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The Catch - The Dining Hall - Advance Preview

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We are three episodes into the second season and it’s turning out to be quite an entertaining one. The Catch turns up its ridiculousness and goes completely overboard with the developments in this episode. I actually laughed out loud at how absurd some of the things were. Here’s what to expect:

— The 3 million dollar play a big part in this episode and even though Tommy turns out to be more than just the clueless and innocent sheep he makes himself out to be, his plan to make a quick getaway with the money doesn’t exactly work out since well.. Rhys wasn’t really the best choice for a partner-in-crime and it doesn’t take long for Alice to figure out what Tommy is up to. That being said, this may or may not be the last we see of Tommy.

— With Alice and Val occupied with tracking down Tommy, Sophie and Danny are tasked with aiding Margot and The Hammer with finding out who wants her dead. The chemistry between them is surprisingly great and highly entertaining and between the four of them, there’s gonna be two awkward gift exchanges and an even more awkward hook up. Like, you’re not gonna believe they actually went there. It's completely and utterly beyond ridiculous but also makes total sense if we consider what has already happened so far.

— Elsewhere, Ben, Rhys, and Justine are still working on their latest case. With Kenji gone, their focus shifts to a new mark but finishing this job will turn out to be harder than they initially think when they come face to face with Kenji's handler.

Got more questions about the episode? Ask away in the comments and I might give a non-spoilery answer.

The newest episode of The Catch premieres tonight on ABC at 10/9c.

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