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Scene Of The Week - March 26, 2017 + POLL

26 Mar 2017

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

AMERICAN CRIME, "Season Three: Episode Two", March 19, 2017, Actors: Regina King, Sean Blakemore, The Scene: Kimara asks Reggie for his sperm
It sounds weird but it was such a strong scene. Kimara is such a strong woman but her going to her ex had to be so tough and you could feel the turmoil Kimara was going through. The whole set up had such an intimate vibe and while Kimara was at her lowest Reggie was the perfect gentleman and gave her as much support as he could provide in this awkward situation.

BATES MOTEL, "Dreams Die First", March 20, 2017, Actors: Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot and more, The Scenes: Norman realizes what he's been doing & Dylan shares his theory with Emma
Darth Locke:
Norman discovers what he has been doing over the past couple of years, when he goes to a bar to pick-up his car. I imagine that when Psycho came out, one of the film's greater shocks was Norman's physical transformation into Norma and that they ultimately portrayed Norman as a transvestite. Bates Motel has served more as a way to see the tragic humanity in Norman's disposition, rather than reduce his proclivities to pure shock value. But that's not to say that the shock of that revelation in the film is still not shocking here, especially in this scene, but rather it's more of a shock to Norman, than it is the audience--again making Norman such tragically human character by not always really knowing what he's doing or what's real. To discover you're having sexual and/or intimate relationships with a lot of other people and with a sexual orientation you never thought you identified with, not only adds a layer onto Norman's complexity in his character and in his current circumstance, but because he happened to find a place where he was accepted, makes for an interesting juxtaposition and speaks more directly to a modern audience. It was a fantastic way to remind viewers that 2017 isn't 1961, at least in terms of what subject matter can be used on film. Outside of Norman's serial killing problems, it was Bates way of supporting transgender rights and was a bold thing to include in its subtext.
DarkUFO: Dylan tells Emma about how he thinks Norman might have killed her mother.

BLACK SAILS, "XXXVI.", March 19, 2017, Actors: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Clara Paget
The Scene: Max and Anne talk about the offer Max rejected
Max and Anne talk about Max rejecting the offer from Eleanor's grandmother.

BONES, "The Day in the Life", March 21, 2017, Actors: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and more, The Scene: The explosion at the Jeffersonian lab
Justyna K:
It's almost the end of the show and the stakes have never been higher. It was a great hour with a beautiful wedding, a compelling mystery, a long-awaited hopeful news and an intense ending. The moment Booth realizes there's a bomb in the lab everyone is evacuated, almost everyone, I should say. Booth, Bones, Angela and Hodgins are trapped when the door closes and neither Cam or Arastoo are able to get them out. When Booth locates the bomb and works to disarm it the viewers would normally expect him to succeed but not in this case. As it turns out, there are many explosives located in several places around the lab and it's impossible to get to them all at this time. So despite Booth's work and Hodgins' support the bombs go off, shortly after the group is separated with Brennan who goes back for some evidence. It's clear that we're very close to the show's end and that final explosion makes for one powerful cliffhanger before Bones last hour. Kudos to the cast & crew for their great work on this one!

FEUD, "Mommie Dearest", March 19, 2017, Actors: Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, The Scene: Bette and Joan stop fighting to have drinks
Bette and Joan stop fighting during the filming to have drinks. While discussing the difficulties of raising children as a single mom, the two bickering stars find common ground and talk openly about their childhoods and sexual pasts. The scene surprisingly reveals that the more liberated Bette Davis waited until her wedding night in her late 20's to lose her virginity, while the more repressed Joan Crawford reveals she lost her virginity at age 11 to her stepfather. This scene is indicative of so many in this wonderful limited series, it's at its best when the scenes about two of Hollywood's finest Golden Age stars, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, are just two of today's finest, Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis at the top of their games. Sarandon has been especially impressive as Davis so far.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "'Til I Hear It From You", March 23, 2017, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, Martin Henderson, The Scene: Riggs asks Mer out for dinner
Riggs and Mer's talk ending in him asking her out for dinner & her saying yes. Nathan gave a very good speech about why he likes Meredith but can't think of a single reason why she should like him. I really like them together. This scene was bittersweet for me because I do think Mer should move on but come on, I obviously missed McDreamy here. Long, romantic speeches is a Derek thing. Nevertheless, I hope the two really have something.

