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The Mindy Project - "Dibs" - Review

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“The Mindy Project” generally receives flak for only focusing on the protagonist, Mindy Lahiri, and her love life. We've often wondered why Dr. L's friendships, especially female friendships, don't last long. Sure, she has Nurse Tamra and Colette and there's always Beverly, but would you call them Mindy's pals? Nah.

However, for those viewers, your prayers were answered in this week's episode, “Dibs”. It swayed from the usual Dr. L drama and give us a break from her love triangles (ya know, Danny-Mindy-Jody, Jody-Mindy-Ben, Mindy-Ben-Patricia, whew). This doesn’t mean we got a break from love triangles. Say hello to Jeremy-Anna-Jody! And weirdly, Morgan-Colette-Karen. More on that later!

Let's hop on to reviewing what went on with the formerly mentioned duos.

Ever since Anna (Rebecca Rittenhouse) discovered her husband's treacherous, cheating methods, she's been living with Mindy. In her own way, Mindy's trying to help her move on by showing her wacky websites for her fantasies. For Min, it's biracial job interviews and for Anna, it's hairy backs. Huh.

These two are surprisingly subtle and hilarious at the same time. With their now matching haircuts and everything, I'm rooting for this friendship.

At work, when Anna brings Jeremy a scone, Mindy informs him that coming from Anna, this can only mean one thing: she's got a crush on him!

The timing couldn't be worse because Jody announces his decision to ask Anna out. Dr. L quickly advises Jeremy to ask out Anna first. When he talks to Jody about it, his friend reminds him he already called 'dibs' on Anna. Yes, let's treat her like a mission or a challenge. That's going to end well!

Jeremy asks Tamra for help regarding his imaginary first date, even though he hasn't asked Anna out yet. He finds out from her that Jody has beaten him to the punch because he's taking Anna for the same exact date tomorrow.

To beat him at his own game, Jeremy surprises Mindy at her home and signals to her he wants to spend time with Anna, so she leaves them alone. Anna is colder than usual [if that's even possible] and doesn't respond to Jeremy's sullen jokes or the jigsaw puzzle he brought with him. Can't really blame her, I guess?

He ends up spilling their Prosecco on some papers Anna's been working on only to find out they're her divorce papers. She has to list all of Tim's infidelities and its tougher than she imagined. He offers to help her out by writing them down as she narrates them. It may be a weird as hell first date, but hey, it worked! Or so Jeremy thought.

Anna gets an urgent call from work and has to leave, thinking its an emergency, when in fact, Jody tricked her into leaving Jeremy. Our cocky Brit texted Jody to gloat over this unplanned date! Oh Jeremy. Luckily for him, Dr. Z isn't impressed with Jody's antics and him laying out a kinda, sorta romantic picnic in the room where they scrub before an operation. Way to kill the mood, Jody Kimball-Kinney.

When Jeremy learns about how bad it went, he realizes Anna rejected Jody. However, Jody's man ego can't accept that and he tells Jeremy all of this was a big ruse to get him to man up. No one's going to really buy that buddy, not even Jer. In a haste, he later kisses Anna, who outright rejects him, too. She announces to the office as a whole that just because she's single, doesn't mean she has to date anyone. Especially not at work! Not everyone at the workplace has to date each other. Really? Because I don't think anyone at this office got the memo.

Maybe, neither did Anna, because she gets back to her office and is actually solving the jigsaw puzzle with a sly smile. Hmm, do we have two puzzle lovers waiting to put the pieces together?

I quite enjoy Anna and Jeremy together. They're so different and that's why they'll work well. Who knows how long Rittenhouse will be on the show, so I'm not getting my hopes up. But if anyone needs a girlfriend on any TV show I've ever seen, it's Jeremy!

As for the other love story, Morgan is not happy with Colette's new girlfriend, Karen. She's always at their place, invading his privacy and showing up unannounced wherever he is. He's trying to get busy with the cafeteria lady when his plans are interuppted by Karen, so he yells at her and tells her to never come to their apartment. Colette is obviously not amused because she's developing real feelings for Karen. Morgan apologizes to her and they find out they're actually quite alike: everyone else finds them quirky and superiorly annoying.

I liked the parallels they did with Morgan's story. For once, he got to experience a version of himself that Mindy, Danny, Jody et all experience. It was interesting because Ike Barinholts was really funny but not enough to captivate me fully.

Mindy Lahiri is really the heart of the show, so I don't mind when most episodes only focus on her life. This episode wasn't bad but by no means was it extremely enjoyable either. I have to admit, I missed Dr. L's personality and her jokes. So, sorry Jeremy, but this episode just didn't do the trick.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are you wondering why Beverly wasn't around more? Did you also surprisingly miss Mindy more than you thought you would? Let us know in the comments!

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