who’s been through over a dozen deployments, with scars inside and out.

Start Up (now untitled) - Chris Sacca Joins ABC Comedy Pilot

Sacca will guest star as himself in the single-camera pilot, based on Alex Blumberg’s Gimlet Media podcast Start Up, whose first season chronicled the launch of Gimlet. The role likely will turn into recurring if the project is picked up to series. Sacca is an actual investor in Gimlet Media.

Dynasty - Brianna Brown Joins CW Pilot

For those who remember the original Dynasty, I'll be playing the iconic role of Claudia Blaisdel in this CW pilot remake. Fingers crossed it goes to series!
She is set to guest-star playing an off-kilter Claudia.

Las Reinas - Shalim Ortiz Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Ortiz will play Diego de la Reina, Alex’s (Alonso) brother. Diego has grown up under his grandmother’s supervision and enjoys the power and prestige of being a de la Reina. When he sees his sister again after years of estrangement, they clash over her re-appearance and his increasing role in the crime family.

The Resident - Valerie Cruz Joins FOX Drama Pilot

Cruz will play hospital CEO Renata Lopez.

Mission Control - Ricardo Chavira Replaces Nestor Serrano in CBS Drama Pilot

Chavira will play Diaz, director of the Johnson Space Center. He replaces Nestor Serrano, who was originally cast in the role. I hear the change was made after the first day of filming.

The Get - Amy Brenneman to Star in CBS Drama Pilot

Brenneman will play the steeled and determined Ellen, an investigative journalist for The Get who has been known to push boundaries in order to find the truth.

Hannah Royce's Questionable Choices - Kyle Howard Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Howard will play Lewis, Hannah’s (Eve) second husband and the father of her middle child, Carter (TBD).

Mission Control - Peyton List to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot

List will play Kim, a member of the astronaut training program and CAPCOM for the mission.

Insatiable - Irene Choi Joins CW Pilot

Choi will play Dixie, Bob’s (Roberts) pageant contestant and a bit of a villain in the series as she and her mother are on the warpath to ruin Bob’s life.

The Trustee - L. Scott Caldwell Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Caldwell will play Odelle Jones, Amanda’s (Cox) feisty and spry grandmother. Odelle raised Amanda the “right way” and is disappointed with her incarceration.

Perfect Citizen - Brian Stokes Mitchell Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Mitchell will play Paul, Deck’s (Wyle) best friend since law school and a powerful ally. A Boston power broker who is connected, smooth and combines leverage with real charm and a sense of humor.

Redliners - Tommy Flanagan Joins NBC Drama Pilot

Flanagan will play Angus Cochrane, a charismatic, handsome, and seductive mobster and ex-husband to Anne (Ware).

Relatively Happy - Derek Gaines Joins NBC Comedy Pilot

Gaines will play Royal, Henry’s (Rudnitsky) best friend since childhood. Royal is now his upstairs neighbor and is desperately trying to be “Brooklyn,” though he grew up in “Brookline.” Despite being good-looking and charming, Royal is remarkably neurotic, especially about keeping his girlfriend, Sydney (Reasonover), happy.

Amy's Brother - Sharif Atkins Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Atkins will play Christian Chase, the slick, cut-throat top seller at Regency Realty, Christian Chase always seems to close the deal…one step ahead of Matthew (Urie).

Omar Metwally to Co-Star in CBS' Untitled Jenny Lumet Drama Pilot

Metwally will play Nate, Naomi’s fiancé and the Manhattan South D.A.

LA -> Vegas - Kim Matula Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Matula will play Ronnie, the head flight attendant.

S.W.A.T. - Peter Onorati Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Onorati will play Jeff Mumford. Aggressive and confident, Mumford is the leader of the 10-David SWAT team that maintains a healthy rivalry with Hondo (Moore) and the rest of the crew.

Insatiable - Alyssa Milano Joins CW Pilot

Milano will play Coralee, Bob’s social-climbing wife. It’s expected to be a major recurring role if the pilot is picked up to series.

Linda From HR - Angel Laketa Moore & Ellis Rubin Join FOX Comedy Pilot

Moore will play Sierra, a quick-witted and honest mother of young triplets, the cool girl from college that no one imagined as a super mom. Rubin will play Howie, Awkward and still coming in to his own, Howie is Linda’s son.