GRIMM, "Zerstörer Shrugged", March 24, 2017, Actors: David Giuntoli, Claire Coffee
The Scene: Nick tells Adalind he loves her
Nick and Adalind share one of the best moments so far. Nick finally tells Adalind he loves her and they share a kiss. It was an intense, touching and romantic moment every Nadalind fan has been waiting for.

INTO THE BADLANDS, "Tiger Pushes Mountain", March 19, 2017, Actors: Daniel Wu, Aramis Knight and more, The Scenes: The opening fight scene & MK Fights The Master
Sunny fights his Captors. Following the events of last season's finale, Sunny finds himself arriving at the prison encampment and he immediately puts up a fight. This scene, as we've come to expect from Into The Badlands, featured some brilliantly creative choreography, with Sunny making good use of his environment ala Jackie Chan to fend off his foes. Also picked by Milo
Darth Locke: MK Fights The Master.

LEGION, "Chapter 7", March 22, 2017, Actors: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, The Scenes: The silent film scene & David talks with David in Classroom
This is creativity at its finest, a stunningly shot scene devoid of any dialogue and coupled with the perfect musical score. The dialogue boxes, a call back to the silent film era of yore, was brilliantly put to use in what turned out to be a very tense scene in all its audio and visual goodness. Legion has been hit or miss, sometimes it tries too hard to be creative and profound, this is an example of one of the scenes that they got right from beginning to end. Also picked by DarkUFO
Darth Locke: David talks with David in Classroom. This episode really used its visualization techniques to the max, which went nicely with how the episode also laid down information to those viewers who may have a hard time following the cerebral and artsy nature of the series. This is one of those scenes that spelled things out about David, The Shadow King, and David's father that also sets the stage for the second season, including really hinting at the appearance of an alternate Charles Xavier with David's "inner" British rational counterpart! I just loved how Dan Stevens played off of himself and the fun and creative way the scene used chalkboard drawings to let David and the audience figure some things out!

REIGN, "Love & Death", March 24, 2017, Actors: Adelaide Kane, Will Kemp
The Scene: Mary tells Darnley she can't fall for someone again
I personally think that Darnley is a bit too over the top and him comparing his previous love, with her and Francis', didn't make a whole lot of sense, but Mary's pain was so visible, Adelaide Kane has been getting better every single season and I'm dreading to see Mary's end.

SHADES OF BLUE, "Ghost Hunt", March 19, 2017, Actors: Warren Kole and more, The Scene: Stahl shoots what's-his-name
Right when I thought the show might take a step back and go back to what normal was last season, they decide to say "screw it" and shoot normal in the face. It turns out there were other reasons behind Stahl's obsesion, and it's a game-changer. I don't know how they do it, but every episode seems to be building up to a huge finale, and the season has just started! It looks like they're not letting the tension go anywhere anytime soon.

SLEEPY HOLLOW, "Tomorrow", March 24, 2017, Actors: Tom Mison, Janina Gavankar, Seychelle Gabriel, The Scene: Lara is cradled in Crane’s arms then transferred back to her mom’s
Lara and Crane shared a beautiful moment in Crane’s mind. The moment he was free he ran to her and tried to tend to her. She was hurt trying to save him and was in rough shape when he wrapped her up in his arms. For someone who had been alone for most of her life, she was suddenly enveloped by so much love. Crane protectively had his arms around her in his mind and in the real world Diana had her daughter cradled in her arms. No matter the fact that Lara isn’t the young Molly they know because to them all that matters is that she is indeed Molly regardless of her age or name. Crane made sure to reiterate to her that as his fellow witness they will never allow her to be alone again. Just as she accepted that the Lara in Crane’s mind seemed to succumb to her wound and was effectively reborn back into her mom’s arms in the flash of a brilliant metaphorical warm white light. The imagery in the scene was spectacular and so poignant. As Lara recovered from the ordeal she seemed so much more at ease with her mom even going so far as to have a little fun with her. The whole scene was incredibly well done and the acting was spot on. It was a very important scene to reintegrate Lara with the team and effectively allow her to be reborn as the witness she is. Seychelle Gabriel has great chemistry with both Janina Gavankar and Tom Mison. This entire episode was spot on and exceptional, but this scene was definitely a standout.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH, "Memory (The Heart)", March 21, 2017, Actors: Constance Marie, Tristin Mays, Gilles Marini and more, The Scene: Ally and Regina embrace when Angelo appears in Ally’s place
This was the hundredth episode of the series and they paid great homage to all they’ve been through. It was a very emotional turn in the story when they introduced Ally in the prior episode and revealed that she has Angelo’s heart. It was only a matter of time before she formally got to meet Regina, but it was a tumultuous episode as Ally had to figure out how to own up to her troubled past while trying to make peace with Angelo’s family. When Daphne and Bay finally felt it was time to introduce Ally and Regina the stage was set for an emotional scene. Though no one could have guessed the beautiful scene the show would deliver. As Regina and Ally embraced the young woman temporarily disappeared and was replaced by Angelo. This was already a special episode and the way they were able to integrate Angelo, who was such a huge part of the series, back into it was beautifully done. The embrace was healing for both Regina who still struggles with Angelo’s passing and Ally who is struggling with believing she is worthy of Angelo’s heart. I also loved that they made it appear that Daphne and Bay were able to see their father. This scene allowed Angelo’s heart to return home and to give Ally the peace she has been seeking. The prism, which effectively connected Ally, Angelo and Regina was also a nice little touch. This was an absolutely perfect way to bring Gilles Marini back for this episode and do it in a really heartfelt and meaningful way.

