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Major Crimes - Bad Blood - Review

This week we got another victim that was pretty universally disliked. Mary Conrad, the victim, retired from the LAPD early rather than take a demotion when she was caught taking kickbacks for doing her job as a fraud detective.

She was stealing packages and mail from her neighbors in the apartment complex (making me feel better for getting a P.O. Box for my package deliveries), shoplifting, punching anyone, not in a uniform, who complained and killing a neighbor’s dog.

They finally found the motive for the murder in her finances. Her niece, Tori Duncan, paid her rent and bills for fifteen years because she told them she’d lost her pension.

In reality, Mary had been banking her 50K a year pension for the last 15 years. When Tori’s husband Al finds out that Mary was happy to destroy his son’s college dreams, he lost it and bashed her head in with the heavy glass trophy that encased her badge. When DDA Hobbs hears Al’s confession she’s certain it’s a case she can’t win.

We did finally get a little snippet about Nolan. Most of what we’ve seen regarding Nolan’s return from a long term undercover assignment has been snippy comments from Provenza or gags like the comments about his marijuana knowledge in ‘Dead Drop’.

When Tao, Sykes, and Nolan were chasing the ex-con that had been stalking Mary, Tao had to yank Nolan back from the edge, so to speak. Nolan looked a little shaken as he realized how close he was to shooting an unarmed suspect who was hobbling away from him.

Ricky came back to town. I have problems with Ricky. He’s just…He talked to his father about getting an annulment before discussing it with his mother. I find that more than mildly annoying.

When I thought about it I wondered if it could be because he’s like his father, personality wise. I’m not sure. For all of the insanity, it is nice to see that Ricky has accepted Rusty as his brother.

It didn’t help my consternation with Ricky that his manipulations seemed to put Rusty into damage control mode. But Rusty was the one who came up with a solution that made everyone happy and stayed within the rules Sharon laid down.

It was Rusty who got Andy to admit he wasn’t emotionally prepared for his first marriage, and it was Rusty’s idea to get Andy’s ex-wife to start the proceedings. Andy may have missed the clues about what the boys were up to, but Sharon was completely aware.

Highlights of the episode:

• Provenza having to admit Buzz was right that the murder wasn’t a follow home killing.
• That sweet adorable expression on Andy’s face as he assured Ricky and Rusty that he is
emotionally prepared to be married to their mother.
• Julio finally has full guardianship of Mark. Pato and Patito.

What did you guys think about this week’s episode?