Behind Enemy Lines - Benito Martinez Replaces Nestor Carbonell in FOX Drama Pilot

Martinez will play Mateo Rodriguez, a respected career Navy man and Executive Officer on the USS Tyson aircraft carrier. He replaces Nestor Carbonell who was originally cast in the role. The decision was made after the Thursday table read, with the character getting slightly reconceived.

LA -> Vegas - Olivia Macklin Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Macklin will play Nichole, a young, fresh-faced exotic dancer.

Relatively Happy - Diona Reasonover Joins NBC Comedy Pilot

Reasonover will play Sydney. A first-year resident in an ER in the Bronx, Sydney runs the hospital like she runs her life: with tough love. She is Heather’s (Angelson) best friend and confidant, and lives upstairs with her boyfriend/EMT, Royal.

The Crossing - Marcuis W. Harris Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Harris will play Caleb, one of the refugees. Once a simple man, Caleb was a janitor in his past life, but his peers have nominated him to represent them as a group in order to find out what’s going on.

Unit Zero - Jamey Sheridan Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Sheridan will play Mike Barclay, the Director of the CIA and the one who recognizes that Jackie and her team have what it takes to run the most sensitive operations at the agency.

The Trustee - Tim Kang Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Kang will play the agreeable Detective Wu. He and his partner, Detective Martinez, are assigned to a case that puts them into conflict with Detective Radley.

S.W.A.T. - Alex Russell Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Russell will play Jim Street. Cocky, living on the edge, Street has earned himself a reputation as a loose cannon with no regard for safety – he’s also the newest member of Hondo’s team.

Valor - Melissa Roxburgh Joins CW Pilot

She will play CIA Officer Thea.

The Get - Michael Rady Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Rady will play Tom, a senior producer who is most at home when he's out in the field.

Rachel Griffiths to Star in NBC's Untitled Warren Leight & Paul Haggis Drama Pilot

Griffiths will play Kim Masters, an Emergency Department nurse at Our Lady Of Salvation Hospital in Brooklyn who arguably holds the place together through sheer force of personality. Unhappily divorced from Officer Billy McCann, she’s a single mom with a 13 year old son, and her own mother is edging into the shadowland of dementia.

Brothered Up - Merrin Dungey to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot

Dungey will play Desri, Calvin’s (Malco) wife, the woman who knows him better than he knows himself.

Yvette Nicole Brown Joins ABC's Untitled Mayoral Comedy Pilot

Brown will play Dina, Courtney’s chatty, drama-prone, single mom who had him when she was a teenager – but she’s also his best friend and biggest cheerleader. They’re always oversharing, and he seeks out her advice on everything. Dina, who has a high-volume personality and a big laugh, works at the post office, which allows her to stay on top of the latest neighborhood gossip.

The Resident - Emily VanCamp to Star; Bruce Greenwood Joins FOX Drama Pilot

VanCamp will play Nicolette aka Nic, the nurse who is Conrad’s (Czuchry) on-again-off-again romantic fling. Greenwood plays Chief of Surgery Dr. Soloman Bell.

Losing It - Sam Huntington Joins ABC Comedy Pilot

Huntington will play Owen, Andy’s (Cryer) handsome, charming and single younger brother, a successful birthday party magician without a care in the world.

Behind Enemy Lines - Willa Fitzgerald & Dylan Bruno Join FOX Drama Pilot

Fitzgerald will play Roxanne Daly, a Navy pilot stationed on the USS Tyson, and Ziggy’s (Gabriel Chavarria) ex-girlfriend. Bruno will portray Scott Byrne, the cautious, but firm Commander of the Air Group, who has a lot of pilots under his command. Fitzgerald, who was the star on the first two seasons of MTV’s Scream, is in first position on the pilot.
Fitzgerald's casting is in first position, which means should Fox order Behind Enemy Lines to series and MTV renew Scream, she would exit the latter should the two shows overlap with their production schedules. MTV renewed Scream for an abbreviated third season of six episodes, which have not yet gone into production. A new showrunner has not been determined.

Thin Ice - Jane Curtin Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Curtin will play Mrs. Brooks, a recent widow excited to finally be in Antarctica and apart of the research team.

The Crossing - Kelley Missal Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Missal will play Hannah, one of the first survivors to make it to the shore.

The Trustee - David Warshofsky Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Warshofsky will play Anthony Radley, a tough retired cop who retreats into the bottle on the anniversary of his police officer son’s death.