THE 100, "Gimme Shelter", March 22, 2017, Actors: Henry Ian Cusick, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos and more, The Scenes: Kane comforts Bellamy after he's unable to save Mark and Peter & Bellamy gets stuck in his truck & The radio conversation between Kane and Abby & Ilian saves Octavia
Justyna K:
It was especially dark and memorable episode for me. And knowing this show, that says a lot. There were a few powerful plots happening during the hour as most of the characters fought against the deadly black rain. The plot that hit me the most was the one taking place in Arkadia, with the focus on two characters with especially troubled history of many mistakes and losses - Kane and Bellamy. I continue to love all the interactions between these two, their relationship is certainly one of my favorites on the show lately. And what a powerful episode it was for these guys! Kane has sort of become a father figure of the group, as can be witnessed in his scenes with Clarke, Octavia and in this hour - Bellamy and Harper. I still remember the character we were introduced to when the show started years ago. He's come such a long way and has become one of the best developed and liked characters on the series, thanks to the great writing and the wonderful performance by the incredible Henry Ian Cusick. Kane had a difficult task of being a rock and support of everyone this week, whether it was Harper's guilt, Abby's choice or Bellamy's mission, he was there when they needed him the most. And Bellamy's mission proved to be one of the darkest and most heartbreaking one yet. During the black rain a father and son, two of the Arkadia residents, were trapped away from the camp and Bellamy didn't hesitate to go after them, especially knowing that the son, Peter, is one of the 100. That alone had such a great meaning to the character, with all the history behind them. The scene when Kane makes Bellamy realize that he's out of options and he has to wait for the rain to pass before he gets to Mark and Peter was incredibly hard to watch. Bellamy telling the father and son that he's stuck a couple of minutes away from them was heartbreaking view. But it's the scene closer to the end of the episode, when he gets a confirmation that they're gone and breaks down over all his failures and Octavia, that's the one I had to highlight in the article. Bob Morley does an incredible work during the hour and this moment especially. Going from the pain and heartbreak all over his face to a blank expression as he tells Kane he's to blame for his mother's death. Such a powerful and dark moment. And it gives us a great insight into both Bellamy and Kane as they struggle with their past choices and look for a better way to live. Kudos to both actors & the crew for their wonderful work during the episode!
Diana: Bellamy gets stuck in his truck as he realizes he can't move on and go to save Peter's life - one of the 100. He needs to do something and his frustration, when he understands he can't do anything to save his life, it's real and it breaks my heart. Bellamy deserves more, seriously. I can't stand watching him suffer. Give him some happiness!
Marko: The Radio Conversation between Abby and Kane. Two amazing actors generating so much emotion with one simple scene. Just tremendous, convincing work by both actors.
Aimee: Ilian stops Octavia from running back into the black rain. Ever since Lincoln was killed Octavia has been walking around numb to the world around her. She’s been on soldier auto pilot just trying to get through everything happening around her. As she held that gun to Ilian’s head in the last episode something snapped in her. Still, as Ilian pointed out, under all of her pain she is still the same Octavia who she was when Lincoln was alive. The problem is that Octavia has tried so hard to numb her pain that she can’t even process just how much she is hurting both physically and mentally. She has become so numb to pain that she just wanted to feel something. Which is all quite ironic because just days earlier she was impaled on a sword and fell into a raging river just before dragging her broken body up onto her horse. That should have been enough pain for anyone for a lifetime, but it wasn’t for Octavia. Then Kane triggered some primal emotions in her when he talked her down from killing Ilian, but it still wasn’t enough, though, it did start the ball rolling for Octavia to experience a rapid downward emotional spiral. When Octavia headed towards the toxic rain she was desperate to connect with something that would force her to feel even if it killed her. Thankfully Ilian still felt a sense of responsibility for her safety given that she did ultimately spare him, so he valiantly fought her to keep her in the cave. If Octavia had been fully healed it’s likely she’d have easily overpowered him, but her still mending injuries did give Ilian a bit of an advantage. Realizing that he was just going to keep forcing her back in the cave it became evident to her that she was going to have to compromise so she instead decided to use him as her way to feel something. She basically forced herself on him, though, to Ilian’s credit he did try to push her away, but ultimately he did stop fighting her. I guess he figured this was a better option than explaining why he let Octavia commit suicide by toxic radioactive rain. It was an intense scene that really showed off an unhinged Octavia in a way that they’ve not shown in a very long time, if ever. Marie Avgeropolous definitely didn’t make things easy on Chai Romruen who was visibly struggling to hold onto her as Ilian pulled Octavia back. The scene was intense and the tough subject matter was respectfully handled and the acting was standout by both performers. It was a very poignant scene that tackled some very dark subject matter.

