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Empire - Sound & Fury - Review

After the jaw-dropping fall finale, Empire is back with tenth episode of the third season. Sound and Fury is a solid return and it is able to continue in an interesting way what Empire has already started in the previous outing. The most interesting moment of the episode is the brilliant Cookie’s and Lucious’ confrontation. But let’s summarize what happened in the episode.

Lucious announces his new project: Inferno (a perfect name). He also decides to promote his wife Anika into the top A/R position. Cookie just gives up to the rage. She grabs a baseball bat and decides to destroy everything in Lucious’ office. Lemonade, isn't it?

She uses the baseball bat to blow to bits Lucious’s shrine of gold records and the grand point. She even threatens to kill him, but in the end something unexpected (or expected somehow) happens. They make out. 

I am still in love with this crazy and juicy characterization of these two. They hate each other, but they are still in love. I strongly believe that they are the heart of the show.

The Jamal storyline is still interesting: I am not sure what the writers are going to do with it, but at least it’s fairly realistic that he can’t fully recover in just few months.
He meets Tony in rehab and he tries to work out his problems through music. I am still waiting for something new and entertaining for him, and maybe Tony could be it.

Hakeem and Tiana bonds an unusual allegiance in order to fight Nessa for a spot. I am still struggling with the youngest Lyon. I still don’t love his character. Andre keeps wanting to kill his father, but the storyline doesn’t make so much progress.

All in all, Sound and Fury wasn’t one of the best episodes of Empire, but it has this crazy-good moment between the main protagonists that I ended up loving it. Taraji P. Henson is amazing. She just nailed it and Terrence Howard is her perfect counterpart.

And you? What do you think Sound and Fury?