The Goldbergs Spinoff - Nia Long to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot

Lucy Winston (Long) a single mother of three and “legit cool.” She’s worked at the same dead end job for the last 7 years, but she needs a better life for her children, who are getting older and inching towards trouble. After begging her brother for a job at the Academy he runs (free tuition for three included), Lucy and her kids all have to adjust to a new life in a new school — but schools are somewhat the same all over the country, and many of the same problems (cliques, status, sports, substance abuse) haunt the hallowed halls of the William Penn Academy as in any other school in America (though it’s blessedly free of metal detectors).

Christine Lahti Replaces Rita Wilson in FOX's Untitled Sheldon Turner Drama Pilot

Lahti will play Constance Hawthorne, the dignified but fierce head of UCI Board of Trustees. Lahti is a late addition to the pilot. She replaces Rita Wilson who was originally cast in the role. I hear Wilson’s exit came down to scheduling conflicts as she was not available for key production dates and could not attend the table read.

Wisdom of the Crowd - Monica Potter to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot

Potter will play Alex, Tanner’s (Piven) ex-wife who has been making waves in politics, being careful not to let her connection to Tanner impact her career.

Las Reinas - Eric Winter Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Winter will play Robert Ellison, a potential love interest to Alex (Alonso), Robert is an Ivy League educated attorney/consigliere who is central to Gabriella De La Reina’s empire.

Nikki M. James Joins NBC's Untitled Warren Leight & Paul Haggis Drama Pilot

James will play Meghan, a hospital administrator.

The Gospel of Kevin - JoAnna Garcia Swisher Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Garcia Swisher will play Amy, who is recently widowed and happy to have her brother, Kevin, who recently tried to commit suicide, back in the family home.

Amy Hill Joins ABC's Dannah Phirman & Danielle Schneider Comedy Pilot

Hill will play Mrs. Kim, Josh’s tough and honest neighbor.

Redliners - Jenny Wade Joins NBC Drama Pilot

Wade will play Christy, Anne’s (Ware) sweet and overly officious assistant at school who talks too much, tries too hard and wants more than anything to have a rapport with Anne.

Me, Myself & I - John Larroquette to Star; Mandell Maughan Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Newly retired, Larroquette’s Alex has achieved the creative and financial success he always dreamed of. He’s now committed to getting the most out of his life’s third act. Maughan will play Maggie, young Alex’s (not yet cast) mom. Though Maggie’s a strong, no-nonsense woman with a gruff bedside manner, her son Alex is the center of her universe. Larroquette is a series regular on TNT’s hit adventure drama series The Librarians. His Me, Myself & I casting allows him to continue his duties on The Librarians if the CBS pilot goes to series as the two shows would shoot opposite times of the year, making it possible for him to do both.

Type-A - Ken Marino to Co-Star; Kyle Bornheimer, Steve Harris and Andy Richter Join FOX Comedy Pilot

Marino will play Garland, a slick, charming attorney– and total shark– who also happens to be Axler’s (Longoria) ex-boyfriend. Bornheimer will portray Ben, an Army vet with one leg who is the moral compass of the office. Harris is Carson, the security chief with an intimidating physical presence who has a soft spot for his show poodle. Richter will play Luderman, a master manipulator who makes Machiavelli look like a sweetheart. The first table read was held yesterday. There is still one female role to be cast.

Sharon Leal to Star in CBS' Untitled Jenny Lumet Drama Pilot; Sheaun McKinney to Co-Star

Leal will play Lt. Naomi Barr, the passionate, relentless leader of the hate crimes task force in NYC. McKinney will portray Michael, the liaison between the mayor’s office and the hate crimes task force.

Type-A - Eva Longoria to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot

Longoria will play Axler, the ambitious, brutally honest consultant who is at war with her inner “nice girl.”

Jessica Paré Joins CBS' Untitled Navy SEAL Drama Pilot

Paré will play Mandy, a whip-smart CIA analyst driven to rid the world of evil and get the bad guys.

Wisdom of the Crowd - Natalia Tena & Jake Matthews Join CBS Drama Pilot

Tena will play the female lead role of Sara, who runs the show at CrowdSolver, where she works with Tanner to launch and operate the new app. Matthews will play Tariq, a tech genius who can hack anything and enjoys blurring the lines of morality. He makes himself known to Tanner by hacking his new app.

The Crossing - Tommy Bastow and John D'Leo Join ABC Drama Pilot

Bastow will play Marshall and D’Leo will play Will, Marshall’s best friend.

