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2 Broke Girls - Review - And the Alley-Oops: “You Could Be My Bowling Wife!”

27 Mar 2017

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In the most recent episode of 2 Broke Girls, Caroline finds out that Bobby is on a bowling team and although she is skeptical, the gang goes to watch his team practice. Afterwards, she accidentally injures their star bowler so Max steps in to play in the championships. When Caroline then injures Max, Caroline steps in to bowl and celebrates when she gets a game winning spare. The celebration is cut short, however, when it is revealed Max had crawled back to the space behind the pins and knocked them over, disqualifying Bobby’s team. Meanwhile, Sophie fears Barbara is unintelligent, so she brings her along to the bowling alley to give her a little culture. While there, Barbara gets trapped in the claw machine and Sophie has to crawl in to get her out.
Let’s start with the bowling storyline, which I definitely enjoyed a lot. It was awesome to get more insight into Bobby’s character and see the types of things he is interested in. His relationship with Caroline has been such a highlight for me this season so any scenes that show their relationship growing is a welcomed addition. That being said, Caroline was being a little unreasonable with how much she was hating on bowling, but at the end of the day I was glad to see her give it a chance and even step in and try to help Bobby’s team win. Plus, this storyline gave us some pretty funny side characters like not-so-smart Frank and the hilarious bowling wives. Although I always prefer episodes that give us really deep character development or focus on the girls’ business, this was still a pretty solid and funny stand alone storyline.

Now moving on to Sophie and Oleg! I was so glad to see the return of their parenting struggles. Although Bobby has been a wonderful addition to the show, I do feel as though his introduction has meant there is less time to focus on Barbara, so I loved seeing Sophie and Oleg grappling with their theory that Barbara is not smart and then losing her in the claw machine. It was classic Sophie and Oleg blowing something out of proportion with pretty funny results and Barbara sitting there obliviously, although I wish we had seen Sophie crawl into the machine because that would’ve been outrageous! As I reflect on Oleg and Sophie’s first year of parenting, there really has been some great comedic moments that have come out of it and I’m glad the writers didn’t shy away from the classic sitcom trap of a show going downhill once a baby is introduced. If anything, I feel like it has given Sophie and Oleg something new to be crazy and hilarious about.

Finally, I would love to talk about the final two episodes of the season. For the first time, 2 Broke Girls was left off of CBS’ mass renewal list and it is entirely possible it will not be returning next year. Although that is a difficult sentence to type, if this is the last season, I really hope the last two episodes have a lot about the dessert bar in them. It seems as though they are focused on (SPOILER ALERT) the movie about Caroline’s life and although I’m SO excited to see that, I still hope that we get to see the dessert bar thriving. The show started with Max and Caroline forming a new friendship and business dream together, so I want to see it end with them finding success in that department. To be fair, the M&C Dessert Bar has done well this season and consistently has customers in addition to the girls’ savings account rising each week, but I hope this season ends with the business in a solid place in case the show is cancelled. Regardless of what happens, this has been an incredible sixth season and I’m excited to see how it wraps up!

Overall Grade:
A-. A solid stand alone episode where we got to learn more about Bobby and see more Sophie/Oleg parenting antics.

Favorite Quotes:
Earl: So she can bring that dog in here, but I can’t bring my emotional support hooker?

Caroline: Why didn’t you tell me?
Bobby: We don’t talk about me a lot. I thought it would be more important to tell you about my nut allergy when I had the floor.
Caroline: … You have a nut allergy?!

Bobby: This is Frank, he’s the star of our team. Tell them about yourself, Frank.
Frank: Well, I’m the star of our team. I also enjoy dinner.
Max: Yes. Cute and dumb. Where have you been all my life?
Frank: Well, I was in high school for 10 years.

Roz: Hey, you want to cut that out? We want them to lose. If they win tomorrow the season goes on for two more months.
Caroline: Haven’t we already been here two months?

Did this episode bowl a perfect game for you? Let me know in the comments!