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MacGyver - Flashlight - Review

This week's episode was the episode everyone was waiting for; MacGyver and Hawaii Five-O crossover!

In the episode, we see Mac and co. team up with the Hawaii five O team. The are put together when an earthquake hits Hawaii and Mac and team are sent to help clear up. Once there, the team split into their designated areas. Mac and Jack go to building with people stuck inside, there they meet Kono and Chin. Unfortunately, they find out that 15 scientists are stuck a few floors below a falling building with no way out. Along with this, some soldiers are stealing 99% accuracy smart bullets.

Mac makes a tunnel to go rescue the scientists but it collapses. While he tries to find a way out for everyone, Chin and Jack find the scientists but they're too late and the bullets have already been stolen.
Once out of the building safety with the scientists, mac joins Chin, Kono, and Jack to find the soldiers. They find them on the beach and Mac makes a stronger laser to confuse the smart bullet's pathway. Mac becomes the guinea pig of using this equipment and leaves Jack to aim the laser. It works and gives the team a chance to disarm the soldiers. The episode ends with Mac celebrating his birthday after spending the first segment of the show saying how much he hated the day. It was a nice ending to an action packed episode.

Rating: 7/10