Unit Zero - Parvesh Cheena & Ayden Mayeri Join ABC Drama Pilot

Cheena will play Raj, a competitive and obnoxious co-worker that is gunning for Jackie’s (Collette) job. Mayeri will portray Azeema, a super smart CIA intern with fighting skills, who’s always one step ahead of everyone else.

Valor - Nigel Thatch & Corbin Reid Join CW Pilot

Thatch will play Captain Robert Torres, the commander of the Night Raiders. A tough-minded man with gravitas, who is loyal to his troops, Torres expects his unit to always do the right thing, no matter how tangled the tactical situation may become. Reid will portray Jess, a mother and wife who lives on the Army base.

Relatively Happy - Jane Lynch Joins NBC Comedy Pilot

Lynch will play Bobbi Martin (originally Bobby Martin), a fast-living, Scotch-drinking, three-piece-suit–wearing, womanizing divorce attorney who is Henry’s (Jon Rudnitsky) boss, mentor and “father” figure. Said the creators, “The part was originally written as a man, until we realized the best PERSON for the job was Jane Lynch.” Such gender switch on roles conceived as male is rare.

Spaced Out - Donald Faison & Ken Kirby Join NBC Comedy Pilot

Faison will play Dicky Quinlan, the blue-collar manufacturing guy who builds what “the nerds think up.” The engineers find Dicky intimidating, as he takes the separation between manufacturing and engineering very seriously. He shares the engineers’ passion for the mission; he just doesn’t want to hang out with them in his spare time. Kirby will play Jet Fu. A rock star in electrical engineering, the supremely confident Jet Fu is a great addition to the team, until he makes the mistake of questioning the Space One dress code.

Robbie Jones & Vince Nappo Join FOX's Untitled Sheldon Turner Drama Pilot

Jones will play Will Meeks, Matt Kincaid’s (Stowell) former roommate, best friend, current assistant coach and offensive coordinator of the University’s football team. Nappo will portray Detective Dunn, who’s investigating the football players accused of assault.

Jim Caviezel to Star in CBS' Untitled Navy SEAL Drama Pilot

Caviezel will play Jason, the respected, committed leader of his assault team who’s been through over a dozen deployments.

Insatiable - Christopher Gorham Joins CW Pilot

Gorham will play Barnum, the pageant dad and D.A. courtroom nemesis to Bob (Roberts).

Jacob McCarthy Joins NBC's Untitled Seth Meyers Comedy Pilot

McCarthy will play Devin, an intense and angry kid who sits in the back of the class reading “Anarchy in Action”. He’s the only kid who is really on board with the chaos created by Jack because he never wanted to take biology in the first place.

Valor - Christina Ochoa to Star in CW Pilot

Ochoa’s Nora is an intense and driven junior Army pilot who is a member of the Night Raiders special ops unit. Partnered with the more experienced Gallo, together they fly choppers in and out of the hottest hot spots in the world.

The Gospel Of Kevin - J. August Richards Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Richards will play Deputy Nathan Purcell, a friend of the family and Deputy of the town.

Start Up (now untitled) - Hillary Anne Matthews Joins ABC Comedy Pilot

Matthews will play Deirdre, the woman who also quits her job to follow Braff’s character on his new endeavor.

S.W.A.T. - Jay Harrington to Star in CBS Drama Pilot

Harrington will play David “Deacon” Kay. Level-headed and competent, Deacon is an experienced SWAT officer who’s ready for a commanding role. What seems like an obvious promotion is taken away from him when Hondo is upped for seemingly political reasons. But when he’s offered his own squad, he’s torn between a potential upgrade and his loyalty to his team.

Instinct - Khandi Alexander Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Alexander will play Lizzi’s (Bojana Novakovic) police superior.

Amy's Brother - Sloane Morgan Siegel Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Siegel will play the role of Zach in the series, the entitled, popular son to Amy (Annie Mumulo) and brother to Abby (Ursula Parker).

The Good Doctor - Richard Schiff Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Schiff will play Dr. Ira Glassman, President of the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Glassman, a good man who wasn’t always a good man, is advocating for the hire of Murphy (Highmore. He has mentored the young doctor since he was 16 and admits that Shaun is like a son to him so Shaun’s appointment is very personal for him.

Doomsday - Rochelle Aytes Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Aytes will play Dr. Elle, a renowned physicist, MD, and author, also a member of the former Doomsday Project think tank. Notable for her ability to popularize science, “making complex ideas disgestible for the masses,” Elle starts out with the Laissez-faire opinion that any problems people create can be fixed at a later point.