THE AMERICANS, "The Midges", March 21, 2017, Actors: Alison Wright and more
The Scene: The ending
The episode's ending set to Roxy Music's "More Than This". Also picked by DarkUFO

THE EXPANSE, "The Weeping Somnambulist", March 22, 2017, Actors: Shohreh Aghdashloo, Frankie Adams, The Scene: Avasarala questions Bobbie
This is one of those 'oooh, snap!' moments as we see Avasarala putting the representatives from Mars in their place as she takes the conversation, "wherever I goddamn like," in her questioning of Bobbie. She even nearly, just nearly, squeezes the truth out of the Martian in a scene that puts Avasarala's power, strength, and cunningness on full display.

THE FLASH, "Duet", March 21, 2017, Actors: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Melissa Benoist and more, The Scenes: The Proposal & 'Superfriends' duet
Justyna K:
It was a lovely, charming and simple episode. It played around with a few well known concepts, showcased the wonderful voices of the cast and provided a lighter tone after the last few darker episodes of The Flash. It may not have been especially clever or original but it was just perfect for a musical crossover it set out to be. I very much enjoyed it and thought all the songs were well done and memorable ('Superfriends' duet!). But nothing quite as special as the final scene of the hour. I should point out that I've never really been too focused on any romantic relationship on the show, but still, I found the scene to be exceptionally beautiful and moving. Not only were the lyrics and music perfectly suited and Grant Gustin's performance exactly right but I loved the genuine reaction from Iris and her talented portrayal Candice Patton. The scene was absolutely heartwarming. And after everything this couple has been through lately, this was the perfect proposal they both deserved. I'd say it's easily one of my favorite moments with these two. Kudos to cast & crew for the wonderful episode and this special scene!
Samantha: Barry proposes to Iris again. The musical episode on a whole was a bit of a letdown & I'm not exactly a regular viewer, but that end scene with Barry singing as he proposed again was adorable.
Diana: This musical episode really got me dancing! I liked Melissa and Grant dancing and singing, it feels like Glee all over again! I loved the scene in which Barry and Kara realize they have to sing in order to get out of the spell. Their duet really impressed me. Bravo!
Saloni: Barry and Kara singing 'Superfriends'. For me, it was the best song from the musical episode and Grant and Melissa brought the right amount of goofiness + cuteness to the whole video. Kudos to Rachel Bloom for writing such a fun song, she never disappoints.
Donna: Barry proposing to Iris via song was beautiful.

THE WALKING DEAD, "The Other Side", March 19, 2017, Actors: Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan
The Scene: Daryl and Maggie's talk as they hide
Daryl and Maggie's conversation as they hide from the Saviors. I'm glad they showed this. Daryl needed to hear from Maggie that he's not to be blamed for Glenn's death. Both of them were really good in the scene. It was short but perfect.