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Girls - Painful Evacuation - Review: "She's pregnant"

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   Last Sunday, Girls continued its sixth and final season with "Painful Evacuation", which was a darker and more intense episode than usual. I must say I’m totally loving this final season.

   Girls is never afraid as a TV show to deal with real and important issues, but here’s always a rather bright and light side added to it, but last week, the tone was more serious and sad. It still had fun moments ("Law & Order UTI") but with the deaths of Ray’s customers and Hannah’s unexpected pregnancy, things got serious. Only Adam and Jesse kept living in their bubble. How tragic and sad it was when they confronted Hannah.

   So Ray had a pretty hard time last week, as one of his chatty customer, who he just ignored passed away leaving his cafĂ©. Of course, this event made him reflect on his life. When we are remembered that we are mortals, and life can end unexpectedly, it often gives a new perspective on life. So Ray had to decide what his priorities should be. He felt like he’s wasting his potential, and he’s right. He’s a smart man, he could do better, I really like when he started to get involved in his neighborhood, he has great ideas.
   But first, he should change his girlfriend. Marnie is more a fantasy for him, she’s very beautiful but she’s a total narcissist and they’re so different.It was obvious how different and incompatible they are when they were having sex. He wants real thing, he’s more down to earth and she wants poetry and talked about mediation. He has a better connection with Shoshana, they understand themselves better and their conversations are always inspirational.

   Hannah received big news this week ! After calling her mother about her blood peeing problem, she listened to her and went to the ER. It was fun to have Patrick Wilson back as Dr Joshua to deliver the news. He wasn’t very delicate asking about the father and the abortion. I’m still having mixed feelings about Hannah keeping the baby. She isn’t really ready to have a baby of her own, even if she’s more mature now than ever.
   But I’m super excited Paul Louis is the father of the baby. I don’t particularly see them in a relationship, but even if they chose to raise the baby separately, he’s a great balance to Hannah’s craziness. Now I can’t wait to see how the other girls and Adam will react to that news : I bet Adam and Jesse will include that in their movie !

   For once, I enjoyed Adam and Jesse storyline this week. From Adam on set with the drama about the lines and his erratic behavior and Jesse’s comments about being a child psychopath, they were fun. And their idea to make their own movie about their story was excellent, I can’t wait to see how Dunham will incorporate the movie in her TV show. I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience.

   "Painful Evacuation" was another excellent episode of Girls. I’m loving this final season, it’ll be so hard and sad to say goodbye to these girls in a few episode !
   What did you think of "Painful Evacuation" ? Are you happy about Hannah ? What do you think Ray will do ? Do you think Adam and Jesse’s movie will be any good or totally crazy ? Hit the comments ?

Girls notes :

- I really like the intro and the how to be a female writer.
- Marnie visiting Desi and making his addiction a cause of stress for her was epic. She really brings everything to her. Damn.
- Elijah was really sweet with Hannah, even with his greasy hands. I can’t wait to see him with her baby

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