Bothered Up - Glynn Turman Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Turman will play Frank, a retired cop, who’s landed at his son Calvin’s (Malco) house where he’s crashing until he meets a potential fourth wife.

Salamander - Elaine Tan Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Tan will play Meghan, the master thief and anarchist who works alongside the domestic terrorist Jack Wang (Sandilands).

Mission Control - David Giuntoli & Poppy Montgomery to Star in CBS Drama Pilot

Montgomery will play Julie, the flight director for the Durga Mission. Giuntoli plays Stevenson, an astronaut and the Durga Mission’s Commander.

Life Sentence - Carlos PenaVega Joins CW Pilot

PenaVega will play Darrius, Lucy’s brother-in-law. He’s the extremely positive, family loving, Pharma rep Stella’s sister, Elizabeth met during one of her hospital stays.

Insatiable - Kimmy Shields Joins CW Pilot

Shields will play Nonnie, Patty’s best friend.

Drama High - Marley Shelton & Casey Johnson Join NBC Drama Pilot

Shelton will play Gail, Lou’s (Radnor) wife, mother of three, a classically trained musician who is now giving piano lessons to neighborhood kids. She is supportive of Lou’s new career, but also worries about her family and the impact that this endeavor will have on it. Gail is trying to find the balance on what is best for her family’s life right now and is feeling the pressure to hold everyone together. Johnson will portray Gordy, Lou’s son.

The Crossing - Jay Karnes, Simone Kessell & Grant Harvey Join ABC Drama Pilot

Karnes will play Craig Lindauer, a sharp and aggressive DHS Under Secretary skeptical of the refugees’ claims. Kessell is Rebecca, one of the few survivors to wash up on shore amongst the hundreds of bodies that appear one morning. Harvey will portray Roy, a boyish, by-the-book agent charged with helping look after the refugees.

Black Lightning - Christine Adams to Co-Star in CW Pilot

Adams will play Lynn, Jefferson’s ex-wife who exudes confidence and intelligence. Although she’s got a mischievous side, she’s not one to be trifled with when it comes to family.

Searchers - Marc Blucas Joins CW Pilot

Blucas will play Raff, the uncle of Cooper and Fable.

What About Barb? - Eddie Shin Joins NBC Comedy Pilot

Shin will play Nick, Suzanne’s half-brother, who’s charming with an unwarranted sense of confidence that’s not backed up by much achievement. He’s educated, but lacks follow-through and motivation.

Brothered Up - Romany Malco to Star; Nishi Munshi Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Malco’s Calvin is described as a great African American cop who has always been a lone wolf, but now is newly partnered with the optimistic Farooq, who has a gung-ho attitude. Munshi will play Nosheen, supportive wife of Farooq (Kalyan).

The Get - Jeananne Goossen Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Goossen will play Isa, the senior producer at The Get and a tech-savvy researcher.

Toni Trucks Joins CBS' Untitled Navy SEAL Drama Pilot

Trucks will play Diaz, the logistics officer responsible for making the arrangements to get the team and their gear where they need to be.

What About Barb? - Ben Lawson Joins NBC Comedy Pilot

Lawson will play Ryan, Suzanne’s fiance, a former Ohio State linebacker who maintains manliness while basically doing the duties of a housewife. A super nice guy, Ryan is a bit of a mimbo — not the academic type Suzanne has dated in the past.

Raised by Wolves - Izabella Alvarez Joins ABC Comedy Pilot

Alvarez will play one of the children, Dolly Gabel.

Bernard Jones Joins ABC's Untitled Mayoral Comedy Pilot

Jones will play Jermaine, Courtney’s (Hall) high-energy, fast-talking best friend who occasionally raps and becomes City Hall’s lead aide.

Lombardo Boyar Joins ABC's Untitled Dannah Phirman & Danielle Schneider Comedy Pilot

Boyar will play Elias, a friendly yet macho tenant who also serves as the building’s handyman.

Unit Zero - Peter Cambor Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Cambor will play Gabe, a handsome, affable, struggling musician. Gabe is the father of Jackie’s newborn daughter conceived via one-night stand.

Saycon Sengbloh & Griffin Freeman Join FOX's Untitled Sheldon Turner Drama Pilot

Sengbloh will play Ava, a cop who worked her way up to being a detective who is investigating several football players accused of assault. Freeman is Tommy, the star quarterback of the university’s football team.

Amy’s Brother - Michael Urie to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot

Urie’s Matthew is a gay, controlled, super-organized and reasonably successful realtor who lives alone in an immaculate house and thinks several moves ahead at all times.

