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Fresh off the Boat - Gabby Goose - Review: Private Issues

"Gabby Goose" was another solid episode in Fresh off the Boat's season 3 run, but it certainly feels like the show deflated a bit with the quality compared to earlier episodes within the season. The episode was written by Jeff Chiang was directed by Alisa Statman and still provided some major laughs and some neat character development in the process.

The main focus of the episode was Jessica and Louis' marriage which was put under a major test after Louis gossiped about their issues to Marvin and Honey. Everything started with Jessica being a sore loser during game night. I laughed so hard when Jessica switched into her pajamas in just a matter of seconds. Jessica's reaction to Louis gossiping was just hilarious and profound at the same time. Jessica worships her private life more than anything and feeling this exposed sent her into overdrive and tried to protect her private life from the neighborhood gossip.
Foolishly Louis thought Jessica wanted payback and started worrying about his quarter inch lifts. It was a marvelous performance by Randall Park who suffered a small panic attack worrying Jessica would reveal his secret and outed their fight to the whole neighborhood. Their plan to make everything right and look like the perfect couple was majorly faulty but things turned around when the rest of the neighborhood let their dirty secrets show on the surface.

Jessica and Louis made peace after seeing all the weird things going on in their neighborhood realizing that their relationship is their sanctuary and that being honest with each other will keep the up float.

Elsewhere the boys had a pretty entertaining story going on. Eddie fell into a black hole after another of his musical idols died. Biggy's death shucks our little protagonist to the core and there was nothing Evan or Emery could've done to bring him back. And they've tried a whole bunch of ridiculous things. Evan in the little tiny shorts parading around Eddie so he could mock him was hilarious.
The group therapy session with Alison and Eddie's weird friends was so well executed. Those kids really are so talented for comedy, especially Trever Lacrom (Trent) and Dash Williams (Brian). They are killing it in their scene.

Eddie's depression irritated Evan so much that he even sought violence and spanked Eddie a couple of times just to provoke a reaction. At the end of the episode, Evan and Emery surprised Eddie with a Biggy portrait created by Emery. I do love those brotherly moments, they are so well set up and the harmony between them works so freaking well on screen

Even though not as strong as their previous outings "Gabby Goose" still managed to entertain me and deliver some great laughs.

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