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The Flash - Season 4 - Big Bad Won't Be a Speedster Villain + More PaleyFest Details *Updated*

Update: 'Arrowverse' Cast and Producers Tease What's to Come
Thanks to Iamgreenarrow for the heads up. Please click the source, TVInsider, to view the entire article with more information on all the shows.

The Lance sisters will reunite on Legends of Tomorrow.

Guggenheim shared on social media that Katie Cassidy would be reprising her role of Laurel Lance in the Legends finale, and he says the scene was a long time coming. "I have to give a shout-out to Katie Cassidy," Guggenheim says. "It's only one scene, but man, she's spectacular in it. It's a scene we've wanted to do since the beginning of the season. We really wanted to get Sara and Laurel back together."

"It was wonderful," adds Lotz. "Katie and I hadn't been able to do a scene together in years. She feels like my sister now, so it was very emotional, nostalgic, and I think people will really like it."

Will there be trouble in paradise for Arrow's Diggle and Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson)?

Much of Diggle's home life has been off-screen recently, but there could be rough seas ahead. "You're going to see some conflict between Diggle and Lyla," Ramsey previews. "Lyla is the leader of ARGUS. She has her finger on the Suicide Squad. How does that impact a man like John Diggle, when they cohabitate? I'm looking forward to them exploring that; what Flashpoint did to the couple. We're talking about that at the end of the season and more next season."

EP Marc Guggenheim teased a surprise crossover in the penultimate episode of Legends’ fifth season. While not able to name upcoming episodes based on particular comics, Guggenheim nonetheless hinted at a sizable cameo to come. “I will call it a surprise crossover. No one knows this because we’ve kept it under wraps, but there’s a surprise cameo, surprise crossover moment in the penultimate episode of Legends,” he told Deadline.

Please click the link to go to EW for more informormation, only a portion is show here.

“Next season we’re not going to have a speedster [as the villain],” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said at PaleyFest on Saturday, where the casts of Arrow, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash gathered to spill scoop on their respective series.

In order to gain more information on Savitar, Barry will subsequently go to the future during episode 19, which is called “The Once and Future Flash,” which is the title of a 1993 issue of the comics. “Barry decides that the only way he can find out what he needs to know is in the future,” Kreisberg says.

Speaking of crossovers, Kreisberg reiterated what he recently told press: “We’re going to try to do a real, true four-way crossover with all four shows,” therefore including Supergirl as well, rather than just being on The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.