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Shades of Blue - Ghost Hunt - Review: Mutually Assured Destruction

Ghost Hunt

The episode starts with "Listen" by Clare Guerreso in the background, I have to say this season is killing it with the music selection. We see Woz reeling from Linda leaving him and Harlee finding out Cristina has been texting Miguel going from rage to pleading for him to return. It's heartbreaking, if only she knew what a piece of garbage he truly was in his last moments...

As Harlee walks out from her apartment she's met with a full FBI tactical unit that intends to arrest her and then every single person on her team, but she convinces Stahl to let her get back on track with Wozniak and convince him Julia is not worth saving.

Stahl: Exploring a man's attachment to you does seem to be your specialty.

Ouch. He says he's been looking for Miguel but he seems to be off the grid, but he does seem to suspect Harlee had something to do with his disappearance, it might be dangerous that he's looking into it but I think his feelings for Harlee wouldn't let him turn her in, especially if he knew how the situation went.

Nate, Wozniak's son (did we know he had one?), shows up at the house to get Linda's stuff. He's played by Nashville's Cameron Scoggins and he seems like an interesting character, I hope we get to see more of him, he has a boyfriend, Jay, and I think it would be interesting to see how he'd deal with his father's situation, but he doesn't seem to know what happened.

Nate: Whiskey breakfast, huh? Find any answers at the bottom of the bottle?
Wozniak: No, but I have two more.

Nate talks about his memories of him as a kid, how he remembers what it was like to have Woz in his corner, even if he was a bit of an ass in general, he says the one thing he likes about him is that he always finds a way, he's talking about getting back together with his mother but this gives Woz and idea about how to change his current situation. On his way out Harlee finds him and wants to help, but he tells her what happened with Linda and what the "spineless albino" did and he says he'll work with someone who hasn't stabbed him in the back.

Wozniak: Next time you put a gun to my head make sure you pull the trigger.

The Internal affair guy, Tom Verco, is sniffing around and officially opening a file on Donnie pump's disappearance, he's creating a problem for the whole team. He talks to Loman and tells him he has no place on the team, Harlee is the surrogate daughter, Tess the perp whisperer, Espada the heavy lifter, Tufo the soldier, but Loman has nothing, he says he does is paperwork, but Verco says he's the fall guy. I think he could be the moral compass, though he doesn't know enough to execute his role yet.

Tess is worried about her shooting test Verco moved up because her shoulder is not recovered yet and she's popping pain pills like breath mints. Harlee shows up and when she finds out about Verco goes in to Loman's rescue with a fake case emergency. Tess passes the shooting test but Verco wants her to take a urine test for drugs.

Woz gets Tufo up to date with some of the events that transpired last season, essentially Linklater, he says he's a ghost but it looks like he's trying to offer him in Julia's place. He finds the errand guy and breaks his hand, even after he gave then the number he used to contact Linklatter (which is not his name of course). Harlee finds Tufo and tells him to go to the precinct and she takes his place, Wozniak is not happy about it but Harlee says she's the one who need to make things right.

Lorena Zepeda: I'm not buying anything, and I already know my savior.

Stahl goes to talk to Miguel's mother, he gets on her good side by saying he's helping Miguel fight for custody of Cristina. Lorena says he left for a job opportunity but Stahl sees Cristina there doing homework, she doesn't seem sold on the idea of Miguel trying to get custody and then leaving town, but she gives Stahl her number just in case he finds him. Then she hangs out with her cousin Monica, but she tries to steal a few beers with Cristina's bag and when she gets caught Monica bails.

They keep the guy on the fridge until he gets a call, they set up a meet but he describes Tufo as the one who will meet him.
At the precinct Tufo gets his own meeting with Verco who tells him if he rolls he can help his brother, Wallace, make bail. Harlee interrupts this meeting too and they go to the park to meet "Linklatter" Tufo seems to be worried about them being the good guys or just bullies. It looks like Linklatter is about to shoot Tufo but Woz sees him and gets him first, but he keeps that from Harlee.

Harlee gets a call from a cop about Cristina's shoplifting, she stops to let Linklatter's messenger out from the fridge and finds Verco, apparently the bar owner, Tommy, let the guy go, but Verco saw the whole thing, he just can't prove they were holding him. Later she gets a house visit from Stahl, Woz called him with Linklatter in a warehouse and he wants Harlee there just in case he tries to kill him again. Harlee calls Woz and says she has his back.

Stahl: There was a moment, when Wozniak was choking me to death... everything went dark, there's no white light there's no tunnel, there's nothing. I don't think there's anything more after this.
Harlee: Maybe there is and you're just not going there, maybe none of us are.

Stahl admits that after months of watching her fight to keep her life together he admires her and he's sorry things got out of hand, he says he hopes they can be civil in the future. They get to the warehouse and see Linklatter, but Stahl says the only reason he'd asked for Linklatter was because he thought it was impossible.

Harlee: Well, be careful when you ask for the moon, some maniac might just bring it to you.

They say an enemy of the state is more important to the FBI, Stahl doesn't wanna give in but Woz says he doesn't want to play the mutually assured destruction game. Harlee urges him to take the bust and the corner office that comes with it and leave them all alone. But he straight out shoots Linklatter in in the head and tells them to get rid of the body and stay on Julia, since she got his partner killed. Now, that's something none of them knew, if they had maybe they'd made the deal with someone else. I really did not see that coming, but it looks like this show is not slowing down one bit. Now, I'm sure Stahl's weapon can be identified with the bullet, so they should use that to their advantage, because he might be a lot worse than they thought.

I mean wow, this show is just not letting on, each episode is more intense than the last, I feel like binge watching it all together so I know where it's all going, and that is a great thing to say. This has nothing to do with anything but I remembered Molly Chen for some reason and I have to say I'm so glad she's gone!

What did you guys think of this episode? Do you like Nate? How far do you think Stahl will go in his madness? Do you think Julia is worth the trouble? I'd love to read your thoughts.

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