Drama High - Shirley Rumierk, Joe Tippett, Ted Sutherland, and Taylor Richardson Join NBC Drama Pilot

Rumierk is Vanessa Suarez, a hard working, no nonsense complex single mother and waitress who wants the best for her daughter Lilette (Cravalho) even though at times her own behavior doesn’t live up to the standards she wishes she had for herself. Tippett will play Coach Doug Strickland, the high school’s football coach and Gwen’s father. Sutherland is Simon Saunders, the theatre’s leading man. Richardson will portray Kaitlin Mazzuchelli, Lou and Gail’s eldest daughter and a huge fan of theater and musicals.

The Get - Alex Fitzalan Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Fitzalan will play Alex, a quiet and highly observant young intern at The Get.

Nick Peine Joins NBC's Untitled Seth Meyers Comedy Pilot

Peine will play Marcus, a smart kid but not as into college and careers as the others. He’s a bit of a salesman and just likes to be the one driving; he’s ultimately willing to abandon any stance he has in order to be liked and in control.

Amy’s Brother - Ursula Parker & Miguel Pinzon Join FOX Comedy Pilot

Parker will play Abby, Amy’s (Mumolo) daughter and Zach’s sister, a quiet pre-teen girl who has trouble connecting with people, except maybe her uncle. Pinzon will portray Josh, Amy’s brother Matthew’s extremely devoted assistant at the real estate office.

The Crossing - Steve Zahn to Star; Rob Campbell Joins ABC Drama Pilot

The local sheriff with a past, Jude (Zahn), a federal agent, Emma (Holt) and a mother in search of her missing refugee daughter drive this allegory with a surprising conspiracy at the center. Campbell will play Paul, a mysterious and cerebral member of a group of survivors who arrive on the shores of a sleepy New England beach town after an apparent catastrophe.

The Goldbergs Spinoff - Rachel Crow & Summer Parker to Co-Star in ABC Comedy Pilot

The comedy centers on Lucy Winston, a single mother of three who is given a job by her brother, Andre Glascott (Meadows) as an administrative secretary at the William Penn Academy, where her brother is the Head Of School. It’s the beginning of the school year, and her brother is in a power struggle with the infinitely energetic Coach Mellor (Callen), while Lucy is trying to deal with the ups and downs of her kids adjusting to their new school.

Crow plays Lucy’s older daughter Felicia Winston. A rebel in Doc Martens, and she’s forcibly moved from her old school (where she was on a drinks-and-drugs downward path) to her Uncle’s Academy. Parker will play Lucy’s younger daughter Gigi Winston, a quirky gung-ho girl. Dorky and clueless and unable to notice when the “mean girls” are making fun of her, Gigi looks forward to making friends at William Penn Academy.

Perfect Citizen - Kristin Chenoweth to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot

Chenoweth will play Jessica. She’s the heartbeat of the firm and got her name on the door by outworking and out thinking the Ivy Leaguers.

Drama High - Josh Radnor to Star; Damon Gillespie Joins NBC Drama Pilot

Radnor’s Lou is a left of center leading man who has to discover his own passion, drive and charisma, Lou is a father of three, a husband and an English teacher at a school in a rust belt town in Pennsylvania. Lou decides to take a leap on taking over the drama department and it ignites an excitement in him which surprises him. Gillespie plays Robbie, the town’s star football player, who balances his life on the football field and caring for his sick mother at the Nursing Care facility. Every day he is told what he must do, never breaking away until he surprisingly finds his true talent on the stage.

Salamander - Larenz Tate to Star; Neil Sandilands Joins ABC Drama Pilot

Ethan (Tate), a brilliant but misanthropic engineer. Sandilands will play Jack, a domestic terrorist of sorts, a cunning anarchist with a plan to Bring It All Down. John Leguizamo co-stars as one Ethan’s best friends.

Anthony Edwards to Co-Star in FOX's Untitled Sheldon Turner Drama Pilot

Edwards will play Darwin Conn, the fastidious President of the University who is Matt’s boss and mentor.

Ghosted - Adeel Akhtar Joins FOX Comedy Pilot

Akhtar will play Barry, a cocky, condescending, brilliant doctor who is the smartest, and in his mind, most handsome, dude in the room.

Mission Control - Levi Fiehler Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Fiehler will play Izzy, an intense “propeller head” who looks like he thinks in computer code (and does).

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